Your shooters will never be as cool as our shooters

Your shooters will never be as cool as our shooters.

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he looks really poor

>he looks really poor
He's got more than enough to kill anything that moves.

Our shooters want to be immortalized by the media
If they were cool they wouldn't need to.

He is, b-but look at the gloves and the open coat. He put some effort on it.

there are only 3 types of people in brazil

armed criminals
undercover cops

based Wellington Abdul

who took the picture?


Who's that?

Looks attractive, like his style.

kek, some are the people with phones recording it

>he wears a jacket right on top of his undershit

what a faggot, holy shit.
Not sure if the article will be avaiable in your language, but he was bullied so a few years late.
tl;dr he decided to make justice by killing random kids he never met. Also a fat kid was scared and he said "Chill out, gordinho (little fat), i won't do anything to you", and he didn't.
A real human bean.


Thanks man, reading it right now through google translate

>Also a fat kid was scared and he said "Chill out, gordinho (little fat), i won't do anything to you", and he didn't
looks like he was not a psychopath, he just took revenge by his hand

>In a video he had recorded two days prior to the shooting Oliveira stated: "The struggle for which many brothers died in the past, and for which I will die, is not solely because of what is known as "bullying" [the English word]. Our fight is against cruel people, cowards, who take advantage of the kindness, the weakness of people unable to defend themselves."

>those who prepare my burial shall remove all my garments, bathe me, dry me and drape me completely undressed in a white sheet which is in this building, in a bag that I have left in the primary room of the first floor, after wrapping me in this sheet they shall put me in my coffin. If possible, I want to be buried alongside the grave where my mother lies. My mother is called Dicea Menezes de Oliveira and she is buried in Murundu cemetery. I need a visit from a faithful follower of the Lord to my grave at least once, I need him to pray in front of my grave asking for God's forgiveness for what I have done imploring that Jesus on his return wake me from the sleep of death for eternal life.

>I have left a house in Sepetiba of which none of my family members need, there are poor institutions, financed by generous people who take care of abandoned animals, I want this space where I spent my last months to be donated to one of these institutions, because animals are very unappreciated beings and need much more protection and affection than human beings who have the advantage of being able to communicate, work to feed themselves, therefore, those who take my house, I please ask to have good sense and fulfill my request, by fulfilling my request, you will fulfill the will of the parents who wished to pass this estate onto me and everybody knows this, if you do not fulfill my request, automatically you will be disrespecting the will of my parents, which will prove that you have no consideration for them, I believe that you all have respect for our parents, prove this by doing what I asked
Why are my eyes watering?

>...did not leave home and "lived on the Internet.

Is this how it'll all end?

Was kinda surprised with part about animals.


Brazilian news never mentioned the animals part. They just kept saying that he had no friends and was a virgin. And that he also had a very creepy ritualistic manner of living where kept a daily routine note.