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doin an astral projection





well i'm from coventry and i've never head anyone use the term steamed hams

any buddhist man in


what am I looking at

>that soyboy in the middle of the girl pack


*louis' mums screams are heard from another room as she is viciously battered by louis' increasingly unhinged step-dad over the sound of louis hyperventilating*


kendrick is shit

oh no not in coventry, its a Nuneaton expression

Where's my Nibba T'challa?

cheating a bit when you're missing body parts

Not even a NEET but don't like this video, just hate confrontation in all forms and will go to great lengths to avoid it


social housing is a petri dish for feral, anti social youth

genuinely think some places of the internet (Cred Forums, /r9k/, tumblr) or the people who work for certain companies (buzzfeed, google) are so terrible is because a lot of the people involved in them actually have aspergers or are on the autistic spectrum. i'm not using 'autism' in that offhand casual Cred Forums way either, i mean it literally, these are people who should actually be diagnosed with the condition

it would explain why they're seemingly intelligent yet at the same time believe in fantastically ridiculous notions and act like fucking children

and you call them steamed despite the fact that they are obviously grilled


dont know who linked this but youre a legend

why do lager companies feel the need to point out on the can/bottle their product is export?

I wasn't under the impression Lomza or Carlsberg or Corona were brewed locally

>yes I'm reposting. go fuck your own dick

Fukken told haha

Same. It's because I'm a highly sensitive person


>it would explain why they're seemingly intelligent yet at the same time believe in fantastically ridiculous notions and act like fucking children
autism wouldn't explain this at all

same la'

How does one fuck their own dick?

so peng


>“Black Panther” has demolished the record for the largest Presidents Day weekend, blowing past “Deadpool’s” 2016 mark of $152 million. Overall North American moviegoing for the four-day period should hit $300 million — far above the $278 million mark in 2016, according to comScore.

>The audience skewed slightly more male, with 55% male moviegoers compared to 45% female according. Adults made up 73% of the audience, with families another 17% and 10% teens. According to Comscore, the audience was 37% African American, 35% Caucasian and 18% Hispanic.

Can't be bothered with the Goku show

mad brainlet

Toil is a burning thing
And it makes a fiery ring.
Bound by financial desire
I fell into a toil by hire.

Fuck niggers and fuck black panther

fuck you whitey

has a girl ever told you they love you lads?

>35% Caucasian
ah yes
the numale marvel fans

black panther is dumb, not necessarily because it's black but because it's capeshit

Fuck you nigger

fuck up cunt

might take up archery

reckon i can make the olympics in 2020


No black panther is dumb becuase it's nigger shlock


fuck off

Jesus I’ve just realised your foreskin would close tightly around anything inside it making it difficult to remove

sm h just got wh*tesplained about why Black Panther is successful again

Don't need to wh*toid to tell me why a good movie makes money

Black Panther is the best marvel movie yet


no it wouldn't
be quiet

Fuck this political propoganda
Fuck you niggers

>“Deadpool’s” 2016 mark of $152 million
>far above the $278 million mark in 2016

just fucking topped mesel

black panther is just trying to cash in on this white vs black division the jews have created in the west

watching broad city and enjoying it
try and fucking stop me

>political propoganda

It's real, you aren't white, my swarthy negro friend

>tfw I hit my gf's cervix when fucking her so can't go balls deep

yeah that's why they went back in time wrote a comic book in the 60s obviously

>nigger shlock

who /savingforarainyday/ here?

funny thing about black panther is that it basically paints american blacks out to be violent babaric cunts and blacks from africa as decent folk

yet american blacks love it

No its fake and used to push a political agenda

superhero genre was created by jews

Marvel are geniuses exploiting the current social and political climate in the US to make billions for their white shareholders

kikes have been race baiting for hundreds of years kid
perfect time to make this movie in the current environment for maximum exposure/profit
it's all ending up in the kikes pocket at the end of the day anyway

kys kike shill

prove they did that you conspiracy cunt

why is it that every time the 1920s is mentioned on TV documentaries they always re-use the same black and white reels of people dancing and drinking all the time? I'm pretty sure more happened in that decade than just debauchery

Black Panther is just cashing in on Black insecurity. It's an average capeshit film but because it explores the concept of an advanced African nation, "pure" from European influence, it's captured the imagination of the Black American community. Media types always drum this shit up to get more money, it's disgusting. You saw a similar thing with the election of Obama, people voting for him just because he was black.

