Go to school like a good lad

>go to school like a good lad
>study many hours
>go to school one day, get gunned down like a bad lad

how do we fix this foreign men?

By creating a police state and hope authorities are fair which they haven't shown they are so far I'm sure you agree.

why is sara so perfect bros

This is the price of Freedom™. The tree of liberty® is watered with the blood of good lads.

Is girl in pic victim?

>Going to school
I always skipped whenever I could

it cant work. there are too many "muh gunz" citizens. we would have to exterminate them

no. she is american goddess sara jean underwood

The current police state exists because Police approach every situation as if the citizens are carrying their rightful firearms, which is understandable since any can be carrying. Even if you don't own one you will be treated as such. If you do own one and decide to "defend" (lol) yourself, you will be gunned down immediately and the police will be completely justified and get away with it. If you don't own one and get shot, police will still get away with it because "they feared for their life".
But its too late anyways, way too many guns in circulation. Best I can hope for is getting a job in some other country.

Come on, your nation should be about the freedom to pursue the american dream. There's no place for school in the life of self made mans. Just start a shoe polishing business or something and become a multi zillionaire.

stop giving guns to psychos

don't go to school

Arming the teachers.

You a smart man. Me like you

Have some damn security at schools.
They act like having a "war on guns" to add to their list of ongoing failure wars against everything is a more reasonable solution than just paying some retired cop $12 an hour to guard the gate.
The mental health thing needs to be addressed but that's going to be a huge mess that takes years to work out and will only be a partial solution anyway.
If you want to do something actually useful right now instead of pushing political agendas and perfect world ideologies, you beef up school security.
This latest guy got dropped off by a fucking Uber driver with a rifle case and just walked onto campus.

holy shit imagine being the Uber driver
>he has a rifle case
>he is asking to go to a school
>it'd be pretty easy to just take him
>i don't think anything that bad would happen

who cares, give me her name NOW!

we're gonna need some guns

Learn to read Jorge



>hey, it's not my fucking problem

Force all americans to wear a bomb collar and set it off if it hears a gun discharging anywhere other than gun ranges and designated hunting grounds.

You're out of your mind if you think any retired cop would accept $12/hr. They get $50~/hr for traffic details

source for the grill?



give guns to kids. If those kids had guns they wouglt have died.

a victim of cosmetic surgery

>be me, uber driver
>good day to not die
>retarded kid gets on my car with a fucking rifle casing
>wants to go to school
>sure kid, I don't want to be part of an statistic

>This latest guy got dropped off by a fucking Uber driver with a rifle case and just walked onto campus.
this can’t be real lmao

salsa on OP??


The solution is just leave to a country where shit like this doesn't happen. USA has a severe education problem ,a severe mental health problem, an opioid crisis, media making the lower class fight each other regularly, etc. It's a runaway problem that is a result of the last 30 or so years. America as a concept is dead.

The Fox news/pollack crowd will just REEEEE and sperg out at any effort to maybe make things safer. They are perma cucked by their completely corrupt lying government run by billionaires. Trumps tiny dick is up their loosened assholes while they lick his cum off a maga hat


Simply restrict ownership of semi-automatic firearms to hunters and sport-shooters. That is restrictive enough to deter murderous teenagers while liberal enough for serious gun enthusiasts. It doesn't violate the constitution either.

Abolish school

School is optinal in the South. About 30% of southerners never go to school.

Psychological assistance and affordable psych care

Authorities actually following up on leads of batshit subhumans. I dont want Minority Report, but I want these subhumans to know they're being watched/.

A new large conflict to give comfortable western kids a sense of meaning. It must be manufactured if it can't arise naturally, but just something to root out weaklings and force them to evolve.


mental health issues are the biggest, but our educational system is so messed up that I can't imagine relying on teachers to notice legitimate psychological issues with students and acting according.