We can prevent mass shootings if we armed teachers with AR-15s

>We can prevent mass shootings if we armed teachers with AR-15s

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>EU citizen here. Why not place more restrictions on guns? It's only common sense. All the criminals and ne'er-do-wells will turn in their guns and thus gun crime will decrease.

every child over 4 years of age should have a mandatory gun on it. old enough to walk = old enough to protect yourself and your freedoms

it used to be legal to mail order fully automatic weapons and we didn't have an issue with school shootings then. the problem is niggers, spics, and the leftist trash eroding at the fabric of the nation.

Whats your solution? There will never be a gun ban and I refuse to allow the gov more power.
> muh mental health
The gov will just use bullshit psychiatry to institute a de facto ban

who needs a gun when you have a can of baked beans?

>American citizen here. Why not place less restrictions on guns? It's only common sense. All the criminals and ne'er-do-wells will buy guns, yes, but non-criminals will buy guns as well and society will enter into an arms race between criminals and normal people and police and thus crime will decrease. or increase along with police brutality and murder rate, but whatever.

Holy shit it's real

No shit thats near me. We trained with cans and Coke even sponsored a targeting dummy

>You know what'll make Cred Forums a better place? Even more threads about US politics.

here is a shot of the training

schools should unironically be patrolled by soldiers with fully automatic weapons

Just ban the schools
Less americans can write and read = less americans on the internet = better internet

lel what but the shooter was seemingly a white supremacist.

Some students are designated blade users who use the volley to get close and stab them or distract the teacher while they get their aim

it was a psy op it was staged MAGA

there really is no hope for us.

The larger students are sometimes sat in a blind spot and use polearms and one is the designated tackler who pins them down for the blades

Dude was such a stereotypical Cred Forumstard, it's actually funny

unironically why don't people just throw chairs and books and shit at the gunman?

people are getting shot anyway, might as well all hit him with a desk to the dome and then bash his head in

Because he has a gun

I would be so angry if I or someone I knew was killed by a meme spouting Cred Forumsfag.

by the time you realize there's a school shooting you are 10 seconds to late to act, most people will just take cover

and he's not gonna drop it or fall over if he gets hit in the face with a desk?

I'm trying to find the instagram messages he sent to a student who cucked him. It's very telling that he's a embodiment of a Cred Forumstard

He is probably going to just shoot right there

thats what we teach. A combination of volleys with canned food tackling, edged weapons w
pic related, this young lady os part of the school room polearm squad


they are all here

Evey single white American should be armed

I think your idea of taking guns away guns from Americans is unrealistic

I said they should have guns dummy

Because they were evacuating due to the fire alarm that he pulled and then he shot a bunch of them in the back. It's never as simple as just throwing shit at them or tackling them etc.

But you are right. It is scary to fight with equally armed opponent. Ask any soldiers what is harder: shoot 100 civilians or 100 rebels with guns.

Any attempt at gun confiscation would result in mass civil unrest. only 26% of americans favor a gun ban of any kind. Most peoole are fine with the current system

Stop making us look bad, you dumb mutt.

>white americans

They are still 50-60% of the population and needs to defend themselves

Hoe? He is dead right:The libs will never get out guns

>Iam so angery yo fucker !!!!
Peak Cred Forums autism


You do realise the shooter was white right? Killed a lot of white kids too. Lots, I'm pretty sure most, mass shootings are done by whites in america. So you're saying the whites need to defend themselves against the other whites?

The only real solution is to ban wh*te subhumans from buying guns cause they literally can't go a month without doing a mass shooting

We also did this training in addition we woild take a field trip to a gun range to desensitize us to the soind of gun shots

>the shooter was white
maybe by australian standards

He was not white
His mom was Jewish and his adoptive parents were Cuban

>only 26% of americans favor a gun ban of any kind.
Because no one wants a gun ban you fucking retarded kool-aid drinker.
90% of the population do support universal backround checks.
>Most peoole are fine with the current system
yeah we love it when kids get gunned down.

Whatever, my point still stands.

