Why is colombia such perfect country

why is colombia such perfect country

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they have an excellent location.they could do much better though if they stopped with the drugs and sex related stuff

So killing children for cocaine is perfect?


The 80's called my man.

Countries with coffee, shemales and illegal drugs only

>get involved with that woman
>she's one of the local druglord's girlfriends
>get beheaded

Not so perfect, huh?

Woah is that true? Heading to Colombia next week so I wanna make sure before flirting with mujeres you know?

It really isn't that bad anymore. You'd be surprised how unpopular cocaine is in LatAm compared to degenerate countries like Canada, USA, Spain, Germany, etc.

>If they stopped

YOU need to stop consuming drugs.

Ah yes a few thousands Colombian making drugs are to blame for a few millions Unitedstatians snorting a shit load of cocaine at every fucking nightclub across the country.

It's comfy but far from perfect, my leafy friend

>he really thinks that's how a drug lord girlfriend looks like
you can smell their plastic surgery from miles of distance

>Heading to Colombia next week
Where are you going to specifically? Have a good time, btw

why do colombian women love plastic surgery? every colombian girl in Spain has tons of silicone in their tits

that's not true and you probably don't know any woman at all, shut the fuck up, Jorge

Dunno, but we're in the top 5 of countries by plastic surgery per capita. We have not reached south Korea levels though. Btw, it's possible that those tits tht you think are enhanced are actually natural. After all, girls here tend to have bigger tits than Spaniard girls and it's possible you're thinking their enhanced when they might not be so

plastic surgery is just something Euro girls don't seem to do

- Naturally pretty 100% caucasian faces
- Their culture doesn't care as much about tits or asses

This lol

>natural pretty

talk to her and get shot by her narco bf


Landing on Bogota, then making a trip in the Desierto de la Tatacoa.

After Ill go at the Salto del Tequendema, then through the Zona Cafetera and see some shit there before going to Medellin. In Medellin I wanna do some nightclubs but do you have any other fun things to suggest?

After Ill take a flight to the Carribean coast, wanna go at the beaches in Santa Marta and of course see Cartagena.

Where are you from m8?

go to Guatape and El Peñol after Medellin before going to the caribbean

this is not Br*zil/Shitxico, we don't appear often on Bestgore/Liveleak because of such things.

they are Paisa scum (people from Medellin). your women are not different than that, pic related.

The chances for that to actually happen might be close to 0%


Also, how hard can i get colombian pu$$y. What are colombian girls into? I have blonde-brown hair with blue eyes and speak decent spanish. I have slightly athletic built if it helps.

sounds good

>visit Bogota for work
>many multi nation companies have an office there
>strata 6 is better than some parts of Silicon Valley
>strata 1 is worse than Tijuana
>the influx of Venezuelans is keeping the price of prostitutes down
Being fluent in Spanish does have professional advantages

literally nothing, our women are easy

don't buy them shit tho

Born in Manizales,Caldas (Zona Cafetera), currently in Bogota. That's a pretty solid plan man. The Tatacoa desert is fucking perfect for camping and star gazing.Santa Marta is rad too, you'll probably run into lots of Israelis and French backpackers, which seem to be everywhere in this country lately

>I have blonde-brown hair with blue eyes and speak decent spanish. I have slightly athletic built if it helps
Nibba, just open tinder nd you'll be flooded with right swipes upon landing

Looks like my country but with more attractive people.

>You'd be surprised how unpopular cocaine is in LatAm compared to degenerate countries like Canada, USA, Spain, Germany, etc.

because most people can't afford it. but the higgest class do cocaine as everyone else in this disgusting world

t. Miss Universe

Srsly tho, how common are Euro-flip girls in the Philippines? At first sight it seems like you're very similar to Latin America but with a lower degree of European admixture

Cool, Ill be staying close to Manizales (Armenia).

Also, ive actually been told by a French tourist who visited the Tatacoa desert and at the entrance when you enter from Nieva he got spoken to in French by a Colombian, and when he asked the guy if he actually spoke French, the guy said: "a mi yo solo hablo el idioma de las armas blancas". Funny story imo

Thanks lads, its real encouraging. Why shouldnt i buy them stuff though?

>because most people can't afford it.
It actually is kinda unpopular here. A gram of the highest quality goes for like $3-$5 here, which is nothing, but most people prefer synthetic shit or just weed. It's quite strange but it's what I've perceived from going out here

Only in rich parts of our main island has euromix population.

i used to buy a gram of good quality for the equivalent of 5 dollars which is not too much in colombian pesos, cocaine is really popular in colombia too, mostly among young people

I have a funny story. The other day I was walking through a shopping mall and I saw a Chinese man, he seemed lost af so I approached him and asked him if he needed help. He got defensive and said no thanks. I told him I could help him if he was lost, but he declined. He probably thougth I was going to kidnap him or something lmao.