asos is actually an alright place. Bought some nice Ted Baker shoes off there


cant believe that school has so many photogenic kids who are great public speakers

>>tfw I hit my gf's cervix when fucking her so can't go balls deep

Really should transfer it into an ISA.

jews aren't white


BASED Drake.

asos brand stuff is dire though

the following is the complete list of merits of comic book flicks:

Cred Forums - literal underage who get bullied by Jamal at school and are going through the whole anti-zionist/white pride worldwide phase [I know it's true because that was literally me until I grew up and lost my virginity]

/r9k/ - ugly hopeless virgins

Employees of multi billion dollar companies - Money, White guilt, upper middle class liberal virtue signalling do-gooders
Not everything can be simplified as fucking ''autism''. You'll be missing the point.


Hate my so called "life"


somewhere over the rainbow

Fuck sake ace Ventura has me in stitches

what's wrong?

If we're black then Africa is ours anyway. So the world can stop moaning about colonisation and allow us to continue gathering our God given resources there.

im a messs
im a mess
im a messssssssss

everyone should put all their money in my arse

Just got a 40 year fixed term mortgage lads

honestly love sex
just makes me feel so good for days afterwards

had sex for the first time in 6 months last night and DAMN i feel like a million dollars


>can decide the skin colour of a human fossil but still dont know what colour dinosaurs were and if they even had scales or feathers

really makes you think

Hate toil
Hate uni toil
Hate the niggers
Hate the Muslims
Hate the Indians
Hate the Jews


it's obvious kike propaganda masquerading as (((science)))

recycle at limit lads dead proud of this one

what do you like though, user

Nothing really

Read this yesterday
Wonder what happened


stupid idiot

please somebody else make a new at the end of this one

won't be using the drug addicts thread

did dinosaurs live in cold/temperate regions or did they pretty much only occur in hot ones like contemporary lizards?

no more news until page 8

Getting this in my city

love going out after midnight and kicking junkies and snapping their legs
addiction doesnt exist

You're an Uncle Tom

I used to get enjoyment out of sex.
Now I get enjoyment out of nothing. Sex holds so little appeal to me that I no longer bother to pursue it.
I had sex less than a month ago and I really had to force myself to do it and I just spaffed as quickly as I possibly could and then got dressed and went back to consuming entertainment media.

the people who work at Google are a nearly autonomous collection of very high IQ people, who somehow managed to convince themselves that they were dragons and fairies and because there was no common sense order to tell them "stop that, you're being ridiculous" they continued on. and when that James Damore fella says there are differences between men and women, they ring the alarms, scream like banchies and lynch him

more like hyperpoop

goy done good



The unironic usage of the phrase "uni toil" as if such a thing exists is truly sickening.

imagine my shock


Sex is great when you don't have any other responsibilities in life

Can't wait until I finish semester and can liberate my nut

also this


peaky fockin bloinders

not looking forward one bit to tomorrow's unitoil lads

Bought a tube of cookie dough from tesco to eat raw, I'm such a fat shite

the world was much hotter when the dinos were around

perverse students have no shame

can't be sickened by something that doesn't even exist

can't stop #hashtagging everything

love jewish neocons me

>trans lesbian
fuck off


>Makes anthems everyone can listen to
>Famous worldwide (for good reason)
>No face tattoo's
>Stays away from obscenity
>Good role model
>Dresses modest
>The ladies love him and he loves the ladies
>Started from the bottom

Other meme 'rappers'

>Covered in unsightly tattoo's that will look awful in a few decades
>Have to make mixtapes
>Addicted to drugs
>Poor role models
>Immature children
>Beat women
>Famous only amongst young children
>Will be forgotten in 10 years like countless other trends
>Not charitable, spends all their money on gaudy clothing and lean
>Industry plant

i'm not sure if douglas murray is jewish or not tbqh. i thought he was but he might just be a massive zionist shill

Not sure what you're trying to imply. That my lack of enjoyment for sex is the product of Jewish mind control?

I think that might be a bit of a stretch. it's probably just because I'm heavily depressed.

