I wish I was born and raised in some former Yugoslavia shithole. Getting know to hooligan scene and bydlo way of life...

I wish I was born and raised in some former Yugoslavia shithole. Getting know to hooligan scene and bydlo way of life, going to Stadium and singing with your comrades
Travelling with your brate around Europe to btfo other hools, stabbing shqips and fuck bydlo balkan women
Then later when you are at home after a long day of drinking and fighting, you sit comfy in your slav kitchen with your Grandma, she tells you old comfy stories/tales about glorious Yugoslavia and how they btfo the eternal Austrian
All thiswhile you are defending your Fatherland from shqiptars on Youtube
Best slavs - south slavs


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Only Serbians tattoo their losses onto their bodies lmao

only swampniggers copy their flag from slavs

Grew up in this kind of neighborhood. It's genuinely like low tier mafia. In primary school you start with football,fighting in classes. Then you go with more adult ones to matches and cause some shit. Then you form groups,go and fight with local groups,start doing drugs and alcohol around 14-15. Then you fuck whores and start doing shady business like drug trafficking and stealing. You get fame,decent money and keep doing shady stuff fighting cops and rival groups. After some time you get so deep you can't fuck up cause you have many connections and they'll go after you. They develop sense of keeping pride even if it means death or long suffering and you got to keep going.

i wish iwas south slav
that sounds like fun

It's lifestyle of men who finished primary school with barely passable grades and just went to finish some 2 years long high school for profession like carpenter or construction or auto mechanic. They live off extortion,bribing and stealing. When you choose that kind of life you are usually surrounded by pussy and cocaine and good cars etc cause criminal life does bring benefits of power,but you got to have mental and physical strength to maintain it.

as long as you can afford this lifestyle, and money is no worry I would rather do this than what i am doing rn
are you in involved in this scene, you seem to know a lot

I was since I grew up in it. But during 3rd year of high school I realized I don't belong there.

hmm ok which team you were in favor and what are you doing now?

Club of my town obviously. I'm neet now.

>Getting know to hooligan scene and bydlo way of life, going to Stadium and singing with your comrades
Goddammit just stop. Those people are the dumbest of all and truly the biggest scum on this planet. Do not wish for that.

national unity is a bad thing?
you have something to live for, for your team,your country and your brothers

>t. soyboi

i hope yall joking but seriously im telling you these football hooligans are worse than gypsies and their IQ doesnt go anywhere above 40

>t. low test pussy

Would you rather be intelligent and sad or stupid and happy?

Hooligans are litteraly below nigger tier.

better a patriot than a cuck

Hooligans aren't patriots. They're just fucking stupid.

>t. gay
>t. wise intellectual and philosopher

It aint about being stupid and happy. These assholes are destructive to society. They're looking for a reason to fight anyone at anytime anywhere. They're going in and out of jail all the time and they're vandalizing pretty much anything that they come across...

Are you retarded, i almost had to live there.
I visited BiH and Croatia the last 15 years every summer and it's depressing. The Youth after finishing school does nothing but "drink cofee" and get drunk almost every night while working at a job that pays maybe 200 euros.
Croatia is kinda pretty but no.
You Germans are so spoiled that you don't even how well you live.

>I wish I was born and raised in some former Yugoslavia shithole.
Good taste.
>Getting know to hooligan scene and bydlo way of life
Bad taste.

You did not answer the question

I would much rather be inteligent and sad.

better doing something with your life and supporting your country and hometeam than being a neet or low paid wagecuck

>national unity
>hooligans who will beat another Croatian senseless because he's from a different city

>t. upstanding moralfagging shitizen

The only things I respect are my dog, my wife, my grandma and my cock.

lik je retard

>'m NEET now.
Is that really an improvement, though?

t. Milorad Schmidt, 2nd generation balkanite

you are absolutely positively retarded


i pity you


why? hools and ultras are based

>aggrandising the lowest layer of society

kys lithshit

literally see this

Doesn't surprise that your a pussy. During ww2 the Italians made Slovenian men sleep in dog house while their wives got fucked by Italian soldiers

i wish i was allowed to be nationalistic but merkel wil gas me personally when i sing the deutschlandlied

slovenia is a good, well developed beautiful country
and slovenians are good people

>I wish I was born and raised in some shithole

No, trust me, you don't. The reason why you're a beta isn't because of the place you're born in, it's because of your behaviour and mentality.

Say that to my upper-class face, cunt.
I love fighting but I can't do it often, unfortunately

>tfw not born as a happily aggressive brute

But huge pussies

Im with German user, Ultras culture looks fucking BASED, high test euphoric chants, cheeky fights in the woods. I like the Gorilla mindset of it all..

but we have to keep in mind to be the noble savage, dont fight near family supporters etc.. channel your high T

go lifting on top of that and you are gigachad
pussies will rain on you


So you just want to be bent over and fucked by an alpha man

>people from developed countries who lived their whole life sheltered and safe pretending to be high energy alphas


>people rom high test countries like poland and russia prefer posting chinese cartoon

>Gorilla mindset

Isn't the magapede who came up with this Serbian-American? It would only make sense...


>there are people who unironically believe they would automatically turn into ultra chads if they were born someplace else

No, you'd still be the same sheltered cuck beta. Only difference is you'd probably end up dead in an alleyway.

if i was south slav i would beat up a shqip

lets be real you wouldnt beat anyone up


But why? People in these countries consider it a hellhole and try their best to leave, and you're going directly into the same shithole that everyone is trying to escape from.

If you just have some pent up aggression, then go lift, train. That's useful. Starting random fights with people isn't.

Based Polan frien

it looks cool and masculine
western europeans cuckbois are feminized

Why are you trying to reason with this degenerate ?

wilno jest polskie

Qatar user is right desu, just starting fights random is scum behavior, western men need higher test ofcourse, lifting is good, bonding up paroling streets of Somali gangs with your identitarian friends who also lifts is also good. Fighting in the woods is good too desu


well we should be civilized

>it looks cool and masculine

Not really. It just makes me thank god that I don't live there and I don't have to deal with subhumans like these everyday.

>western europeans cuckbois are feminized

Yeah, because you're too busy jerking off to videos of trash people beating up each other, instead of going to lift or train, and turning into a chad.

I like to talk in general.

>dumb collectivists longing for a tribe

go for it then homos

t. like that Croat got tangled into those groups but grew out of it in a single day

they're all closeted fags

Oh look, another Westerner who wants his dose of adrenaline



This is what a real man looks like. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like





No, I used to be a good friend of the local skinheads and i'm sick of low-test first-worlders and middle class faggots like you guys who never did any kind of violence in their boring life and try to look tough on the internet
Join a boxing club before calling anyone a "soy-boy"
>kroc blanc
post some real hooligan music instead of this nigger wannabe

your flag makes me hungry