America has no cult-

America has no cult-

>America has no cult-

Women are the USA's culture?

a lineup of mutts, with any luck the next mass shooting will happen wherever that is

they look like gremlins


>tilted kilt
Literally hooters with plaid.

Its a cultural form of a dining experience.

Thats why its so great. Hooters uniforms are shit, plaid is sexy.

Interesting. I might check out the USA after all.

They’re both shit eating establishments, they’re only good for alcohol and breasts.

>american culture consists of women dressed in skampy clothing serving food that's not native from the USA
I see.

Thank you, Israel
You are truly our greatest ally

Why are they so ugly?


Las Criaturas...

>that flag

most american image I've ever seen, just needs some shart marks and people open carrying rifles to make it a masterpiece.


>Tilted Kilt Pub and Eatery is a modern Celtic themed sports Pub and franchise restaurant chain in the United States and Canada

haha what the actual fuck

this is amazing

this is a new meme or something?

The fat meme is real.


It's here for a good six months already

Dios mio

5/5 doujin

Fantastic image.


>not native to the US
Don't give me that german shit. The burger from Hamburg is just a steak between bread.

They are racemixed.

I would like if the supermarket I go had wrestling fights

What a bunch of dogs.

>sportswear section
>all shirts on display are XXL and up
>all these morbidly fucking fat people
>mobility scooters