just can't stop wanking edition

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i doubt it, lots of feminists seem to be (rightfully) against the whole 1385 genders nonsense because it devalues their argument and/or is just playing victim olympics
less than 1% of people are trannies
50% of people are cis women


f.lux just kicked in

is there anyone more POWERFUL than bradleyposters?

Feminism is Jewish invention

hello virgin eyes lmao

>$361,000,000 Opening weekend


this is what a world without women would look like

I love hatposting
it's so hilarious
and then you have those people who do hatposting wars, where you have incrimentally more >'s
love it


what made the anime sad?

Drier than ghandis flip flop, utter disgrace

Engels was actually German but close enough la


if you're in sweden it should've kicked in long ago


i think she was embarras

imagine being irresistible to women

whypeepo think gravy too spicy

Los Engeles


?tfw chocolate flavoured dick that ejaculates money



and its beautiful

gravy is clearly in that jug on the table, though why you'd take a pic before pouring it on is beyond me

>following Joey Essex on instagram

state, he obviously hasn't poured the gravy on yet you melt


land of fields

>this water be 2 spicy


Nah sexbots would be invented in about a month if we had the proper incentive

thought so

>phones at the tables


who the fuck takes a picture of their food

>the bradleyposter is here

What's that? Just woke up

why are they arranged perfectly by height

Mate told me he had severe depression last night
hard to feel sorry for him when:

A. Depression isn't real
B. He smokes 2 grams of weed a day



>putting gravy in a pitcher instead of a gravy boat
dangerous and downright disturbing

me and I post them all on snapchat and instagram

roast potato ratio to everything else on the plate in a roast dinner has to be 1:1, this isn’t up for debate. 8 potato’s is usually the magic number

bradleyposter is my bitch


it will get better during my lifetime, i believe

it's a jug


why is PJW's voice so weird?

why are you so rude?

sometimes worry that I unknowingly participate in idiotic things like this. These people don't know how stupid they're being, what if i'm the same?

totally given up on life

what song is thatr I hear it all the time


he's from sheffield and he accentuates it for the meme

read this article and now i'm in complete control

have TREMENDOUS respect for stefan molyneux

the cup started
/f/ vs /lgbt/ now

because he's from yorkshire but he tries to talk like a yank

just keeping myself alive till the singularity

why does every Youtube video essay use this kind of music



>have TREMENDOUS respect for stefan molyneux

probably royalty free


they're the only thing I do (occasionally) take pictures of. mostly just for /ck/ threads though

based black kids

Thirteen people have been stabbed to death in London since the start of the 2018.

millennials don't know that it's already called "lounge music"

oh shut the fuck up you repugnant yank twat

love going to all the third world generals and pooting at their crazy languages and memes

it's clearly not lounge music though
it's chillhop or something

none of them me

why is irrelevant yank news the front page of bbc news?

Shut up Dave

convinced there is a conspiracy behind this stream

it's spotifycore

not really that much considering the size of the lace

London is a fucking wog shithole, how is anyone surprised at this


noticed lately he seems to purposefully mispronounce peoples' names, or at least pronounce them differently to how they're commonly done

Come down to Kings Cross and I'll make it fourteen

heaping plate of sausages, sweet potato mash, carrots, broccoli and onion gravy



None of them were white who cares

I don't think I'll ever have sex desu, can't picture myself doing it

This is an image of a roast dinner done WRONG

>a measly FOUR(4) potato’s
>where’s the fucking stuffing
>where’s the fucking brocolli
>where’s the fucking mint sauce
>ANEMIC potato’s
>peas aren’t absolutely swimming in gravy
>Yorkshire puddings centered instead of on the side
>no lamb/turkey anywhere to be found

This list could go on

a lame attempt to diminish them maybe?

i would say it falls under the lounge umbrella, it's just modernized

dont bully Canada.

you have horseradish with beef mate

>mint sauce with beef

are you dizzy blud? you mean horseradish

I'm going doopin' mental, lads.


not a big fan of PJW really but i completely support him in his rivalry against this sack of soy


>Hello everyone! I'm Canadian!

any Regina Spektor man in

good post, but the potatoes don't look too bad


utterly shite bland yank meat

eat beef, pork, lamb or game like a real brit

*raises paw*

Please refer to the call for lamb instead of beef

fucking kek spot on

just keeping myself alive till holographic waifus

>mint sauce with beef
>mixing beef with lamb & turkey

literally the ramblings of a madman, shan't pay them any heed

this nigga tryna look like bubbles but he just making a duck face smdh haha


which one of you did this?