Why don't you give slingshots to the kids? a sling for each kid with 20 pebbles

No it doesn't

you first hero

he saw himself as white and killed others because of white supremacist thoughts

0.5 USD has been deposited to your NRA discount membership :)

Brainwashed to think he was a white guy who had to ethnically cleanse america from non whites

Fucking retard over here

Nothing will stop the shootings and every single time you place a restriction on guns the courts knock it down.
The best solution is to simply arm teachers and place armed patrols in the schools or let the popular well adjusted students also carry guns.
More guns = more freedom

>Being a white supremicist when you don’t even look white
Also wasn’t the thing about joining a white nationalist group fabricated by Cred Forums?


He wasn't white
He also wasn't apart of a white supremacist group that was prank by pol

Ouch, you really got us there !

Get fucked liberal. Even crazy people have a constitutonal right to a gun.

>>Being a white supremicist when you don’t even look white

That's Cred Forums alright

Evey gun buy requires a background check you ignorant kike

Well his skin looks pretty white to me. I'm sure you'll disregard everything I say because of my """""mistake""""" but the fact is that the people most likely to carry out mass murder in america are mentally ill/politically motivated white men.

Anything about his internet history?

How do you plan on overthrowing your gov if they become a tyrabny? How will you kill some junkie trying to take your shit?

No they fucking aren't
Your anti white bigotry is repulsive

Purge in USA reality when?

Can't wait to watch live stream from comfiness of my commie flat.

thats ok, felons cant have guns. The left wants mental health restrictions which is just a bullshit way to ban guns
No thanks to that, I would rather have the shootings than more big gov

dude that is my fucking dream scenario

I want to die but the shame of suicide is too much to inflict on my mom, if I could die in an accident that would be supreme

Don't let these kikes convince you otherwise
An armed populace is a safe one

>thinks we can overthrow the greatest military the world has ever seen with a bunch of citizens with guns.
I hope your family is the first to get drone strike'd.

Learn and work harder, become part of establishment. Let big govt be at your service. Be part of american dream, not mean for it.

Kek Euros WISH they had our gun freedom when Mohamed decides to ride his truck of peace into a crowd or explodes himself on a train. Most of Europe's terrorist and rapefugee problems would be solved if they gave citizens the right to bear arms

weak b8 2/10

enough to make you reply, junior

Just fyi, I should have put mentally ill and/or politically motivated white men. And that's the truth. Statistically there have been quite a few Asians too. I'm not being biased, just looking at the history.

Yeah.Here in Brazil we have super restrictive gun laws,but we got over 60k murders/year.

NOPE. All politicans are crooks and giving them any amount of power is ridiculous. The gov should be too weak and poor to oppress people.
The gov should fear the citizens and politicans shoild worry about assassination if they act in a tyrannical manner or threaten my liberty.

I like that Americans like talking about fighting tyrannical government, but when actual display of power abuse from government happened a lot of them jumped to defend said government official

>this mutt LARPing as a bong because he thinks it makes him an authority ITT

Maybe becuase Jews turned d the country into a Brazil tier hell scape? White men in America are 2nd class citizens so I'm not surprised when they snap

If we gave every family a portable nuclear weapon, everything would be solved.

They are secretly afraid of their police/army.

Because they aren't trained soldiers who know how to react under such circumstances. They are literally children or in the case of the teachers, probably middle class and sheltered from these things their whole lives. Their minds aren't adapted for such situations.

>White men in America are 2nd class citizens

How about every family gets a gun to kill intruders and criminals?

Tell me about it.

Stop replying to him. He’s a /k/ mutt that’s enraged and thinks a british proxy makes him sound more reasonable.

Yeah except I'm going back 50-60 years.... maybe you should stop justifying mass murder and instead consider how it could be prevented by stopping/helping these people before they snap.

They are. Affirmative action discrimates against them.

