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Chile is objectively the best South American country

we are sorry for everything

The beaches of Chile are even worse than ours

You have to go to Ecuador to find the first good beaches on the Pacific. The water is cold as fuck in Chile because of the Humboldt current.



i've heard there's like only one sandy beach in Argentina and it's filled with dangerous animals
pretty sad desu

Chilenreich everytime.
How can Argentina even compete?

that's not true
there are beaches pretty much all the atlantic coast of Buenos Aires province and Rio Negro, up to Chubut

Their problem is the water is quite cold. As in, I know Colombians who didnt even try to get their full body inside the water after touching it with their feet.
But Chile is even colder.

I don't mind the cold water because I am used to. It's like going to the beach on the Atlantic coast of France. Mar del Plata is comparable to Biarritz in terms of weather and beach.



what's with the prussian marches?

more like slutintina

>4,989 km of coastline
>6,435 km of coastline

Chile adopted Prussian and later Nazi military doctrine. And they haven't changed it, because it's fucking awesome.

GREAT thread

>any place of Latin America

No, please. I want to leave this shithole



easy, our brothers

I want an argentine GF, how can i do?

Unironically my surname is Macri' (not laugh please)

You'd unironically get a lot of chetas without lifting a finger saying you are an italian with Macri as surname

Wow, all the crew is here, missing Spain, though.


Back in the day me and my autistic friends likes to imagine a war between these two guys, the cone war kek


Well at least my surname isn't Galtieri.

Btw i like your people and here after the Rodriguez sister slutty tv shows everyone want to fuck an argentine girl

Argentinos de mierda, os voy a matar a todos. Y luego a los chilenos.

Based old man


i prefer a confederation

this is what happens when you put Sh*talians in the military

Argentina has shit beaches because they lost us.


But the Southern Chilean coastline is rugged as fuck. If you count all the unnecessary grooves and curves and shit, it is technically one of the biggest coastlines in the world...


according to this lads your beaches are cold af, starts one minute 5

Northern Peru gets no Humboldt current, spend your pesos there

also the sand is dark, is it volcanic or something?

Imagine how cold Mar del Plata is 500km more to the south.