Does the resr of the world find it odd America has just accepted mass shootings as inevitable and the price of freedom?

Does the resr of the world find it odd America has just accepted mass shootings as inevitable and the price of freedom?

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Oh my goodness he looks like LA. CREATURA




>America has just accepted mass shootings as inevitable and the price of freedom?
You're a burger. You know better than anyone that nothing will change and we'll move on to the next outrage in a week.

That guy isn't white lmao

It wouldnt happen if teachers and or students were armed. Were all of them commies or something?

He is white no matter how much you Cred Forumstards try to deny it.

And why does only the most recent case matter in your mind? The last 25+ mass shooters were white.

naturalizing murder and violence, very 3rd world, congratulations!, a very latin american thing to do

That's a big mutt.

4% you

altering the bill of rights is unironically a slippery slope

put armed security in every school, this would help
this guy was a day before making treats in the school, a police car in the front would stop him

>Cred Forums in the damage control mode
what race is he?

this, a police officer and armed teachers would encourage moral behavior

That guy is clearly not white

Mass shootings are inevitable. There is nothing you can do to stop them. There will always be people who are bullied social outcasts their entire lives, and eventually anger inside them builds up and they decide to end it all. They hate people and they want to kill as many as they can and inflict as much mental pain to everyone as possible. You can ban guns but it they will still be able to get them if they really want. If not, they will drive a truck in to a crowd of people or something similar.

His adoptive mom was a jew

yes it would send us down a slippery slope to the point where the evil government might eliminate gun violence entirely

he is pretty much white. We are all caucasian so we are just arguing shades of off white

then what the fuck he is? brown? black?

Is this guy a Slavic Spic mix? Guy looks really weird.

No he isn't.
His eyes are clearly asiatic

I would move out of the country if there are cops and armed teachers in schools. Africa tier shitfest.

> We cab get rid of the 700 million guns and 75 billion rounds of ammo inside America
Good luck rounding up guns from 300 million people

Russians are white

hispanic is not a race, it is a ethnic group, there is black hispanics, asian hispanics

it is the opposite. his real mom was a jaw and he was adopted by cubans, hence cruz


> Africa has law enforcement
People should fear the law so they will be better citizens. Same reason prison should be hell so citizens will fear breaking the law and going there

That's what he looks like to me but apparently he's half jewish.

America slowly turns into LISA the Painful

Dios mio, el horrifico

So he was Jewish therefore non white

>His adoptive mom was a jew
Christ, you're retarded.

right, all the criminals will willingly turn in their guns and there will be no more violence

It's true
He said it himself

>His mom was a jew

Only zionist scum and white supremacists would claim that white jews are not white.

Which one are you?

Military could do it in a week, but of course it's not a realistic solution.

>white jews
An oxymoron

Teachers with guns is a big sign that you live in a shithole.

The thing is that if this fucker is white than so are most mexicans and really even many middle easterners, yet the left will still spin people as being 'racist' against them. No one seems to have a consistent idea of what constitutes 'white'.

>a week
The state of this swamp nigger

This dude is a walking meme

>trying to imply white supremacy is wrong

He isn't white
He's Jewish raised by spic parents who got mad when he was cucked so he decided to go on a Killing spree
End of discussion

He's clearly got some spic in him. If I had to guess I'd say he's 25% slav, 25% jew, 25% spic, 25% western euro.

I would say it's better for people to understand and respect/agree with laws rather than fear them.

>hates mexicans and immigrants
how do these people get like this

He's whiter than you are Pablo

> military cpuld do it.
Nope, a legal doctrine called Posse Comitatus legally prevents the use of US military inside states. There will be no gun roundups

forgot pic

that's his adoptive family's name, retard

Whiter than you Muhammed


too much Cred Forums

What is weird he doesn't look Jewish at all.

Fear is the beginning of al knowledge. People should fear the law and learn to love it


Yeah he looks like a half spic sminem.

I'm just speaking on a theoretical level, I think it's dumb Americans feel strong with their handguns against an organized trained military with more equipment.

Only his ears make him look like Sminem

and also his genetics

Yes, you have a lot of great examples at your side, such as middle eastern countries, north korea etc versus the EU and japan/korea...

There is no problem with school shootings in the US. Look how happy they all are! This is all fake news.

great example in japan lmao. wanna cite mexico while you're at it?

at this point the "every American must carry a handgun" argument, seems like the only logical solution/safety measure


Why is Trump standing on the other side of the room, separating himself from these people in their time of need?

Those kids are dressed like clowns. Where do they buy it?

tell that to the vietnamese, afghanis and iraqis

the Chad dad was eyeing Melania

That's precisely the fucking problem. He was adopted by a hispanic family after (what I presume) his HWYTE (by american burger standards) parents abandoned him. Yet he fucking hates hispanics.

