1. You are countrty

1. You are countrty
2. Who is your waifu of the season?

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Yu- Nadeshijo

>watching chinese cartoons

>Going on a site full of Chinese cartoons


those numbers

>Seasonal waifus


>he doesn't have a main waifu and rotate a seasonal side waifu.


She's into cuckolding, lol
Recording her first porn for her 'bf'

>waifu of the season

>Seasonal waifu

But, not counting the sequels, the female chara I like the most this season is pic related

Nice digits

she looks better naked

>seasonal waifu

You disgust me.

Zero Two confirmed best waifu

Why did they back up at this? They immediately reversed this the following episode as if they somehow realized they made a mistake

>tfw there are little to none non-hentai ntr titles

Zero Two wanted Hiro to confess. It was all keikaku doori

this one is a stunner and exception to the rule

Aristocrats of the soul. Excellent taste.

Is this allegory for cuckolding?

Zero-two best waifu


Her unironically.

I guess we're really all here spineless cowards if we instantly like reversal of roles where the girl hits on a guy...

Nuce digits btw.

They weren't dating, its more like he was cockblocking himself.

brute chita



Stopped watching that one because the main guy was a faggot.

Stopped watching that one because the main guy was a faggot.

>seasonal waifu

End yourself.

New trigger anime,not saved this time


>having seasonal waifu
No. And I still refuse to post my waifu in this shithole board.

is pic related any good?
I dropped it at ep 1

>tfw like some anime but can't get past the barrier of finding 99% of seasonal shit just terrible
how do I break through?

>seasonal waifu

>of the season
Choose one.

>picked up one show last autumn
>still haven't finished it
I-is this it? Can I no longer find entertainment in seasonal trash? It's not really a good feel.

her ;^)

watch girls last tour

AOTY 2017 imo

why is that shit so extremely overrated?

Nothing great, but isn't as bad as most of the ones this season.

It's Sophie from "Garo: Vanishing Line"
You forgot to switch to the Cred Forums tab?

Here is another picture. You can't see her palm-tree hair in the other one.

what anime?

Subtle Metaphors aka Darling in the Franxx

>That girl
>Those digits
My nigga