Is this considerated good architeture in your country

is this considerated good architeture in your country

This is considered good architecture in my country.



quitgood but not as good as OP

This is nice

This is shit

it's an eyesore, sure, but I kinda dig the Judge Dredd aesthetics it gives off

t. ciro "o'linguist" esposito

context: 1955


looks nice, is a church?

Very nice
Very nice

Brutalism is best style though

>butthurt ambrogini in full damage control

It makes my eyes hurt but seems like a good location for a dystopic movie

>mfw so used to anti american bullying, I read ambrogini as amerigoblin

looks as retarded as the Polish mind, so it fits

Mind you, this German building isn't CGI, it's an actual photo of the Green Climate Fund Headquarters

I wouldn't call it "good architecture", obviously, but it is pretty neat.

this is

it looks like a cardboard box that got left out in the rain

well, still better than this abomination

every architecture is considered good here, so yes
>"taste is subjective"

Fucking leafcommie

no that's shit architecture
thats bad too
ugly as fuck
looks like pancakes

pic related is acceptable and efficient, euros and your poor looking buildings...

It's an old water tower.

Why so much hate Dieter?

building from the 50s, they should trim the roof and hide antennas

that must be the ugliest building ever on planet earth. holy shit so ugly


it has it's cham


I would rather live in any of these ugly buildings than in one of Niemeyer's abominations.The guy's buildings aren't just ugly,they are also unlivable.

dunno, but I'd consider it good architecture. I'd take that over post modern crap anyday.

get on my level