/birt/ makes a comeback edition

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will never beat the true /brit/

Virgin hyperloop coming to my locality

xanax is wank

its only popular due to shit american "rappers"

>yeah £10000 saved for a rainy day
>£15000 here!

jesus christ I've lost touch with the common man, I've got over 1000 bitcoin, money is literally no object to me any more

Why do black brits ruin every genre of music

*pops a bar*
ahah nah you're right blues are much better but you can spell /brit/ with em unless you have loads and i don't have loads

my lean > your rent

love cats




user buys fake american over the counter drugs

aha yeah they are home press
shit n all
got some proper vals though so i'm all good

getting clean off benzos was the best thing i ever did

evil drugs

get well soon, op

>the kinks
i've posted them here before so i'll assume that's me


thanks bra
they replaced my lean addiction (which was beginning to cost about the same as my rent)
just 10mg diaz in the morning and a half bar of xan with a hash spliff for bed times now

Would beat any runt here in a round of motorcycle jousting.

need a bf lads

could heem you in a knight joust

just realised you can invest in greggs





got called a pigeon in reflex

which of these formal shoes should I buy

need a grimes gf

Enjoy not remembering a whole day.

planet of the apes all up in this mothafucka

they're not formal mate


what substance is this carved into

oh just shut up mate

definitely this

Video games are not a hobby.

got a lump in my throat when i watched coach carter lads

im basically a black man

not yet very impressive. keep going

Alri gramps

*revs engine loudly so you can't respond*

Check the OP user, this is a /brit/ thread that's ABOUT /birt/, not a /birt thread

Hope the janny uses you for a cock-warmer


Is it time to actually recycle?

>they're not casual shoes
if you're a 20-something man and not a 17 year old deano, they are

you know you can wear shoes besides your Total 90 astroturfs and the black shoes with green/red coloured left/right labels your mum bought you from Clarks for school, right mate?


white sole is not formal literally a trainer with a formal upper

>what substance is this carved into
drool-splattered paws clacked this one out

>playing blob sims
absolute state of you

how to get a brie larson gf?


Hop off froggy


if someone tries to rape you, just don't let them do it

whats more important for bent lads, a nice willy or a nice arse?

normans don't even have a genetic legacy in birtain

you're saxons

another planet of the apes installment? I can't keep up anymore

yeah it's a fucking JOKE from the last thread you idiots
now which one

not sure how to take this deano gimmick you all have appalling dress sense

depends are you top or bottom?

hitler literally had autism

still can't believe how the turned those wayward black teens into real men using tough love

*arrives in the thread*


based flick

its not fair

As a woman of colour, seeing an incredible, uncolonised, afro-futuristic nation realised onscreen is a historic marvel.

Black Panther isn't just an all-black superhero movie but a vision of how life could have advanced for people of colour. Although a heterosexual, able-bodied landscape is presented, this film still triumphs as a progressive Marvel effort.

Diverse representation matters.

I’m fresh from Ireland in England.

sorry mate im not a loser so dont spend all my time here

anyone have the webm that was posted last night
it was black and white and had a rorke debating a feminist

tfw no normie slag gf

he was on a shit load of amphetamines, brainlet

Why not

So she's a black nationalist?

any puma suede man in?


aftereffects of shell shock that he got from the trenches of the great war

both are pretty important

it's so strange to me one of the most evil dictators of all time looks like a fucking cartoon character villain and has autism

seething, foaming at the mouth

nah, just depressurizing

my thoughts on horseshoe theory

Where did you get this from?

it'll look good when I'm done

Wakanda literally looks like a Yank city

looks like trash

It looks weird because of the low frame rate. In reality he would have just been excited by the race and moving like a normal human

fucking despise yanks with every fiber of my being

just had to fill out about 6 street sign captchas in a row to get one post through

is that the autistic one?

damage control
he had autism mate get over it

wish there was a reference point telling me how big the letters are

Every white nation has been colonised. Why do blacks think they're so special?

