Even if you dislike us Chechens

...you have to admit that we are based, if Swedes or Germans were as nationalistic as us then Europe would be great. Same goes for the world.

>Chechens dont allow their women to marry foreigners
>No Gays

Famous Chechen singer tried to marry a Armenian, Kadyrov kidnapped her and brought her back to Chechnya and scolded her on live TV for trying to marry a foreigner


Chechen group beating up foreigners trying to pick up their Girls:



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That's cool and all but what is checken typical dish?

your mother's pussy with a little chocolate sauce

how to get a chechen gf ?

you don't

>Chechens dont allow their women to marry foreigners
But their girls often have foreigner husbands if they are not in Chechnia.
Our music maker Disel had chechen gf for example.

no u

how ?

> if Swedes or Germans were as nationalistic as us then Europe would be great.

Then Europe would be a shithole. Like Chechia.

>...you have to admit that we are based, if Swedes or Germans were as nationalistic as us then Europe would be great. Same goes for the world.
Easy to be nationalistic if you are a diaspora desu.

what how?

how yo get a chechen gf ?

>you have to admit we are based
Shut the fuck up muslim nigger

thats why you are slaves to the christian russians, right? you guys are just white turks

Chechens are somewhat white.

okay, but why do you have to make the same thread so often?

Because he isnt a Chechen, i am. He is a lebanese arab that is obsessed with us for some reason.

A large portion of Chechens are of Polish/Ukranian descent. During the Ukranian famine many settled in Chechnya.

During the Caucasian war in the 1800s it was common for imperial soldiers to desert and settle in Chechnya or Dagestan. Many of these deserters were of Polish origin.

Pure Chechens arent shitskin however, they look white but not Nordic white. More like Romanian/Bulgarian white.

Chechen here
What is up

>that flag
are there actual australians on Cred Forums?

How many times have you already made this thread?

you mean aboriginal, you absolute retard?

Pure Chechens look like the Arabs in the back over here Mehmet

Lol no we dont, its rare to see a "arab Chechen"

pic related is an average Chechen.

You know what he means, contrarian retard.

How to get a chechen bf?

no you fucking piece of shit, the only "actual australians" are aboriginals

and what the fuck does contrarianism have to do with it, don't use words you don't understand

There are dark Chechens who look like Middle Easterners, and there are light Chechens who look like Northwestern Europeans. They are a rather heterogeneous ethnic group and comprise a wide spectrum of physical appearance, mostly due to Arab and Slavic admixture.

Used to work with a chechen and have also sold weed and brass knucks to a chechen guy

>arab admixture

lmaoo stupid russian

Have you ever met a Bulgarian person barring muh Turklet int memes? Most of them don't look like that.

This, ive met retard Chechens that say "Every Chechen is blonde and white" and "Every Chechen is brown because we are arabs".

If you go to Chechnya you will find different people, some who could pass in Europe and others in middle east. The average Chechen has brown hair and hazel/green eyes.

>two waves of immigrants changed the whole country
Yeah, nah. Chechens are J1 (J2 being Arabs), they look like that because ARABS are the mongrelized race closest to Whites. Iranians are darker and they still consider themselves (and are) Caucasian.

Chechnyan subhuman living in Australia

the only mongrel race is the wh*Te race

There is arab admixture, its not a secret. Even some Chechen clans proudly announce that they are descendant from Arabs. Pic related is the Gumhoy clan which is descendant from Yemeni Arabs.

Every Romanian and Bulgarian think im one of them. I look white and most of them do too.


Chechens are J2 , and Arabs are J1. J1 is a semitic haplogroup.

Obviously there is as there is with Iranians, but if we say Greeks are Serbians are white then so are Chechens and Iranians.

What do you we do about the delusional diaspora problem? Next he's gonna tell me Chechens aren't real muzzies and secretly hate Islam.

Iranian or chechynan subhuman living in UK

The average Greek looks darker than the average Chechen. Serbians and Chechens however kinda look the same. Iranians are also darker than Chechens.

>Serbians and Chechens however kinda look the same.

That’s because they are both inbred Turkish rapebabies with sub-90 average IQ

>he says posting under australian flag

weird sounding language

you have to go back to belarus, slavshit

balkans for illyrians and gayreeks, not for slavshits

Aboriginals werent the founders of the Australian nation. They were just wildlife.

Serbians being rapebabies is a meme, as much of a meme as Russians being Mongol rape babies. Serbs doesnt look Turkish, ive met many.

>Because he isnt a Chechen, i am. He is a lebanese arab that is obsessed with us for some reason.

>with us

Daily reminder that behind every Swedish flag there is a fucking Arab, Somalian, Turkish or Chechen Muslim.


I never said im Swedish, nor did i ever hide behind a Swedish flag. For all i know you could be a iraqi pretending to be Danish.

>radical islamist

Pick one

Difference being I'm not delusional

ilyrians dont exist anymore, most ilyrian genes are in bosnian croats, bosniaks, bosnian serbs and montenegrins

you HAVE to go back to belarus

Iraqi or Chechen, who cares? Islam is bad.