Regrding women, yeah don't buy them shit. That applies in any country you go to. Or buy them something simple like a coffee and only buy them gifts after bedding her, otherwise your chances with them drop significanly. Maybe it's different if you are an ultra chad. Btw, don't expect them to speak flawless English cause ain't gonna happen, but most of them can understand and talk a bit

I'm middle class from Cundinamarca department. I don't know many people who do coke, except a drug addict cousin.

i'm sure it's more common in big cities, you must be from some town or small city

kys Paisa narcosicario scum.

>Btw, don't expect them to speak flawless English cause ain't gonna happen, but most of them can understand and talk a bit

98% of Colombians don't speak any English.

Kek, that shit is between 80-100 Canadian dollars here. Sometimes 120$. And its mixed with other shit, yours must be the purest. I had a talk with a French guy from the island of Saint-Martin which is apparently an important transition point for coke, and for 10 euros he had the purest coke he ever saw.

maybe among the lower class party scene. I've gone out recently with some top tier university bitches and most of them and their friends seemed to be more into pills and 2cb (tusi)

no I live near Bogota, went to college there. A lot of people did pot, no one did cocaine (Universidad Nacional).

is it wrong that I really empathized with these guys?

>98% of Colombians don't speak any English.
yeah,this applies for boomer fucks. Most young people have been exposed enought to the language to at least understand basic things

soy de San Andrés

are you actually under the delusion that women form anywhere here aren't sluts, especially for foreigners?

are you the Boyaco? in Medellin i knew many people who spoke english, literally half of my high school class could spoke B1 english which is enough to speak with a tourist and give him advice, not all of us are from some shitty town

>lower class
KEK, it's the upper class and especially the middle class who love doing it, the upper class used to be the main ones but now all they do is tusi

carlos castaño did nothing wrong! he's the gran colombiano with uribe

The females

>98% of Colombians don't speak any English.
Good, I wanna practice Spanish. I hate Angl*s . Spain was deceiving 'cause in big cities everyone would just switch to English if I struggled.

No, that's not how it works. They don't get to be a bad guy just because there's a market for it.

sure, faggot
>En 2018, solo el 8 % de los bachilleres tendrá nivel medio de inglés

the few people that speak English in Colombia are Bogotanos.

Paisas are just good as hitting men, prostituting children, pimping their women etc.

Spaniards are known in this side of the world for speaking shitty English. By far the latino accent is softer, especially when spoken by Salvadoreans, Mexicans, Venezuelans and Colombians. This is based on my interactions with latinos in the US btw

South American countries look different in every picture I see

>>En 2018, solo el 8 % de los bachilleres tendrá nivel medio de inglés
Yeah man, that's why I said "basic things". Your article mentions that 8% have an intermediate level

Paisas and drug trafficking Nigros like you, probably, yes.

god shut the fuck up, you don't know shit about my city or region, try to get out of your shitty poor town sometimes you retarded fuck

Atleast we have a functioning waste management system, filthy muisca

Calm your tits, Cerón. Not all of us live in literal 100 people towns in the middle of bumfuck nowhere

A lot of Asian embassies are warning their visiting citizens to be very careful. Many visiting for work are engineers, so they are not exactly street smart. But again, Strata 6 is maybe the safest places in all of Latin America.

As an Asian-American fluent in Spanish, I have been getting a lot of attention recently. I naturally assumed that since I am there for work, and they are escorts looking for a customer. But I have been told that K-pop has become popular, so that could be an influence. I kind of backed into the "don't buy them anything" strategy, since I did not want to get involved with prostitutes.


what are you doing in the USA my Paisicario friend? "gota a gota"? extortion? carrying coke ovoids?

Or do you post under USA proxy because banned for pimping your underage sisters?

I think it's the latter.

yeah you can shitpost and project as much as you want, i'm here because i want to experience another country and have the money to do it, unlike you who has never been out of his shitty town and yet has the nerve of talking about other places

Are you currently in Colombia? I know your flag is from the US, but at my last job I was posting with the American flag as it was an american company, so we were all behind a proxy all the time.

Yeah, the upper class neighborhoods are just as any other neigborhoods in the first world, but they're a small percentage of each city, most o the time no more than 10-20% of it. The rest are just regular middle class latin american style neighborhoods and literal no-go slums

I agree. And what do you think are the hardest accents? I always considered Chilean and Argentinian to be but I heard Cuban is hell too? Do you as a native hispanophone struggle understanding them?

I wanna do tusi so bad we dont have it here. Would it be a good idea to say outloud in front of a Colombian nightclub something like "quiero hacer tusi ahora jaja" or is it a shit idea

if you want to try it, do it but it's really not a great deal, coke is better, and tusi barely even has 2C, it has other types of shit like extasis so you're not taking the whole thing
>Would it be a good idea to say outloud in front of a Colombian nightclub something like "quiero hacer tusi ahora jaja" or is it a shit idea
they would think it's stupid but foreigners do a lot of stupid shit in colombia so no one would really care about it

>Would it be a good idea to say outloud in front of a Colombian nightclub something like "quiero hacer tusi ahora jaja
Yeah, don't do this haha. Just ask your tinder date or the bartender if he can get some. I thought 2-cb was widespread in North America.