That's essentially what I predicted though. Kairos considers jews white.

La atrocidad del Walmart...

and it is not clear what they mean "hispanics". are latin americans recognized as hispanics just like spaniards? or hispanic + asian?

The site's bullshit anyway. It says I'm 50% hispanic even though I'm completely white. It just happened to match my prediction with Cruz.

>Leafs believe everything you put in a headline

> I'm 50% hispanic even though I'm completely white
>t. cruz
maybe you don't know something

If every single citizen could carry a gun anyone would stop the fool in a matter of seconds.
>muh mass shootings
Brasil has laws and gun control yet more people die here than in Syria and Africa.
Everybody who is against guns either trust jewish media or voted for Hillary.

>that brainlet chart
Brazil also has an 11 times higher population than Syria.

> What is per capita



Because Brazilians are bigger chimps than Africans

White doesn't have an accual definition people agree on that's why because where the fuck do you draw the line between Austria and India

If we counted Syrian war deaths the same as murder rate, their murder rate would be around 200, twice as much as El Salvador, and 8 times higher than Brazil

>everyone in my country keeps killing each other
>need to give them more guns!

Sorry, I'm having troubles keeping up with this whiteness meme.
How does adoptive mother affect ones race?

His real mom was Jewish
Jews aren't white

If no guns arent working than more guns wpuld at least alloe citizens to have yhe same fire power as the bad hombres and result on more dead criminals, whoch benefits all of society

It unironically would.

Only niggers and spics will kill themselves
Gun control will accomplish nothing and punish law abiding gun owners


You can't even deny the holocaust without getting arrested, you don't have any freedom so you are jealous and want everybody to be like you.
Still we bend to the master apes, the amerimutts.

Is El Salvador ruled by demons? Wtf

That's not what you said originally.
Regardless, the question still stands.

Would what?

The chart is per day though.

It doesn't his real mother was a jew so he isn't white

Paddock and the two church shooters were white.

Whites are underrepresented among mass shooters in America.

>Only niggers and spics will kill themselves
Brazil, of course, has none of these.

Improve the situation. Somehow the text got deleted before I posted.

How are jews not white?

Why do you care about American gun laws you stupid bong. Go suck off Muhammed.

They aren't white
They like to pretend to be white to infiltrate and subvert white countries
None of those were for political reasons

Criminals will aways have guns, even if they were completely banned or laws were more effective, they would still use knifes or even sticks, like in Japan. (Yakuza)

In Europe terrorists have used a fucking truck. Will you begin to ban trucks? Fucking brainlet, try to argue against this.

I was talking about when murder rates in Salvador were at its peak compared to the least dangerous year in Syria (didn't bother to check for current data for murder rate). El Salvador is currently at 60, so yeah, safest year in Syria is still over 3 times higher than present El Salvador.

Venezuela is the most dangerous now, and it's at 89.

And was replaced by a period. Yeah, happens to me all the time.


Forgot to add, the most dangerous year in Syria was over 400

Crime and homicide rates in the US are lower today than they were in the 1980s (the all-time peak year for homicides was 1990).

Guns are expressly designed to kill people, trucks are designed to carry them and other shit. They used a truck because they couldn't get any guns, tard.
You're also implying I'm against weapon ownership, which I'm not. I'm only against it in the case of poor, uneducated countries like the USA and Brazil.

> I'm only against it in the case of poor, uneducated countries like the USA and Brazil.

Why do you even give a shit if you don't live in either of those countries? Are you here to just annoy people?

I personally give a shit about the US laws because our criminals import over 200,000 guns per year from America

America a degenerate ZOG society, and I don't find it surprising at all.

Gubs are used for protection.
I avtually had to shoot an intruder a few years back. Some piece of shit breaks in at 3 AM so I waited at the top of the stairs and gave him both barrels He is alive though paralyzed fron the neck down and I still have my Tv and Ps4.
Guess the next place he breaks into will need a wheelchair ramp lol.
I even had to go to the trial and his family glared t me and had the gall to ask me why I shot him their precuous baby.

I live in the same planet as them and am of the same animal species as it's inhabitants. I also share a culture with one and my country has military bases in it of the other.


Ah yes, African-Americans are clearly the problem when every mass shooter has been a mentally ill white edgelord

>this eternally assblasted mutt with a bong proxy that shows up for desperate damage control in every thread

I'm sure that if someone shot and paralyzed your child, even if he was breaking into their home, you'd give them a high five and a blowjob.





>I live in the same planet as them and am of the same animal species as it's inhabitants.

Just say you're here to shitpost. No need to give a bullshit response.