>yeah £10000 saved for a rainy day
>£15000 here!

jesus christ I've lost touch with the common man, I've got over 1000 bitcoin, money is literally no object to me any moree

masters are hard work son

only white people listen to rap


he's not wrong

drake shits all over these bartard rappers


Never had sex before

>he and/or she


people of colour listen to european folk music


drake's lean costs LESS than your rent, pussyboi

alri satoshi, lend us a couple of bitcoin

Yeah and this was possibly the best unlikely collab of all time in the genre

must be true

the firing of james damore was completely justified and his "memo" was garbage

stop putting apostrophes on plurals you fucking GCSE dropout

Does it have to hover above ground in a dedicated tube because the streets have so much poo on them, thus rendering transportation on them hazardous?


wouldn't have a clue what to do

What does "hinge" mean here?

Views & Too Late are the best albums of all time

both drake too h umm what a coincidence

Me neither
Don't think I'll ever have sex in my lifetime

anime tb h lads

honestly don't give a shit about other people's opinions
I'm always right


When you're angry, what outlet do you have? Do you go to the gym, listen to music or play an instrument?

>rating albums

musical bender

sub 80 iq

Voice of the (suspected) murderer: soundcloud.com/william-cannon-2/delphi-male-voice-loop-1
This case keeps me up at night. I hope he gets caught.

anime is filth

Do it again, Bomber Harris.

What a spastic you truly are

i don't think i've ever seen you disagree with the establishment status quo or ever hold an opinion contrary to the average cosmopolitan sjw liberal rubbish

you're a boring drone. yawn.


I know climate shifts over the eras but afaik it doesn't shift to the extent that you'd say the whole planet was significantly hot or cold

there would have been plenty cold snaps when the dinos were around too

how do you find a good, non-gold digger gf when you have an income of over 5 figures monthly?

I jack off or eat junk food

>When you're angry, what outlet do you have?

That place is beautiful. Full of mangroves and rivers. Locals kill you if try to construct

I shitpost furiously on Cred Forums, Cred Forums, /brit/.

if a honkey told me that the sky was blue i'd question it
won't make any apologies for not blindly believing in their white revisionist science

Couldn't answer as I earn 6 figures monthly


what is this genre called



don't listen to black music

what do you do

Why wasn't Willy Wonka named Willy Wanker instead?

A great opportunity was missed.

I've got some good advice but it would cost you 4 figures


have never and will never open a youtube link in this general

honestly don't doubt there's some mega-tarqs in /brit/ tbf, but any tips on the GF front?

bloody racist

But what about all the poo?

Thomas Cook sales rep

>Police have not publicly stated how the girls were murdered

Hate living in the current society

act like you don't have much money


Ah yes, The Streets


just used vinegar to clear the salt off my shoes and now my shoes, hands and room smell of vinegar

what makes this case so special

what a fucking water buffalo

I cry

have to go out to dinner with the 'rents in a few minutes lads and im absolutely dreading the THOUGHT of it.

someone order the poo/brap posting? I'm not leaving 'till I get paid.

you heard me



i silently fume

*pays you*
please leave now

they're literally the only links posted to Cred Forums I WILL click on


why the fuck would you use vinegar to wash something as water-soluable as salt off you stupid boy



Black Panther was the greatest marvel movie ever made. I dare you to disagree with me, racists.

toast with canned beans

would let harry kane shag my arse
not even bent

Bottle it up. One day I'll let it all out. One day.

The photo and sound clip of the murderer. The witness accounts. You would expect him to be caught by now but it seems like the police have nothing over a year later.

the idea of a girl doing a big fart on me really makes my willy tingle

obviously in practice it's be disgusting, but the thought of it just works wonders for some reason

applies to a lot of things really

am I a hesitant pervert?

Will be pirating it

most marvel movies are shite so i don't doubt this


>white genocide is real


moving to chechnya

Drake is the sort of bloke you can introduce to your gran

hebrew fingers typed this post

need a gibi gf

>In about a decade, people will look like this to escape the Government's facial recognition cameras

Cool dystopian blade runner future we're heading towards lads


brown hands typed this post

autismick will be here any second

I beat up my mum

Shes so fucking fit

Bloody Tories

bacon like hands typed these posts

was Peter Sutcliffe framed?

Mexican whore

Would like to skin beto alive

drake is a kike

please delete this phallic image immediately



someone say gibi?

Was Roger Rabbit?


hm yes i'm definitely a pensioner posting on /brit/, that seems likely

why would a 70 year old be on /brit/?