That was a good thread ha

hello nigger

There's clearly 5 potatoes there, you pathetic cunt

which game should l eat m8?

>In the month before admission he had deteriorated to the point where he was doubly incontinent, answered only yes or no questions, and would sit or stand unmoving if not prompted. He only ate with prompting, and would sometimes continue putting spoon to mouth, sometimes for as long as two minutes after his plate was empty. Similarly, he would flush the toilet repeatedly until asked to stop.

bet you pronounce "th" as "f" too

what's the difference between talking and speaking?

i'm waiting for a robot bf

>lamb with yorkies

you're a raving looney

those are long legs wtf

you have yorkies no matter what the meat you special case

me on the left

no you fucking well don't

or any other game really

would wife Aisha, Sara or Summer in a heartbeat

sounds like me before my morning coffee!

Mum x

I'm getting there

>You look lonely
>I can fix that

if it's a sunday roast, it has yorkies. Disagree? let's step outside so I can slap your head off

think you should leave

the goose looks like shit from this angle, not attractive at all

lefties don't believe in marriage

traditionally you shouldnt. but the ones my mum and dad make are so fucking good they've started having them with most roast dinners now.

Same. 30 in a few months. Can't bring myself to visit an escort. I would vomit from the anxiety.

It’s not a roast dinner if there’s not a Yorkshire, also
>not slapping unholy amounts of gravy and mint sauce no matter the meat

sounds like you've got a case of the mondays!!
*straightens 'Bless This Mess' wall decoration*

speaking implies one-sided communication

insult the goose and you insult me my friend

*wears a green tophhat*

why the long face?

long legs?

roasts are better than any poncy wank the continent has

Keep seeing people I know then when they get closer I realise it's not them, happens every day now. Either I'm going mental or every cunt looks the same these days.

mint sauce is disgusting

Nothing, really. English has many words for the exact same thing. It has more words than any other language

remember teasing our irish substitute teacher with lucky charms references lmao

did laugh at this

should we have mashed spuds with tonight's roast? because I'm looking at two spuds about to get mashed up under my tombstone fists

your bonce will be looking like a yorkshire pudding when I'm through with it

*has a red mustache*

are you a girl? pls be in idstein (taunus)

don't want to go for dinner

Mate you can’t go around saying things like that

this but unironically

seems to do it regardless of whether he's blasting the person in question or not

one notable example was one time he was talking to gavin mcinnes on an infowars interview, and he kept referring to him as gavin 'maccins' (dropping the e) when everyone knows its pronounced maccinISS. iirc gavin even subtly corrected him at one point by talking in the third person and pronouncing it correctly

I want her to step on me

ah yes the idiot parade are arguing about what goes in a roast dinner when really it's down to what your personal preference is
stop stating your opinions as facts you utter bellends

>etymology is meaning

Salmon en croute for tea, told the chef to go easy on the pastry, SHALL be having words with daddy if he messes it up again like last time xx

*drinks a cold guinness*

maybe the brain force(tm) is having an adverse effect

about to have blinner


Just finished reading Flash #40
Any Flash man in?

*smashes a carling over your head*

the upper classes should be stripped from their decadent nests



so roasted salmon with mash counts then?

don't rate roasts
prefer curry (unironically)

>stop stating your opinions as facts you utter bellends
all of Cred Forums would disappear the moment everyone heeded this advice

It was to elaborate on why we have different words for the same things, English borrows from other languages quite heavily. Posting the definition is pointless when in practice the words have zero difference in meaning.



Why would anyone choose a hologram wife over a robot wife?


once shagged a yorkshire pudding

love those weird songs you find with like 10,000 views on youtube which are just fantastic

boy's back

post one

brown hands etc.

in practice speaking means one-sided whereas talking means group participation


black dinner?

