We are one of the economically freest countries on Earth and we are still poor as fuck...

We are one of the economically freest countries on Earth and we are still poor as fuck. What are we doing wrong Cred Forums?

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>he fell for the chicago school meme

Are you poor? Since when?

How are we poor

what it means to be economically free?

Also, economic freedom means nothing if your country has shit education.

If your country can't into education, your country will be a shithole forever. This is why southeast Asia is growing very fast. They worship education.

GDP per capita (nominal and PPP)
Median wage

Fucking socialists let my country be fREEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Fucking socialists, GET OUT OF MY COUNTRY. Russian Pinochet WHEN?

>not 1st world

you never had an empire

This. Chile is already first world tier in market.

They only need to spend huge money in education to become trully first world country.

that feel when Germany isn't a white country :( (only best category qualifies as white)

>The Americas has no “free” economies. Three (Canada, Chile, United States) are “mostly free.”

The land of the "mostly free"


And that's why we're rapidly becoming a shithole

The richest countries in the region are Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia and Thailand.
The also fall nicely in order according to their economic freedom score. Coincidence?

I feel the same way, brother

Heritage throws a tantrum over anything not 100% lolbert

That index us retarded and should not be listened to. It's literally pro laizzes faire, no different than communism in it's extremes


If you want to start your own business, you just go and do it.

>What are we doing wrong Cred Forums?

This is a reason
>We are one of the economically freest countries on Earth

Price competition
Production bases move to countries with low wage workers

Because Chilindios only sell resources. You don't actually create anything.

Which comes as a result of being so free market focused. Tariffs and protectionist approaches to importing foreign goods help economies that are still developing. If you just open a country to foreign trade without having workable industry and production within the country, poverty is what you get.

you have the highest PIB per cápita in whole Latin America and and the best prosperity index, how are you poor?

looking at gdp per capita is the equiv of analyzing videogame/anime sales to determine if something is good or not

absolute downies

wealth doesn't come fast even if you're free as fuck, even slower if you live at the bottom of the world with low population

+low taxes+few regualtions

Countries with higher GDP per capita tend to have higher standards of living, but it's not a direct correlation.

sucking neoliberal cock.

You have 10 seconds to explain how Bieber isn't a better musician than Mozart

>more famous
>sold more
>more views on youtube
>more people know about him

What good are those ''skills'' if none of your videos on youtube have 1 billion views?


We have the highest nominal, they have the highest PP

neither did you, in modern times

>PIB per cápita
We have A LOT of inequality (see: Gini coefficient)

>prosperity index

the government doesn't steal 50% of your income to give to people who don't like to work

Poverty is a mindset


You could stop being a citizen if you don’t want to pay the costs, you know?

and following a better metric for assessing a "good" country like happiness or something would destroy the worldview of 90% of the people in this thread

user, don't ruin our dick waving contest, plz.

After last Putin's term, Grudinin will be next president.

We are very economically not free and we are very much worse than Chile.

>Heritage Foundation

I am going to just assume because you're German you don't realise what that group is or does, but you might want to look it up. Protip if you've ever laughed at Americans for financial issues, education or guns, you should probably never quote the Heritage Foundation.

Some of the world's worst countries are considered the happiest. It is easy to be happy when you are ignorant and dumb. True that "having more money" is not necessarily better, but a happiness index seems misleading. Moving to a "happier" country will not guaranty that you will be happier. In many cases people native from a happier country are just uneducated and even have unhealthy and shorter lifes. And people who inmigrante from a richer country might resent the lack of infrastructure, services, etc.
Moving to a country with a longer life expectancy on the other hand...


happiness index is just an aggregate weight of a lot of the shit you bring up anyways

live expectancy is biased towards east asia (better diet) and west europe (Non Free Systems that promote poor people not dying)

Spend some time in Bolivia or Venezuela and come back to awnser if you're really poor.

economically free =/= economically successful


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