What's your dad like Cred Forums and your relationship with him?

What's your dad like Cred Forums and your relationship with him?

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sicker cunt

I don't feel close to him. My dad likes BBW but I prefer more petite and aesthetic builds. I kind of think of us like the difference between gorilla and man.

Poor relationship. I don’t see a future where we communicate often.

dad was a large part of me being who I am
mum was a bit useless but nice nonetheless

great honestly, he's a normie like me

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Blue collar, fun
Good to great relationship

Pathetic and insecure. He took a lot of those insecurities out on me when I was younger and left when I needed him the most.
But whatever. He left me a nice inheritance as a "I'm sorry".

>nice inheritance

Never supported what i wanted to do with my life. so i started studying some shitty business degree he wanted mt to study.

i dropped out and i don't know what i want to do with my life. I stopped talking to him.

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the virgin reply

he’s a physician
distant, mostly for a lack of common interests. The only thing we talk about is medicine
He’s a bit boring

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he made me do unspeakable things to... the lawn, haha.

I've seen my dad 3 times in my life.

Our relationship was difficult at times but he was a good man and I am a lot like him

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Cannot complain. Endured shit for his entire life just so I can stand on his shoulders. Top man.

Now he's asking for grand kids and I'm still a fucking virgin. Feels bad letting the old man down. :(

>doesn't know how to show emotions
>makes things bigger than they actually are and then wonders why nobody ever tells him anything
>was slightly abusive when I was a kid
>if I dont understand it, it's wrong -mentality
>work > everything else

>work > everything else
so you dumb neet have money to post on Cred Forums and watch anime all day

sometimes I hate him for what he does and the way he thinks, then I realize I do the exact same thing...

Great guy, had some childhood traumas that couldn't overcome and threw some of his insecurities in me but alas.
Helped me become a decent human being. Worries that i'm socially retarded but chooses to not say anything. I love him

he’s dead desu but we used to have a good/supportive relationship, the bad thing is that in some way his love was a bad influence for me. miss him a lot but after his death I repress all the memories, a defense mechanism I guess

My father is a lot like Varg and /o/ if its autism was condensed. He's batshit insane as well. I love him for it, but I wish he wasn't such a puritan. He also hates capitalism and I would receive an ear full of his hatred towards it and liberals.

He is a top guy, hard worker, just wants to see his family do well. We aren't the closest but it's because we're really different people personality and interest wise. Overall I have a good relationship with him tho.

how long ago did you lose him user?

2015, on august. It scares me how the time keeps going and when I talk about him or his death I feel absolutely empty; no emotions, nor sad or happy.

Hard worker, very supportive, kind of socially awkward.

good relationship but i doubt i'll ever be able to speak to him as an equal due to my mental health issues


Undoubtedly on the spectrum. I've never seen him have a friend or even successfully socialize with our extended family for almost 30 years. He goes to work then comes home and makes maps or does math. Graduated from MIT with his master's in comp sci at 22 in the 70s.

No emotional tie really.

I lost mine in 2013. I was like that for a good year or so afterwards too. Then I started getting sad.
I'm still not 100% but the things that bother me now is wondering answers to questions I never asked, or for not being there enough when he was dying. The memories are generally very happy.
Takes time m8

Pretty distant relationship with my entire family.
My grandma was the only one I felt truly close to and she's dead.

>hard working
>very successful
>very supportive
>ultimate chad since he was a teen
>always tells me he loves me and my siblings
>generally as good as a father can be

I'm ashamed of myself. I'm socially awkward and have many emotional problems, mainly that I'm unable to show any emotions at all. After I moved out he still calls me regularly to check up on me and invites me to hunt with his buddies and similar stuff but I mostly say I got other stuff to do.

Lazy, anger issues, schizophrenic.

Better now that he is old and living alone, he's much kinder and takes monthly injections for schizophrenia which have less side-effects and issues than other arrangements. He smokes too much, he has since a teen though. At least it makes me abhor smoking so that I'd never do it, probably best to avoid drugs all together when I've almost certainly inherited the schizophrenia thing. For him, it only came on in full in his late 20s. Gotta prepare for that. He has a good personality, very agreeable usually. He tries to involve himself more in my life, but I have my own issues and insecurities, some a direct result of his actions (not wholly though, it's more a compilation of just being letdown and abused by everyone I ever was close to/cared for/put faith in, since birth). So I don't involve anyone in my life, at least not in deeper things, or in my emotions/thoughts/interests.

he turned me into a retarded alcoholic and now everyone hates us

I didn't even partake in underage drinking but he brainwashed me

I'll take good care of you

I'm sorry for your loss man, really.
>Then I started getting sad
somewhat this is what worries me. I don't want a suddenly depression 5 years after his death and I don't want to sink in regret, but oh well I just expect the best. I admit that I disregard my psychological treatment because... life. Too much to do and sometimes I just think ''what does it matter if it doesn't affect me in the present?'' irresponsible mentality I know.
>The memories are generally very happy.
I'm glad to hear that, hope you continue with your progress. May I ask of what did he die?

He hit me with a belt if I got home with bad grades from school. Now we live in different countries. He sends me fb message on my birthday. I do not think about him. He said he loves me, once. I was not planned, cannot really blame him.

My dad is a nice reliable guy but a workaholic beta who got burned first by having his first wife die and the 2nd being a horrible woman and missed out on the IT-boom.

bit of a bellend, heart's in the right place but he's stunted from having a rough childhood. we've had a rocky relationship

he also has a mad temper, i'm less explosive and prefer to take it out on things, not people. he's more chilled out now tho desu

Someone who has endured far more than I have or could take. Has 100 times the work ethic and dedication I have, and most of his advice is usually the right choice to take. He still does have anger issues at times, but he is a far better person than I am.

>first wife die and the 2nd being a horrible woman
Which one is your mom

Well maybe that's just how you are. I think you have the right attitude not worrying about it too much. Cancer (not lifestyle-related.)

he's a nice, hardworking, honest, responsible guy. somehow i ended up being the exact opposite

My dad is a pretty cool guy, he genuinely likes his job and also is always trying to make jokes. I have a very good relationship with him