>DC post-flashpoint
no thank you

alri howard

No, it doesn't. Maybe it does where you live, but not here.


mainstream shit

what was it like

*hands you a fishing rod*

Britain more like Shittain lmao

want some oats brother?

spotify is fucking awful

like living in yorkshire

still remember being in first year in uni and suggesting to my southern floormates that we should have a sunday roast together, they just sat there in stunned silence and then one girl said "ugh... gravy" and looked out of the window

this post will get over 30 (You)s

Umm excuse me sweaty but Rebirth is pure gold
Justice League of China
Barry getting depowered
That one event with the evil Batmans

FOY: youtube.com/watch?v=7f173W_WX98

no it won't
be quiet

breakfast, lunch and dinner. blinner.

pic related

*rides a motorcycle into this thread and knocks you on your arse with a lance*

pretty grim

*trades both oats and fishing rod for beer*


no it won't

andrew weatherall is based

still remember being in first year in uni and suggesting to my northern floormates that we should have ours meals together, they just sat there in stunned silence and then one girl said "ugh... food" and looked out of the window

fuck off will it

don't think so

l'm baseder

you're dreaming


not a chance

Ate too much ice cream because if I didn't someone else would ve

don't know why anyone would want to live in this hellhole



refuse to believe you have the capability to freeze things in india

no it won't
be quiet

I can't believe theres grown adult men that read comics in this country. mental

hahahahaha no

one of my favourite songs is literally some folk song with ~400 views about a mountain range in Tajikistan I randomly happened across one time at like 3 in the morning when floating around youtube one time


>video mixes footage from bodybuilding competitions, beauty pageants, and nazi rallies
is this fashcore?


what a load of bollocks

not possible!

Why would you post such a thing?

be careful what you wish for bvecause you just might get it

don't they have smaller dicks on average

dad wants to find me a better job, and I can't be arsed

don't believe you

it is autism

>go back to africa


are we being raided by reddit?

wish vocarooautist would fuck off

don't believe so

It was already frozen when I bought

would like to see that

Remember Tara Reid from American Pie?

This is her now. Try not to feel old

>one of my favourite songs is literally some folk song with ~400 views about a mountain range in Tajikistan I randomly happened across one time at like 3 in the morning when floating around youtube one time

um nuh uh

isn't happening


imagine being rorke and literally all day, every day, having a black man in your thoughts

must be horrible

Is Robyn big in Sweden? She's bang average in looks but I've always fancied the pants off her for some reason



edith bowman is the plainest looking person ever

salma pengyek

You're deluded you spastic

Danica Patrick is sooo peng hnnng

when pigs fly

>german woman is interested in a big poo and little poo

I see why you'd post this, Pajeet.

she's big in scandinavia in general but as far as i know hasn't put anything out for a while

What do you do la

yeah I totally know who that is

bit plain looking

celebrity chase is rigged 2bh

>venomverse was shit
t. soyboy


come one 12 more (You)s reddit!

when hell freezes over

no she isn't
be quiet

you're joking, right?

/brit/ has the worst taste in music i've ever seen bar none

>>venomverse was shit
>t. soyboy

This girl is so cute




Joscher OUT

giving Baltimore a run for its money

0% chance

dunno why you felt the need to hatpost that but whatever makes you happy I guess

>whiny nasal yank accent
dropped with in 2 seconds

sun set is at 17:24 tomorrow, might be light when I get home from toil

Have you ever heard Dutch music?

hahaha i actually like america canada australia new zealand and even ireland

in your dreams loser


you're talking utter rubbish


Now that I'm old enough to meet teachers and people that work with young children outside of their work, I've noticed that they've always been somewhat easily irritable and most of the time just outright strange. Anyone else have this experience?

Me too but I like America a bit less than the rest.


hope you put me in the screenshot for reddit!!!!




don't count on it

Will be for me, got to love finishing at half four

off in the shower lads

god I would love to destroy his twinkhole

well maybe

did he do it

why would you post this? what made you think anyone here would enjoy this?


t. haitiANO


children are awful desu

pic related


I enjoyed it

think you're gonna do it lad

I can understand nasal, but why whiny? That's frankly how I find ANZAC accents


mmmm twinks

he actually did it the absolute madman

I believe

>t. haitiANO


good job la

because it's high pitched and drawn out

What comic should I read
Already read this week's Amazing Spider-Man, Flash, Doctor Strange, Iron Man, and 2000 AD
Shan't be reading the Defenders, don't like the line up.

so much epic win in this thread


Children are awful. I always assumed that in private teachers have pride in their work despite all the horible children.

2018 is a good year for venom

nah, yank accents are extremely whiny desu, you don't really notice it on tv, but when you meet an american in real life it's genuinely the worst sound you'll ever hear


>walking through the forest
>see this

what do?

look at him go

lad, this forum is for adults only. Are you on your dads computer? Where are your parents?


make a fucking new

>"bit chilly to be wearing that innit haha"
>keep on walking

>adults don't read comics
hello retard