Which is better flag in posts? UAE or Qatar?

Which is better flag in posts? UAE or Qatar?

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there are various uae posters

since you are from UAE, I would say Qatar

there are various qatari personas haha lol

Is he really Indian?

Most probably, heard him in vocaroo his Arabic is broke

Qatar definitely. At least he's not a fag or a syrian apologist.

No I've seen him post his hand, maybe he was some other qatari

both are equally gay LARPers

i have the same buttplug

Could be a fair-skinned Indian? I

also just how many of the gulf posters are actual gulfies? i cant be the only one right?


No he was white tier, and he's living in a fucking hot country where he would easily gotten tanned and brown if he wasn't white

nope, im fairly new and mostly just lurk

Emirati or other gcc?
انت من أي امارة؟

You're not alone

ROFL. Saved.

Saudi posters > Emirati posters >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Shitar posters

I doubt that, Arabs are the same bunch of shitskins.

uae, except the durka faggot

alright cool

Gulfies, they unironically look northen pajeet

i also used to rank myself first when i was 17

Is Qatari, UAE and Saudi rivalry like scandinavian rivalry, brotherly shitposting?


Well, Imagine if:
Qatar was Denmark
UAE was Norway
Saudi was Sweden
That's how it is basically

is kuwait finland then? has any kuwaiti ever been sighted here anyways?

If Kuwait is Finland then Iraq is Russia
Bahrain would be Estonia because they have lots of fedora, and public drinking + friends with Kuwait.
Oman would be Iceland.

I see, do you win at sand skiing, or whatever it is you people do?

We won every gulf Ice hockey we participated in

>Saudi was Sweden
Aren't they by far the most conservative of the bunch though

hmmmm... Actually true
Idk what would Saudi be, probably Sweden if Sweden was stuck in 1600s

That does have it's parallel though, if you just think of progressiveism as a religion, then Sweden is the most religious.


All of the other gulfie states wish they were us. Poo in loos who couldn't make the cut and come here usually end up in UAE and Saudi.

Qataris are LITERAL jews

You are the Armenia of the gulf

I love you too xoxoxo

nice pepe, saved

I’ve always wondered why are Gulfies so racist towards Desis. What have they ever done to you?

>so racist towards Desis

We're not, that's just propaganda. The truth is, indians get a lot of high ranking positions here, a lot of the doctors are indian, we also give them lots of good housing.

The only thing we hate about them is how their population explodes so fast for some reason. If you allow two indians in a country, then you come back the next day and find out they're now 999999999 indians. Seriously, they won't stop making babies for some reason.

Both fake countries
I think you meant southern greater syria

maybe just retarded instagram children, which is what the gulf shows to the world about gulfies

Did you know we have T-I-G-E-R-S
It's mere memes

Bruh, what, we have lower fertility rates than you guys do. There are many Indians because there are too many migrating, not because they're multiplying in your country.

We were collection of city states merge into fake country
You are fake country made by an Anglo and a frog

Qatar = Denmark confirmed


>we have lower fertility rates than you guys do
yeah keep saying that pajeet

Is it not true?

>we have lower fertility rates than you guys do

Not from what I've seen. Most actual, qatari families have only like 1 or 2 children. Qatari families are also really rare, a lot of them prefer to stay single. Meanwhile, the average indian family here has AT LEAST 5 children.

But I don't blame you, indians are T H I C C.

Qatar is obviously Norway (both are the most dependent on oil and the richest in their respective regions).

Higher than Qatar/UAE, less than Saudi

I need sauce IMMEDIATELY

>from what I've seen
The average Indian family has two to three children.
Yes, I was wrong about generalising for all Arabs. Sorry.


Here. Blow your nut.

Maybe it's only a thing in my area, cause here all indians have huge families of at least 5 children. But still, I knew that there is no way qataris can actually produce more children than indians.

I'd say.... Qatar.

I think Indian expats have more kids survive than mainland due to more money and better conditions.

This is soooooo gay, I wish gulfies would stop making these cringe videos.


Fertility rate counts births, not how many kids survive.
Maybe you're right, because most of the migrants are working class. I think going by what you said, if ethnic Qataris have a Western-tier fertility rate maybe the increase in Qatar's fertility rate is because of its Indian residents.

all gulfie comedy is shit, in fact all arabic comedy is shit

Egypt makes the best comdy shows tho

idk, ive mostly grown up on western shit so i just cant find arabic comedy that funny, but some egypt shit rly is funny thats true

your mom

we got a comedian in here ladies and gents

your mom

Like Ramez Galal?

UAE niggers BTFO.

Dicke and balls