>I even had to go to the trial and his family glared t me and had the gall to ask me why I shot him their precuous baby.

Really makes me wonder why a man who trespasses people's property turned out this way.

I asked them why they failed as parents and raised a criminal. I said if they had a problem with they can come by at 3 am and I will shoot them too.

Why is it bullshit?

What did they answer?

>And then everyone stood up and clapped and a hot girl sucked your dick.

So what?! Kitchen knives were made for cutting meat, it did not stop people from using it to kill.
Guns can be used for sports, protection, hunting and hundreds of other purposes.
The main porpuse, defined by Samuel Colt, was making man equal. I don't want to see my wife getting raped by 5 niggers for weeks while they make me watch, like "Champinha", a brazillian criminal and his gang did to a couple.

If you think It was made for killing, you are the uneducated subhuman.

They literally sucked air through their teeth. I open carry a revolver everywhere ( In my state you can bring a gun into a court room) and in my state we have wjat is known as Stand Your Ground legislation which literally means I am free to fire if I feel threatened so they didnt get too aggressive. Their kid got 20 years in prison btw. Since I had to use armed force and he had a knife it was technically a home invasion.

Why do Americans value property over life? They’d rather take their chances at getting stabbed than to simply call the police.

no, I just shot some piece of shit crimibal. Guns are used 125 k times a year to protect homes and prevent rape in America.
Sorry you are such a pussy

Bevause police response tome is 7 minutes or more, its my property and criminals are worthless humans who dont deserve mercy.
I would kill spme heroin junkie to keep my 60 inch tv, its mine and his life means nothing to me

>its my property and criminals are worthless humans who dont deserve mercy.
>I would kill spme heroin junkie to keep my 60 inch tv, its mine and his life means nothing to me
We’re never going to stop these mass shootings.

Not how the shooting sprees never happen in private schools. the issue is then public schools.

>The main porpuse, defined by Samuel Colt, was making man equal.
Equal in the business of murdering each other, yes, you're right. That is the main purpose, regardless of those "hundreds" of others you mentioned. And I think that's fine, and that they're in important, but in countries with wealth gaps as gigantic and social infrastructure as shit as yours and the USA, desperate people will always eventually snap and use them irresponsibly, as did "Champinha", who probably was a sick, desperate person himself, as a result of the conditions that I mentioned.
Also, his victim was a "jewess", probably also a subhuman by your definition, so I don't know why you'd care.

So in your view criminals should just feel free to break in and steal whatever?


>Government and politics corrupt from the top-down where any decent person is phased out or assassinated.
>Police are corrupt and power tripping and so is the military
>Country is full of crime and littered with drug cartels that run regions like feudal lords.
>Some Portuguese ITT unironically expects people to docile while surrounded by wolves, thinking everything will be alright.

He's only white to other brown people and cnn

His real mother is a jew you retarded Cred Forumstard

Criminals are people who live and grew up in shit conditions created by the very system which wasn't interested in granting probably either of you the notion that everyone is a human being.

>criminals don't care about the law and will obtain weapons regardless of their legal status

So they don't count war statistics in murder rates?

How are mass-shootings a racial issue? His point was that banning guns won't get rid of the ones already out there

I don't expect or wish for them to be docile, I just wish for them to direct their hostility in the right direction.

It's all matter of attitude
doesn't matter how many guns are there, if people still losing their shit over stupid little things they'll find the way to do a mass shootings even if guns were completely illegal

Boo fucking hoo for the criminals. Why dont theh get a fucking job? Mcdonalds is hiring and I am in no way responsibile for another adult
Whats mine is mine

Yes I'm sure if a guy breaks into your house and rapes your wife and daughter, you're just going to shrug and say "Oh well, he did nothing wrong, it's the fault of this racist pig capitalist society of ours."

Majority of mass shooting are done by blacks. You just don't hear about them on the news

>every mass shooter has been a mentally ill white edgelord

Whites are underrepresented among mass shooters. Do you actually not know this?


there really isn't any kind of 'community' in usa because it was founded on liberty/independence
that's why there are so many sick people who do things like these

No. The only country for which war statistics are counted in the murder rate is Mexico. Hence why you see "Mexico is only second to Syria" (in total deaths; which it isn't, neither in total nor much less in rate), and countries like Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, El Salvador, Guatemala, Belize, Jamaica, etc. etc, which have either more total deaths AND higher murder rate don't even get mentioned.

If we go by "murder rates", Syria is "safer" than American

Does the rest of the world find it odd Europe has just accepted trucks of peace and sexual emergencies as inevitable and price of diversity?

>It says I'm 50% hispanic even though I'm completely white

Did Castro happen to pass through your town in the past?

Makes perfect sense to me, actually.

Both sides have legitimate arguments.