I'm pollock , don't get butthurt at pacts present evidence or gtfo
Shit, my mistake I'm reciting off my heart. Chechens are j2 because when these proto-whites and proto-arabs reached the Caucasus they evolved white features, with their genes staying mostly the same (there almost is no other J2 tribe majority).
Greeks were Carmel like the Egyptians before the Aryans invaded, and they were strong enough (like Alexander the Macedon who was "swarthy" but even then challenged Aryan reign in Iran and India) to fight them off and preserve their "original" looks. Pic related is a fresco from the Crete civilisation.

>he says posting under dutch flag

Diaspora please. It's obvious you consider yourself "one of the good ones" you self righteous bastard.

Friendly reminder that Chechens are literally just niggers located in a different part of the globe.

>he says while squatting on lands that his slavshit ancestors stole

you HAVE to go back hrvat cigany

**but even then they have a LITTLE Turk blood like the Chechens, so are they not white? (Not saying the one drop rule can't apply *now*)

Xьo мyхa вy?

Im not really a muslim nor am i related to any iraqis.

Chechens are one of the most ethnocentric and race-obsessed people in the world. Islam is a universalistic religion in which race is supposed to be irrelevant, so I don’t really understand how most Chechens manage to combine Islamism with ethnonationalism.

fuck off subhuman we never stole any land all the natives were absorbed and assimilated into our nation

Chechens have a lot of Turk blood, most of the Eastern clans married lots of kumyk qts

The same way many white christians hate blacks.

195cm "Illyrian" here, Croats can stay :)

>our nation

lmao your ancestors came from belarus you bastard, you HAVE to go back to belarus, are there are sources from romans describing ugly squatting slavshits in Illyria? no

Islam was frequently used by tribal communities to form alliances with other tribes. It's pretty consistent actually.

They're Islamic because you neglected to fight off the Islamic faggot's in the Caucasus while concerning your self with "LOOOL MORE LAND TO SQUAT ON AND NEVER DEVELOP", same with the Iranians who are related to the slavs. You've got no one to blame but yourself, especially since they see they could run the country better.

Who do you classify as illyrian?

IIRC the Islamism-meme is more of a new phenomenon after 911. Same like the Uighurs in China or Pattanis in Thailand, because they could not do anything on their own and to attract sympathy from MENA some of them came up with the Caliphate-idea.

i already told you there are not illyrians. they dont exist. they are absorbed into south slavic nations

>An atheist Chechen

How is that possible? Does your family want to burn you alive?

look at these belorussian immigrants

vjerojatno siptarcine lol

A fact no one wants to admit is, Turks were pretty white before mixing in with the Arabs. "Hungarians" were known as Turks by the Romans, they looked similar to that but more tanned (well, before mixing with the Arabs they conquered...)

Bitch I'm the closest thing you'll get to illyrians. Catholic herzegovinians have most of their DNA. Fucking dumbass gypsy

Did you emigrate during 90's?

ubi se kurvo nizozemska
vrati južnu afriku crncima onda pizdo retardirana

>leb/iraqi behind my flag
>chechen behind the swedes
>pole behind the bong s
is this how everything dies? Not with a bang but a whimper?

My family isnt that muslim, they lived in a commie state for most of their life. Im not atheist, im agnostic.

I dunno bout that, ancient turks looked mongolian

i've been wanting a

Yes, Christianity used to be comparatively prevalent in Chechnya due to Georgian influence on the region, but pretty much all of Christian Chechens eventually converted to Islam because Christianity became associated with Russian invaders.

>Yes, Christianity used to be comparatively prevalent in Chechnya

That's not true, chechens were pagans before islam and you're reffering to the ingush who were indeed christian

I dont know who "suli" is and i dont have a Discord.

What the fuck are you on about you sperg

Yo pidaras, don't pretend you are a Chechen.

You chained them... Islam offered them stenght. Up until the Chechen wars, you didn't build fuck all, only pump on your chest in front of America chanting "RUSSIA STRONG" as always. Its your fault.

Fuck off back to your sandy shithole you brainlet. Go concern yourself with papa guayian history or some shit since you're not in close proximity to Europe you'll never care or bother to read up like us therefore will always remain a faggy shit poster.

Chechens are not as religious as most people think. After all, they have went through several decades of state-enforced atheism.

you either never met one or left your homeland russia

Jesus Crist, I left Russia and you were one of the reasons, fucking niggers.

>if Swedes or Germans were as nationalistic
Now, now. We had that already and it didn't work.

Also you never met Chechens. They're fucking savages and subhuman apes. Think you're having nigger problems? Import Chechens and pray for niggers to return.

You're thinking Tatars if you want civilized and secular muslims.

Don't even know your own history?

Chechen culture seems horrible and almost pashtun-tier primative, not sure what you're talking about.

you subhumans should all be wiped out

i wish i experienced horrors of 1st chechen war
being betrayed and forgotten soldier is cool af



all muslim societie are racist and ethno obsessed.

They're nervous because they remember watching their sexy sisters raped to death by contraktniki



PLEASE based Putin start a third chechen war I will sign up for Wagner group I will do anything you say for a chance to rape that

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