Snowsen is a fucking traitor

Stopping people from consuming SSRIS would help too
They wouldn't be needed if society wasn't completely destroyed

>he thinks drones can enfore martial law
>stand on street corners
>search people apartments
besidoes people flying those drones have families too you retard
army consists of citizens and when said army is ordered to kill citizens you can bet that soldiers won't be willing to do orders

Ssris are a life saver. I was terribly depressed and they saved me. Everyone I know is on an SSRI or adderall, it makes life better

damn right MAGAbro, these libKEKS will never know true freedom from their ISLAMIC government!!! SHADILAY!!!

Civilian gun ownership wouldn’t matter if the army turned against the government.

>We can't possibly let citizens have nuclear weapons. What if they hurt themselves?
Lmao, how cucked are americans if they want this much of a nanny state?


>exposed that the government is violating the constitution and spying on it's population
>exposed the actual deep state


These are their policemen, they shoot non stop towards civilians but please listen to what he says when he realizes the shot a fellow policeman undercover: 'I thought you were one of the bad guys'

They are literally manchildren thugs with guns. They are taught to see black and white. You either are one of the 'good guys' or one of the 'bad guys'

>His university doesn't allow him to carry and conceal a gun
lmao, enjoy getting shot and not having a chance to fight back in your soy institutions

cool but we're taking about sceneraio where army was ordered by the government to kill civilians and US army would never do that, becasue those soldiers would be bascially ordered to kill their friends, family etc.

yeah ok mate you've pinpointed the exact causes of all of American society's problems. In fact no doubt you've figured out all of the worlds problems. And no you aren't delusional, you're completely correct in all of your thinking.

They're over prescribed in america. The fact that you say
>Everyone I know is on an SSRI or adderall, it makes life better
is proof of that. They should not be the first step in treating mental health issues. Tbph most light depression/anxiety can be fixed with a combination of proper hobby, some friends, therapy, diet, exercise and time.

Ultimately people could just kill politicans. Shoot them coming out of their house, ambush them when they pick up theor kids from school etc.
Assassination is a great way to keep them in line and I hope they are afraid of the populace. You cant trust the gov

cool but we're not talking about police but government becoming tyrany and using army.
Stop trying to move goal posts

do amerimutts actually think it's normal to live in constant fear of getting shot?

Yes, I’m saying gun ownership wouldn’t matter in that case. In fact guns might actually help, it’s much easier to come to terms will killing a family member who was shooting at you than it is to justify mowing down a group of unarmed protesters.

every citizen should be issued a gun and a grenade for self defense

>cool but we're taking about sceneraio where army was ordered by the government to kill civilians and US army would never do that,
They already did.

>he went to an Appalachian bible school

>Yes, I’m saying gun ownership wouldn’t matter in that case

>i don't know what is guerilla warfare
>i don't know who are partisants
you're stupid if you think civilians would take head on US army
im taking where they're going doors to doors you retard

You never know when a shooting will break out and you will get a chance to be a hero

How much child porn do you own, exactly?

You forgot,
>ran away to fucking RUSSIA and CHINA of all places instead of taking his prison sentence like a man

but seriously now, if there weren't flags and you read a post with some guy who feels the need to take a firearm with him to university, what would you suspect where this guy is from? you'd probably first think of some shithole like Honduras and not the US

>>im taking where they're going doors to doors you retard
>army was ordered by the government to kill civilians and US army would never do that.


ovo ali ozbiljno

you're stupid

you posted a single isolated case and what i meant was a situation where entire country is in martial law and government ordered army to kill any civilians that are resisting.
your lone drone strikes that killed few children are literally fucking nothing

Why wpuld you assume that? All I said is that the gov is untrustworthy and full of crooks and crimonals

Cred Forums completely flipped on him just because daddy Trump said he was bad. They used to praise him, it's amazing how blindly they follow their leader even if it goes against their original beliefs

At this point I'm actually starting to believe this.
America is so fucked, that you'll have rednecks literally up in arms if you try to increase vetting for gun owners or something like that.

I'll ask in a different way, why don't you go out in public without a tool for killing people?