was having sex 16 hours ago

Back from the climbing gym laddos
Feelin swole and sexy

why does he have an iron cross? just from being wounded in wwi?

thank god i don't have the appearance of a dumb person

salutations plebeian

willy has gone numb from chronic masturbation

shall be getting it chopped off

Aware of the trouble buying drugs brings to my community and I’m also aware of the impact of consuming them has on both my mental and physical health but I also believe that if I were to quit it would change nothing those dealers would still sell in my town my friends would still take them and smackheads would still rob shops to feed their habit feel a similar way about buying meat and dairy

i can imagine this happening
americans are clueless hehe

fuck yanks

In an alternative universe where brexit didnt happen mankind would have colonised mars

Everyone who colonised Britain was destroyed/overthrown

Britain is still there, so the descendants of the oppressed don't have the same closure / justice

why do people on Cred Forums want a white ethnostate or whatever but also support western imperialism? you can't say "whites for Europe, Asians for asia, africans for africa" while supporting European countries colonizing Africa. retards

need a girl to drain my bollocks by firmly grabbing my sack

*requests My Humps at the /brit/ nightclub*

*does a sexy belly dance*

hitler may or may not did the bad thing, but I'll be fucked if he'll be libeled here


>pick up 40s of gear last night
>lottery ticket had a hole in it and it goes spilling over the floor

i don't think most of pol supports imperialism, m8

wtf, why don't they make all toilets able to accommodate people of different sizes?

I hope some high mass individual sues them for discrimination

my humps is 20 years old

you can get arrested for this

what was his name?

because they're all thick as pig shit, really quite simple

britain is ruled to this day by the descendants of romans

runt life

no it's not

really want to get into bouldering but I don't have a driver's licence / car to get there and also I am too autistic

aka african americans
they're the most annoying about it

oh right

I'd murder me mum for a key o' charlie

has there been a /brit/ meetup since THE /brit/ meetup?

no it's ruled by germans


fucking yanks

live near to a big bouldering centre, might go this week

*walks up to the dj in the club*

hey my man can you play this


thanks man

*walks away*

post pecs, thighs and cock outline

he meant his own humps dumb american

you'd move there in a second if you had the chance

the whip

Russian females

>*fat lip comes on in the club*

why is autismobrit attacking us?

the objective 'shitiness' of medieval art, specifically paintings depicting violence, makes it utterly fascinating

>Have a set of really nice tracksuits
>Cant wear them around the house
>Can't wear the bottoms to work because of some bollocks policy during dress down Friday
>Can only wear them on a rare casual occasion

Tracksuits are amongst the high tiers of casual clothing yet no one realises it. Most plebs think £10 jeans are 'smarter' than a well made tracksuit.

does the time ribena was tricked into going to a fake meetup count?

no i wouldn't, joonas

go suck yank cock elsewhere

liking this

pure virgin shoes
look at the fucking state of the leather - what shop is this, H&M?

I've seen the original this footage has been sped up considerably

the whip

gonna get sean paul's hairstyle lads

She say, "Do you love me?" I tell her, "Only partly"
I only love my bed and my momma, I'm sorry
Fifty dub, I even got it tatted on me
81, they'll bring the crashers to the party
And you know me
Turn the O2 into the O3, dog

been reading literotica for hours and my boxers are stuck to my legs

the windsors are of roman blood

Britain is a land of cucks.

