Is 19 cm small?

Is 19 cm small?

dude that's like the size of an elf, how do you buy clothing

t. 21cm

fuck this life honestly

at least you are a girl, right?


Fuck OFF
t. 12 cm

Yes, for a Swede it is. Most Swedes have above 20cm.

I'm ten cm. And this really is very small, no meme.

I mean if i dont jerk off for 3 days and bone spress im easily 20cm

Yes, you can always fit something bigger in your ass.

I realise too late that i am unironically a dicklet

In the viking age they had an average of 27.5cm. Imagine that.

No idea because you're Not giving me a size in real measurements lmaooo

>These dicklets
23 cm is the cutoff .
Less and you might as well go trans.

That would be 7.480314961 burger units

what happened?

No wonder BVC conquered english virgin in pest

yoooooo show me your dick bro lol

>0.5 cm away from 20 cm dick

I'll never get a gf

We got mixed with too many anglo saxons and germans desu.