It isnt a need. He has a god given right to carry a gun and protect others

I don't own a gun, but I respect the rights of others because I don't have a teutonic control freak complex

what is some nigger tries to mug him? if i'd be living in a country where only 56% are white you bet i'd want to have weapon on me

God bless them.

So he was right, he needs them

>god given right

>Exposed big government
>Exposed violations against our constitutional rights.
>Exposed that our government actively avoids checks and balances in the name of fighting """terrorism"""
I just want you people to just admit it. You don't care about the constitution You just cherry pick the parts that are convenient for your talking points.

Assault Rifle 15

>Israel arms all teachers

>nobody shoots up schools


he could fight back with knife but gun is much safer option

this is where the real problem starts....they never start introducing real guns laws, because there's nigger with guns, who in return easily get guns, because they don't introduce stricter gun laws... you just have to start at some point

You better believe it. The government is a force for evil and should be weak and unable to oppress people.

>We can prevent mass shootings by taking gun ownership rights from honest people.

those guns that nigger gets are pretty much always illegal hi-points with scracthed serial numbers
in places where niggers live such as both coasts there are background checks so they can't obtain guns legaly therefore buy them from the street
so if a citizen with legaly obtained gun kills nigger who had illegal weapon why should citizen who didn't break the law get punished by restricting his accces to guns?

>you posted a single isolated case
Did you even read the article?
Anwar was killed first. His son, another american citizen, was killed two weeks later.
There's also the American born foreign fighters that have been killed during the war on terror.
The point I'm trying to make, you dense faggot, is that the army has no qualms killing an American citizen if they're painted as the enemy.

Bullshit, all of these mass shooters seem to be Cred Forums guys

>he was White

No man all those gun lovers are at the bottom of socioeconomic scale in US. They're already failure according to american values and reasons for those failures can be just bad luck but also some underlying mental issues like mild retardation etc.

Can't really trust such people.

Only the rich in the US should have access to weapons.

and im talking about situation where an entire country would be labaled as enemy
you think army wouldn't have problem with killing about 299 milion of people?

If governments are inherently a force of evil, why do you have one?
If you want the government to be powerless to enforce laws, why have laws?
You make it sound as if you were enslaved by some force external to you and desperately want to do away with it. Now, since guns aren't banned and you apparrently have the ability to do away with your government, why don't you? Isn't it a force of evil?

I didn’t see you people cheering on Manning despite not pussing out to a foreign dictatorship.

so what, if I really wanted I could get a gun here as well, but the punishment would be pretty harsh so most people never bother
you're making society safer and less like the wild west, if that's punishment then so be it

Judging by your spelling and poor comprehension, I’m gonna say a lot.

you literally just said that you understand that criminals will always get guns but you still want to disarm honest people
how the fuck would that make society safer?

>wanting your country to be like israel

What a time we live in.

Gov, any gov, is inherently untrustworthy as all politicans are lying assholes. We need gov but a small gov too weak to oppress people.

You could always move to Afghanistan.

>and im talking about situation where an entire country would be labaled as enemy
you think army wouldn't have problem with killing about 299 milion of people?
>thinking the entire country would join the fight for muh guns

>criminals will always get guns
You're going from a false premise. The likeliness of criminals having a gun is dependant upon the quantity of guns in circulation.

it would be a gradual change over years of course
people giving up weapons for money, punishments for illegal possesion etc. get stricter over time, the selling of guns limited etc.
it takes years and decades probably, but at the end people will have to go more and more out of their way to obtain one

>I want a government, but it needs to be too weak enforce anything
So what's the purpose of a government?
And you still haven't answered me why you aren't rebelling against your own oppressive government.

>implying I don't want transparency in government
I cheered for Manning, Snowden and Assange, even if he's a garbage person.