Constantly invaded and the people took up the culture and language of their captors.
The Romans, the French, everyone.
This time it's just the Muslims turn

>expensive healthcare
>disastrous politics
>mass shootings
umm no sweaty


john lewis



sick rims bazza


the whip

masturbate PRONE for a super orgasm. Just came BUCKETS using this method.

are you seriously arguing that yanks make less money..

fuck off yanks

can't wait for brazilian global hegemony

would rather wear well made wool trousers than any tracksuits or jeans desu

look smart but nearly as comfy as tracksuit bottoms

we had a empire n shit


global huegemony

used to lose my mind to this at the school disco

the whip (file photo)

>you'd move there in a second if you had the chance
HAHAHAHAHA fuck off yank

Great post


hope he disclosed those modifications on his insurance policy otherwise I would void that policy in a heartbeat to teach that runt a lesson

t. insurance lad

insurance + they're richer anyways
yeah ok
move to a white neighborhood

anyone in manchester up for a j

any shrooms man in

imagine thinking you don't live in a bad area despite acknowledging the junkies who shoot up and shag round the back of your building

>Thailand, in particular, I've visited multiple times, and I lived with my Thai girlfriend there for 5 months. However, all I did was work from my computer, and only socialized twice in five months, apart from the time with my girlfriend.
Even this guy managed to get his dick wet


Bit mad how the concept of monarchy first came about when you think back to society in its earliest of stages.
Like, some lad became popular/rich enough for people to follow him and his children and so on just became this thing of authority.

hate yanks

good lad

You should try to make an effort, it's a great workout and lots of fun plus there's TONS of climbing qts to stare at

You are delusional.

business idea:
Universal Basic Income
rent controls
large programs of affordable home building
mandatory paternal leave for men if the woman takes maternity
increased data protection laws
socialising of social media companies
increased defence spending
increased nuclear deterrent research and spending
adopt a more proactive foreign policy
develop Birmingham
rebuild the Thames National Ironworks
increased foreign investment

Neetba at swarthy Eastern Europe gf

they seem to brag about it all the time. They aren't exactly anti-imperialist

bet you reckon you look like one of the lads from The Firm but you look like a turbowasteman in person

looks like a shrunken people carrier

We are the children of the cheddar man

fuck off you idiot

>thai girlfriend
kek, bet hes real gross

best game ever made

simple as

straight up will meet lads from south manchester tonight (not gay) for a pint

AN empire
A and N


>you'd move there in a second if you had the chance


gonna fuckin kill myself

I love Toyota vehicles

straight up will meet lads from south manchester tonight in canal street for a bumming

love finland
hate murder


alri cheddar men haha

fuck off tucker, i know you're using a finnish proxy now


>that part at the end where the music gets quiet and William starts singing about breasts

getting my daily dose of urbex

*drives around*

jesus wept
John Lewis is for kettles, not shoes

will be voting Labour now lads

Honestly don't care about muh heritage. It doesn't change my current situation.

>what is health insurance

*pushes you in*

Why are we Canadians so murderous?

Why can't we be more like our peaceful Aussie brothers..

I have a lot to think on, leave me be now.

gonna fuckin touch myself

Pew pew pew

>40 dollars to touch your kid

how much did they tip for that luxury


that's how i am to yanks irl too

the whip

cheddar mandem




Unironically loved this song when I was very young

Absolutely loathe my former self

the Nazis really fucked up by invading the Soviet Union

literally nothing in history is better than seeing the Soviets take Berlin after Hitlers suicide

>not realizing you're the descendant of millions of people who came before you


Is this some fan wank trying to make a classic scene more fucking anime?

unironically been with more girls than me and probably doing better in life

what is wrong with yanks

um sorry im an individual x

Nobody in their right mind would move from the UK to America.

no sweetie

the fact that these girls are slavic makes them automatically unattractive

yes he did:

eating a greek yoghurt

dizzle /brit/ coming this friday

love how he tried to push the mutation through with his trolley

GREAT retort

To be fair sprouts are the fucking worst if you're introducing vegetables to a fatty

>americans are huma-

is Vikings worth delving into?

sellin for 12 mil gp

america is the third world of the first world, only reason you would move there is because you aren't already living in the first world

its a virtuous sign of wealth

dont think thats russian writing there

didnt cough on my first time and only felt sleepy

was I doing it wrong lads??

remember when my dad used to listen to Outkast and DMX in his car when i was really young haha

ah yes, young parents

Anything thats a soft and lightweight material tbqh. Don't get why my workplace is so opposed to people being comfortable while sitting down for 8 hours a day.

how is tights gf 2018 going?

what a fucking obvious post

cannot fathom being so slow-minded to think that if you actually went out of your way to make this post that you would be the first person to think of it.