Look, if you live on a farm in the middle of nowhere, you need guns. It's a tool. You need it for hunting, for protecting your animals, from protecting yourself, both from animals and possible human threats.

Moreover, people should have the right to defend themselves. Not everyone has the luxury to live in some wealthy condo or wealthy gated community and goes around in a blinded SUV and only ever visits the most well policed areas of America. Some people have to live amongst shady individuals and are in danger zones daily.

Only privileged liberals think that people who want to defend themselves, should be dismissed as stupid or whatnot.

You're responsible for your country and for your people.
Most people don't come to rape, they come to steal. But in either case, both him and the capitalist society would be at fault, that's why the guy should go to jail for raping and robbing people, and the society should be overthrown for creating people like him.

I always thought those stats were bullshit

>Cred Forums in damage control
The guy is not White, what the hell do you are you even reasoning.

Hard to keep track of Amerimuttness.

Actually the main virtue of being a good American is minding your own business. I am in no way responsible for my countymen

What does that even mean?


Do you consider yourself a patriot?

yes but that doesnt mean I owe people shit.Same reason I oppose national health care: I have health insurance and dont want my money taken from me and given to lazy drug addicts who want to be treatrd for free.
A patriotic american understands people need the freedom to fail

Not really. Every country's different.

At this point? No really. Soon it will stop being international news and will become just local news.

"In other news, this week's mass shooting was in ____ school/church/building. Police report states ___ dead and ___ injured. If you live near the area please check out your kids, friends, and relatives. Remember that gun safety is your responsibility as well. Now let's go with Sarah Nicelegs for the weather report."

A patriot loves his people. A patriot doesn't want his people to have the "freedom to fail", he wants the to have the guarantee that they'll succeed.

THats communism and I dont owe other people shit. If they want something they can work for it

Meahwhile in Brazil
14 dead nobody gives a shit, about anything.
Going for another 60.000+ kills year.
>Guns illegal.

We have weak states. We have tons of laws that make illegal this or that but as there is no rule of law it is like they didn't exist. I mean, murder is illegal here, there and everywhere but still happens. I think that we could make gun owning legal and things won't change one bit in either way... Maybe just more suicides with guns but that's it.

You caught me.

When terror attacks happen in Iraq, Syria, Somalia and Yemen no one cares
because the modern world doesn't give a shit what happens in third world countries.

does anyone else just feel like the world is ending and no one is noticing

>murders 17 innocent people
Yeah, he's a normal wh*Te ((guy)) alright.

Yes, the world cares... if it is a big profitable market.

It certainly a step in the right direction.

It looks like its decaying, I wouldn't say ending though.

Only in murrica could he be considered a white guy.

Will he be considered White once the genes have been absorbed?

The other thing is that Europe (soon Canada) has accepted terrorist attacks and murder as a price to pay for multiculturalism.
So, rhetorically speaking, why shouldn't the US accept mass murders as a price for freedom? This is the law that the left lives by.

Also, I grew up with guns and am pro gun, but we have to convey that it is absurd that someone with so many mental issues should have access to a semi-automatic rifle in any circumstance. Furthermore, Americans will disagree, but I don't think people under 21 should have gun ownership or any type of concealed or open carry in the US.

Students already hae body armour (text books). One regular sized text book can stop any pistol round. 2 books will stop a rifle round.

Just tell them to put their backpacks on the front of them and tighten it up. Instant plate carrier.

Now that we have free armour for our children let's get to the weapons. Sharpened pencils are NO joke. Legit you will have armoured small moving targets with weapons that can penetrate bulletproof vests.

Now let's get to the teachers. The teachers are the offensive tanks. They can take a few rounds unlole the students and hit harder. But they have no armour.

Now what's a good weapon for the teachers? In reality anything. However if they want to keep hitting them then they need something stronger than a pencil. A paper cutter meets this easily as the shooter will have to worry about midgets in armour with shanks as a teacher comes with a machete.

The teacher can also be a support class by using pepper spray.

He is not demanding acknowledgement, he is criticizing the the school shooting hysteria. When a dude shot a school here some years ago it became international news, despite mass causalities being a daily occurrence here.

Are you retarded?
>One regular sized text book can stop any pistol round. 2 books will stop a rifle round.
Someone recently died trying to prove this you dipstick.

No you're retarded. Body armor is not just heavy plates. It's also fibers that are so numerous and tightly knit they absorb the energy of the book.

Now will that kid still fall backwords and might stab himself. But he will live.

The bill of rights was never absolute though. freedom of speech has limitations like for libel, incitement to violence, causing a panic, etc.


> libel

Wow. How the fuck does the mainstream media get away with all the shit they publish then?

i dont.

Stop saying white and start saying European.

200% of zero is zero