Thats an unconstitutional restriction that wouldnt survive a court challenge.
Its plain as day and they will never get our guns

>but at the end people will have to go more and more out of their way to obtain one
legal, law abiding people not fucking criminals
god it's like that EU gun ban that was proposed because terrorists used illegal full auto guns smuggled into Europe so the niggers in Brussels want to punish normal people
just stop

Because it isnt at that point yet. If they try to say you need a mental heamth screening to get a gun we may then be in revolt time.
DESU I hope there is a civil wad because I know we can wipe out those liberal pussies and torch modern Sodom and Gomorrah AKA NYC and LA

>We need to take gun ownership rights because "gun lovers"

everyone starts as a law abiding citizen until he becomes a criminal

Why do retarded leftists think that fully automatic is somehow more lethal than semi-automatic in rifles? I'd only be happy if a mass shooter was firing full retard, it only means he's wasting his ammo and warping his barrel.


and what does this have to do with anything? this isn't an argument

No one thinks that, it was just the compromise inside us govt of that time.

so by that logic you should give up your driver's license becasue one day you're going to be drunk driving and kill people

it means you draw a line where there is none
people should protect the people and not your hillbilly hobbies

Do you go to church?

what the fuck are you taking about
how does this have to do with criminals getting illegal guns that normal citizens would never get?
what the hell is wrong with your sense of logic

>Because it isnt at that point yet.
But you made a post about the american government oppressing people no more than fifteen minutes ago, with that CIA murder. Moreover, with your seeming opinion that governments shouldn't be able to govern, I simply can't see the way for you to justify their existence. You just sound like an anarchist in denial.
>DESU I hope there is a civil wad
Genuinely, so do I.

but nice projection

>How do you plan on overthrowing your gov if they become a tyrabny?

Lmao, the only reason you need a gun in this scenario is to protect from the gun loving militia dipshits who are going to be breaking into your house to steal your TV, eat your food, and rape your wife. If you think guns will help vs a theoretical US authoritarian regime you are wrong, militia men don't care about the rest of the country, they will organize local raiding parties to take from their neighbors, protect a few neighborhoods which they will enclose and turn into lawless camps, and rove around a 100 mile radius stealing, raping, and killing people they don't like.

In this situation "revolutionary America" situation the state/local govts and local national guard would probably refuse the federal government and most US soldiers would likely abandon post. The only real threat during this lawless period would be gun/militia wackjobs themselves.

> hobbies
You mean my constitutionally guaranteed right to a gun?
Want to change that? You will need 67/100 senators, 37 state legislatures and have the Pres sign it ( overriding a veto takes 75 senators)
Consideong the GOP controls every branch of gov and 38/50 state legislatures there is 0 shot in hell of that ever happening.
What is going to happen is bationwide concealed carry which will grant every citizen the right to carry a concealed gun

Aren't there schools with metal detectors in America that kids have to go through?

Just put those in every school and make it so that the front of the schools have gates that can be locked so people cannot get in and stuff.

>criminals getting illegal guns that normal citizens would never get?
what... you assume "being criminal" in some intrinsic sate of being for some people or that every criminal is in the mafia or some shit

i still don't understand what do you mean
you think that you have to be in mafia to get illegal guns?

>not wanting a racially pure ethnostate with strong borders and nationalism
kike detected
fa is very advantageous in cqb such as fighting off police

Poor people not understanding govt is there with regulations and rule of law to protect them from those more capable, stronger and smarter than them.

No govt and most of the populous would end as slaves not that this isn't already slowly starting to happen in US.

>there are people who actually believe that a zerg rush with Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup ("full of possibilities!")™ is preferable to armed security

>guns that normal citizens would never get?

what do you mean with this? I'm a normal citizen and I could get a gun the same way a criminal would

> Having a gov to weak to oppress people is slavery!

>last name Cruz
>mom was a Jew
>still became a white supremacist
lol wut

>I'm a normal citizen and I could get a gun the same way a criminal would
lol no, but humor me where would you go to get that illegal gun

see, that's what I mean... you're assuming criminals are in organised crimes, when most of them are just poor thugs

>We can prevent mass shootings by disarming the proletariat.

so why do you want to restrict guns where those people wouldn't get any guns legal way since in both of our countries you cannot have any criminal past to get guns

>an anomaly and extremely rare event, however violent, warrants massive sweeping legislation

I'm just saying that a limitation of guns would limit the accessibility for everyone in the long run, becuase most people don't have any connections beyond some shady friends

What's your logic, that population will self regulated or what?