*clears throat*
I said CHOON.


why is she so perfect

manchester literally has a road called deanogate lol

you havent met my gran mate. she's terrified of "darkies"

he took part in the ritualistic rapes and murders of many girls, and he just happened to be the fall guy since he wasn't a prominent DJ/politician

Would atomize your jaw if you dared to spew your anti white bigotry in front of me

go back to africa amerinigger



>be american
>visit england
>get muttshamed


love music
love my music taste

*clears throat*



>rorke is here
umm, jog on sweetie. The world doesn't need your racism anymore

better than oasis

>top doesn't want to have families anymore
>bottom don't have families anyway
>meanwhile muslims are reproducing at rondentile rates rendering both irrelevant

oh jeez you're literally a brown paki cunt aren't you? disgusting


im not proving a piece of common knowledge to you

dave is here.

How does it feel to know when people say "UK" "Britain" or "England" they mean London? How does it feel to know that 36.9% of the UK's economy is from London? Maybe next time you Poortherners meet a Londoner you should thank him for the dole money you collect.

How does it feel to know every year millions of tourists come to see London while no one gives a fuck about your depressing Northern shit hole? How does it feel to know you have no culture or relevance to the UK never mind the world.

London is a land of opportunity which is why it is such a magnet for immigrants, I know you will respond that you "Hate niggers and pakis" but why? Is it that people can come from Ghana and Pakistan, work hard, build a career and make something of themselves all on their own merits while you Poorthern shits just sit their collecting dole and drinking cans of cider? Do the hard working immigrants make you feel bad for being such a lazy shit? I would take a million Asians, blacks and eastern Europeans over one of the lazy northern animals.

What is my conclusion? If you hate London you hate it because you can't hack it. You are not smart, quick or hard working enough to compete. You don't have the willpower to come down here and start at the bottom renting a flat and work hard until you eventually get that mansion in Hampstead. You hate it because everyone in London is doing something while you sit there doing NOTHING. Collecting dole... Drinking warm cider out of a can.... I don't know if Poortherners cause more pity or more disgust.

bet you have crap taste
everyone in /brit/ has god awful taste in music apart from one user who often posts the kinks.



went to london once
dreadful place

fuck off you vile kike

When I stepped out of home
At some distance
Was her home

the identity politics virgins are here

Original Pirate Material

would love to see Scandinavia turned into a nuclear wasteland

>dad rock
>good music

state of you


you arrive in london

never posting blondie - dreaming 1979 top of the pops ever again


Got a skin fade & my head is so spotty AHHHHHHH

Fuck off nigger

cant stand morrissey and thom yorke and all these shite gay guitar you songs you post that all sound identical and shit

would love to see my meatsack turned into a nuclear wasteland

>dad rock
classic juvenile pleb terminology

that house would cost £1m+ compared to £150k up north

god I wish that was me

Just located the future wife


it's literally how you get rid of it you fucking spastic
funny how it didn't wash off in the rain??? hmmmm



im there right now
it's a cool place wud leave country if i couldn't live here desu

New when?



t. triggered stormbaby

>up north
there's your problem

'kin ell

not really
I was into dad rock when i was in my teens too
don't worry you grow out of it in your 20s

drake's a lightskin tho

kys you nigger subhuman

Northerners invented football

she kinda peng ya kno

I slightly feel like London is something of a security blanket "proxy" for actually leading an interesting life for a hell of a lot of people.

I'm not denying that it offers a rich lifestyle opportunity for some people but for a he'll of a lot more it's a case of; "got absolutely zero concept if what you want out of life, no real ppersonality and a bang average degree? Just "default" to London!

Then, when your relative/schoolfriend/former teacher asks what youre doing now, instead of "i work in it" you can say i work in IT..... In London!".

Those two magical words seemingly transform mundane things into an exciting sexy world of bright lights and fast paced living, even though most of what you actually do is just trudge to the tube, endure the journey in, sit in a cubicle all day, repeat the journey back and stop off at Waitrose for some booze on the way back, maybe a Franco Manca or a GBK if it's the weekend.

Nobody will hold the fact you're now in your early 30s, still single and living in a flat share against you because you're in London right? That's just what exciting sexy big city types do; you don't say anything but it's just assumed you're single because you play the field and you flat share because you stay up long into the night having deep intellectual conversations and raucous dinner parties with your flat mates who are fellow members of the London elite. (Reality; you generally eat dinner alone in your bedroom with the telly on; your housemates are all vaguely threatening central Europeans who barely acknowledge your presence.)

everyone's in here

Women can't be funn-

in other news the sky is blue

Bit of a lie that

would love for her to obliterate my bollocks whilst passing gas on my face


Some people like oasis



genuinely enjoyed this