THe cuban accent isn't so bad to be honest and the hardest latino accents to understand are definitely the ones from countries with a small representation in the US, namely Chile, Bolivia and Uruguay, as most people from these countries are usually tourists rather than residents. Meanwhile, finding a Mexican or Colombian with a near native accent isn't hard at all

it wouldn't' be racemixing if i am venezolano

No, lots of established silicon valley tech companies are expanding in Bogota, so I visit all the time.

And when people mean no-go, DO NOT GO. Bogota's Tolerance Zone is their red light district where not only open solicitation for prostitution is tolerated, everything else is tolerated. If you as a gringo go there, you are asking for trouble. There are plenty of brothels, massage parlors, and bars where you can get a working girl in the middle and upper class areas. And the quality is orders of magnitude better then what you can get in the red light district.

And a woman will expect gifts after you have sex. This really blurs the lines between dating and prostitution, but this is also how actual prostitutes justify that type of work to themselves. Prostitutes even treat the sex act as a sort of short term romantic relationship. It takes some getting used to.

Also, girls will always be late for a date. Colombians socialize in large groups, so you can make a network friends very quickly.

I prefer to live in any developed country than to live in this shithole. If you like that much colombia, let's exchange our citizenships...

Boyaco de mierda

If i wanted to see that i'd go across the street.

marry me then, it's not gay if its for a citizenship

Why are cachacos so butthurt about paisas?
I'm costeño living in medellín and this city is better in terms of job opportunities, transport system, weather, women. Also they are nicer people than you. Nobody in colombia likes you, you shouldn't even be the capital. You have literally nothing to take pride in. Fuck off

I ain't joking boy. If I could, I would do so
>Implying I have that shitty accent

>And the quality is orders of magnitude better then what you can get in the red light district.

Kek, no. Quite a few hookers from the Santa Fe hood also work on these northern clubs, except that they charge 5x there for the same service.

No te hagas, maldito Boyaco asqueroso

Costeños in Bogotá: one million.

nice statistics pulled out from your ass

Do Colombians like Kiwis?

Do you live in a small town? Because that pic is from a small town

Sí, no hay cachacos en la costa
>he can spot my accent through written means
Are you retard?

yes but people wouldn't know what new zealand is, you should just say you're australian or that is similar to australia to give them a clue

The fruit: yes. Angl*s: Heck no

It's just one deluded kid. I'm from Bogta as well and I don't give a damn about regionalism, t the end of the day we have people from literally every corner of this country here, including hundreds of thousands of people from the coast and paisas (probably millions) and they've all helped shaped the city into what it is today

I don't doubt this, but the top tier girl in Santa Fe is a bottom tier girl in the North Zone. Chapinero has some great value though.

Chapi girls are mostly midddle class slags whoring themselves as a side hustle either for pleasure or to help finance their studies

yes it's wrong

I can tell, but bogotá isn't appealing to me desu. If I ever happen to leave medellín i'd go to another country.

>and they've all helped shaped the city into what it is today

For the bad.

I'm in medellín, if you want we can go out together. I'll show you the city and other fun things we can make during your sojourn here.

Of course, most costeños struggle acclimating to Bogota as they're not used to cold wether

Most of the college age girls tell me they are saving for breast implants so they can work at the posh clubs.

I've been to Bogota over a dozen times now, but never to Medellin. Is it worth a side trip?

They fuck donkeys, and yet aren't muslim... I ponder on this paradox.

there are many fun things to do. It's a nice place, including the nearby towns. La piedra del peñol is also near from here. You move easily along the city.
Yes, it hard to get used to it

All LatAm countries have donkeyfucking areas. Manabi in Equator, Tabasco and Veracruz in Mierdico, Llanos of Simiozuela, gauchos and huasos on the Southern Coño...

There are almost 5 million arab colombians specially in the caribbean coast, which is the region where this meme was born.
The lebanese descendants alone are 3.2 million, but there are syrians and turks as well who came at the end of the XIX century



Would mix my superior aztec genetics with her if you know what i mean.

Fine kek do you want my instagram

this thread:

They're displaced ARYAN people. They shouldn't be in latin america.

c-can I hang out with you guys?

8/10 could use some extra touches but it epitomizes the average paisa fag pretty well

the arseblasted negrentino strikes again

Kek, Paisas btfo.

ay amigo

Sure pal. Its your country :)

Of course

Since probably i'm not gonna see your messages in this thread. Just text me in telegram, my user name is @duvanm , my name is in cirilyc alphabet and I have a colombian, a french and a russian flag on it as well.

If i don't text you back in a couple of days, don't worry. I'll be offline for a few days

i got a gram of amazing stuff in vancouver for $60CAD, the best coke i've had in the PNW
the worst i've ever had was in vegas

You surely care about your pimp bussiness, Paisicario.

>16 year old hookers.
What a nice picture op

The fuck is telegram


Fuckkk, meant forKek, how did you found c

***how did you find coke in Vancouver if you are American? Its a serious question, im guessing you had friends there? Cause when I invite friends from other cunts here I always make them try drugs. Dont know why.