My fucking god how naive are you poor people in US.

>trusting US justice system

He's not a complete idiot, you know.

guns are already limited here and in Germany
i don't see point of more restrictions since you said yourself that an average thugh will never get illegal gun

Dog bless


t. Manchild

>kike detected

You were literally just supporting isreal. I just don’t know what’s ironic and what’s genuine stupidity nowadays.

I was talking about restrictions for the US of course
personally I'd actually loosen our gun laws in germany a little bit, because we don't have shootings like every week and could afford it

Kinetic penetrator incoming...

we're different than US, we don't grow up around guns.
If anything will be done about gun rights in the US it will be done by Americans not Euros making fun of burgers.
It's tier business not ours
> I'd actually loosen our gun laws in germany a little bit
oh my sweet summer child, say something like that and you will be called terrorist and american.
There is no less restrictions in gun control, it can only get tighter.
Americans are afraid of those "small" restrictions becasie it's a slippery slope.
One restriction here, one there and boom suddenly that 2nd amendment is gone.
Especially since US already got few HUGE restrictions like
>1986 machine gun ban
>1934 NFA act
American gun owners remeber those, and they know that each time government said "this is the last restriction, compromise and we won't go further!" it went further.

Brazil don't have much legal guns in circulation

>The likeliness of criminals having a gun is dependant upon the quantity of guns in circulation.
Yes, that's why here in Brazil, where a honest citizen can't have a gun, we have at least 60k murders per year.

>how do you plan to overthrow your gov if they become a tyranny
Like every people in the world that weren't huge pussies did in the past, faggot. Your gov can't be a tyranny if the economy is failing, the people are on the streets, and they're rendered unable to do shit. It works all the time. In fact if you'd pay attention, you'd have noticed a bunch of mudskins overthrew their government not so long ago with no legal firearms.
You don't need firearms. Firearms are for the weak. If your government allows you to do something to begin with, it means you represent no threat to them. Yeah, in the USA you can keep guns. But if you leak something about the government, you'll get killed on the street. Why is that? Having a stash of gun is not relevant in a revolution, organization is. You might be a fat-ass with a rocket launcher, but no political consciousness, no community, no plan, no chance. Yeah, you can't ever overthrow the american government, not because the gov is too powerful, but because you are all morons.

>oh my sweet summer child, say something like that and you will be called terrorist and american.
yea I know, I think there's nothing wrong with having some bolt action rifle in your home for protection, but everything beyond starts to get dubious imo

I wasn't supporting Israel, I was using them as an example of an armed society being a polite society
Israel can burn in radioactive hellfire for all of eternity. Jews are literally Satanists.

MFW a Frenchie gives anyone military advice
We will let you know if we need to surrender though.

You are a fucking mutt incarnate, buddy.

they only arm them near Palestinian areas by the way--particularly settlements that are surrounded by them. They don't arm teachers who are deep mainland because that's retarded.

>example of an armed society being a polite society

The fuck are you smoking man

Probably because they are being shot

Or maybe they’re just too far and stupid cuz amerimutt haha

i own AR that i use in competitions and to just have fun at the range and i think it's perfectly fine
but then again we're euros, an average country man will think you're killer and terrorist if you tell them you own AR which i think is stupid
you can't just buy AR here becasue you want to you need to have a puropuse to be allowed to
so you join shooting club, take medical and psychological tests and on top of that police checks if you're a criminal, asks your neighbours how are you etc.
so if i passed all of those why can't i own AR normally.

Not really. Most gun-owners are middle-class, and most gun enthusiast tend to be upper-middle class. Shooting is particularly expensive for most guns.

