Is New Zealand a better, less insufferable Australia?

Is New Zealand a better, less insufferable Australia?

Is there any better bird than a kiwi?

It's like a hedgehog with wings

New Zealand is beautiful but there's nothing to do there, that's why 15% of New Zealand lives in Australia.

Yes there is

>there's nothing to do there

Hiking, working on bee hives, cosplaying as Gandalf.

>I will never have a cute kiwi pet
why am I still alive....

if you think you can do that for years, even just months, and not get fed up of it, then you are severely autistic

>hedgehogs are literally called thorny-pigs in Brazilian Portuguese

why is our language so shit

>then you are severely autistic

Or you're a bee farmer or a Trail Guide.
Misusing the term "autistic" does not make you smart, regardless of what Cred Forums told you.

you're on Cred Forums on a Sunday, I don't think you do much so why would it bother you that there's not much to do in NZ?

Doing the same things over and over and not getting bored of it is a symptom of autism. pic related.

its 7pm on a sunday lad. where else would I be? New Zealand's a very nice place but it's completely isolated, there's not much to see there and travelling is expensive.

Doing drugs, partying hard and fucking at least one hot girl an hour like me? Just taking a break now haha...

And with less deadly nature.

I have a friend who lives in Queenstown and he's having a blast.

He's a designer and works at a hostel, constantly partying and traveling. He makes enough money to travel inside and outside New Zealand (in fact he just returned to NZ after a trip to Sweden and Finland), and he's a Brazilian negro. He's also unironically dating a blonde Finn girl, kek.

Are you telling me you can't make enough money in NZ as a BRITISH white male? If so you're a failure, sorry to say that.

I don't understand why The Netherlands and Denmark aren't just one country.

>flat and boring
>no nature to speak of
>tall and blonde
>ugly language
>strong economy
>very close to one another
>seem to get along better than Denmark does with other nordicks

>Doing the same things over and over and not getting bored of it is a symptom of autism

Well, yeah, that's correct.
But Hiking isn't always the same thing, nor is taking care of bee hives.



what's the issue?

Who says we aren't?

Not really, you can theoretically get that anywhere, including New Zealand. I'm talking about museums, events, attractions. Being close to a major continent like Europe, the Americas, Asia means there is always something to see.

Yeah, sure.

That actually pretty cute

It's Australia, but lame

>Yeah, sure.

Took the effort to show you this just so YOU stop being ''autistic''. What now, fag?

Then why do you have different names and flags

I don't know what to tell you. He's interested in things I'm not. I like to visit cities like Paris, Budapest, Rome. I like architecture, old festivals and celebrations. I like the fact that if I just want to visit one of these cities on a whim one day, that I can. I'm not interested in partying or Rhino's Ski Shack. There's no longevity to that, it loses appeal fast.

>it's not a leech-cone(as in conifer cone)

That's like every romance language

>I don't know what to tell you

well, you could start by not being a pretentious fag who doubted the veracity of my claims by saying ''huur yeah sure'' until I posted a pic proving it.

As I said, he travels outside New Zealand frequently, and that's with a designer/hostel job's salary. As I said, you being a British person probably have better chances than he does, so even if you lived in New Zealand you could visit the places you like so much and live in a place like New Zealand which is shielded from many of the problems continental Europe faces (massive immigration, muslims, riots).

I'm not spitting on your interests by the way, I'm just saying you could still do the things you like if you lived there, just maybe not as conveniently as living in Europe.

Fair enough, can't argue with any of that.

>I like to visit cities like Paris, Budapest, Rome.

What exactly do you like about those places?

It's not like the English name is any better

The reason why I asked this question is because, after a while, you'll have seen the things you "should" see, be it in Rome, Paris or Berlin.

So, after that - what is left to do?
Just give me an example really.

Paris seems overrated to me but I've never been there so my opinion isn't worth shit here.

what do you call it in Italian

btw when I was in Germany I met a guy from the Dolomites, he was really friendly but seemed like sorta of a redneck, lol, his "Italian" was really weird.

We have the word porcospino which literally thorn pig, but that's generic and can mean a hedgehog or porcupine. Specifically we call the hedgehog "riccio", which can also be used as an adjective meaning curly, if say referencing someone's hair or something.

And Idk dude that's basically all of North-East Italy, so he could be a literal German from Alto Adige or a Friulan or from Veneto. They're all weird in their own way.

Worth noting though a lot of Italian immigrants to Brazil came from that same area.

>Worth noting though a lot of Italian immigrants to Brazil came from that same area.

Makes sense, they seem to like working in farms and enjoy rural life in general.