Everyone thought of this exact post the moment the second lad posted a picture of a car accompanied with the text "the whip"

fucking grim to be this much of an imaginationlet

Slavs > Anglos

simple as

ding ding ding

404: neck not found
take the neckpill or remain a runt forever

if I was offered a well paid job there I would go desu, it's large enough that you can forge you own life and ignore the utter spastics you are surrounded by

would NOT raise children there though, not a chance

was she thinner when she went in

The American dream died with boomers, interventionalism, and leftist culture


you had DMX in the UK? Nice

aside from all those who take high paid positions there and migrate for career advancement and don't give a fuck about belief in creationism or whatever kike an autistic retard

yeah but to go over that whole rigmarole again in the current year is a whole another ballgame. besides, i certainly wouldn't be ashamed of or self-flagellate for being from a stock that conquered most parts of the world, just think about it.

explain your thought process _/5


slavs and anglos look the same, trashy, inbred orcs

Nah, just google some of the nude scenes.

Listen pal all I want is to be comfortable while I'm at work but the bosses have a problem somehow.



slavs aren't human

the original scene is fucking shit though, he just spins around and then disappears, leaving his jedi pyjamas behind


Slav women have no equal

didn't ask

The American dream died with boomers, imperialism, and late Capitalism

love women me

i drink juice like i'm sucking cock


quiet you

chavettes are their equal

Maybe you're just a pleb

Ahm Oot

america is highly divided society.

it's split down the middle between race, wealth, politics. and diverging all the time

people who are sure to be on the positive side of that split love to migrate there

4 in 10 Americans believe the Earth is 10,000 years old. You can't ignore that.

Absolute choon.

>nordcuck talking about being inbred


>late Capitalism
imagine being retarded enough to believe this

la calamidad...

grow up

America needs to balkanize.

honourable mention
remember getting cucked in this game because I lost a fight

Were you significant % native american? The way their population genome matching works you're likely to pick up traces of related populations

Wakanda literally looks like a Western city

finally found the webcomic i was looking for
it was jennifer's show: jenffersshow.thecomicseries.com/comics/first/

Where should yank /brit/ posters go before it happens? What state(s)


>post pic on Cred Forums
>thread deleted seconds later

*takes the hover vehicle to the grocery store*

Ah yes, life in Canada.

German, Hungarian, Czech

I thought this was a thread about British culture not yank culture??

Lagos literally looks like a western city
From the right angles

Fuck the "policy"
And that matters because?

late capitalism simply means "the present state of capitalism", i.e. "capitalism as of late" not "the final stage of capitalism", which is "late-stage capitalism"


y'know who loved Capitalism? Fascists. You know who killed communists in the streets? Nazis did, Italian fascists did.

who predicted the horror that was coming to Europe in the 30's with the rise of right wing nationalism? Communists did.

it already is.
your 50 states are in equilibrium.
texas, cali and florida might need to be divided up if there's another big influx of people there



>all that eratic out of control swinging
>from two men considered masters of their respective arts

trash, looks like two teenagers going at each other

As a single bloke I reckon I could put it to one side in exchange for a higher wage and cheaper living costs. As I said though I would not raise children there because of the sheer retardation and high chance they'd become part of it.


*drops everything*

>who predicted the horror that was coming to Europe in the 30's with the rise of right wing nationalism? Communists did.
communists initially refused an anti-nazi alliance with social democrats, calling them social fascists.

finished that game in 1 hour 55
should do another run because streetfighting was found to be quicker than kickboxing