If you apologize, beg on your knees, then suck my fat french dick, there might be a chance we send you another Lafayette next time you have your government's fist so far up your fat ass whoever could get it out of your scrotum would be crowned king of england.

not gonna lie, I'm a bit jealous
I was thinking about joining a shooting club once, but I'm pretty sure you couldn't legally own an AR here though

>but I'm pretty sure you couldn't legally own an AR here though
holy shit my dude you need to read up on your laws, you can own anything americans can.
Seriosuly there was euro thread on /k/ and i asked germans how does situation looks like
you can own pretty much same stuff burgers can you just need license
some guy in Berlin was posting his hk417 and im so fucking jelly

look, i literally typed german gun shop and this poped up

interesting, I didn't know it was that loose
now I just need money lol

>I didn't know it was that loose
it's not loose, you can't just waltz into shop and buy them, you need license and what german anons told me it's pain in the ass in germany
so unless you'll put one year or two of your life into shooting club you're not getting anything

potential school shooter spotted


Such ingratitude after we saved your ass twice

I know I know, I thought the selection was more limited than it was apparently
you don't really come across this knowledge casually here, because most people don't have any interest in it or don't bother

>because most people don't have any interest in it or don't bother
which is nice becasue it keeps people who say guns should be banned away becasue they think stuff like that is already banned

You can have everything hamburgers have minus full auto but even in US only rich people have those.

The constitution was written when the country was homogeneous and only wanted Europeans with good character as immigrants.

>he can't have full autos if he's in the collectors club

>middle class

Nice one. They're mostly poorfags and hicks.

t. here's how bernie can still win

>Your anti white bigotry is repulsive

>a bunch of overweight amerisharts with hunting rifles and glocks could ovethrow a tyrannical government supported by the largest military budget in the world.

The reason why we are STILL in the middle east is because of ragheads owning AKs
Civilians owning firearms is a HUGE advantage over any government and it's army if they outnumber them

take that back or I'll shoot you in one or two years when I have my license...and a job to afford it... carry on

> A bunch of slants with WW2 equipment could beat the largets and most well funded military
> A bunch of illiterate mountain savages could beat the largest and most well funded military

>what is vietnam
>what is middle east
didn't know chiang and Ahmed with their old AKs had some much power

That's because there already is too much auto gear in hands of private citizens.

Like every few months they bust someone with whole stash of rocket launcher and military grade explosives.

Getting caught with full auto is nothing here tho. In US I believe it's mandatory federal prison and $100k fine, here it's some $600 and 6 months probation.

We do have a AK based mass shooting from time to time but mostly drunk guys shooting up local bar over broken heart and shit like that, nothing political.

i expect everybody in balkans to have full auto AK stashed somewhere

>Bulletproof backpacks
>Tossing cans
Why not teach the students how to Testudo and fight the designated shooters like the Romans did?

They are not armed only with AK's
Any public uprising depends on the fact can rebels acquire anti-vehicle weaponry or not. Small arms are not that relevant in modern world

No the problem is people snapping and then switching from target shooting to toddler shooting.

>That's because there already is too much auto gear in hands of private citizens.
is that gear legal? because if not my point still stands

Do you know how many US citizens are armed? They outnumber literally every army

For some reason you believe that all those armed citizens will behave like a single state wide entity ,
Let's talk how most likely this uprising against evil gubment who wants to take guns from you will go will go in real life
First of all whole media will be against rebels. They will be labeled as terrorists. Every opposing opinion will be suppressed
Rebels are not some sort of a hivemind, they would have leaders, local and more prominent ones. They would become a target for intelligence servers, and will be quickly eliminated. Very likely they will be accused of being foreign agents
I don't believe that most of gun owners will fight to their last breath, many of them actually value their life and their families.

the details for how an uprising would go would be incredibly circumstantial and subject to the regions and convictions of the uprisers.

but it is NEVER about a man and his sporter rifle being able to defeat a soldier and his platoon in open combat.
the idea would be the whole system would collapse under the weight of the breakdown, and the eagerness for governing entities and rebel leaders to come to a satisfying conclusion so that life could go on to be nice and profitable again.
It would NOT be cut and dry, think with the IRA and the Troubles on the nicer side, and the Syrian Civil War on the worser side.

The actual Amerimutts types worship israel.