Tfw no gf

>tfw no gf

same, im too lazy to even try to get one

same, but it's probably just a symptom of a larger problem

masturbate to drawings every day
never had a non-mandatory conversation with a girl
haven't spoken to anyone in a casual way in months

>tfw you never got rejected
>but it's because you never tried in the first place

Are you serious? This sounds like major depression. You need to seek help, build a strong social network, work out, eat right, and sleep adequately.

Can't get rejected if you never even ask in the first place

>You need to seek help
I go to a therapist and it doesn't help
>build a strong social network
not possible
>work out, eat right
no point
>and sleep adequately
I sleep too much

>work out, eat right
>no point

do you have anything else to do ? no? then work out

too much work for no output

I can barely get out of bed, there's no point. I don't care about my health

Meds + therapy+strong social support network will do it. Sleeping too much or too little is bad for you. Mostly anything is possible really.

Stop being a sad cunt. Be a SICK cunt.

>strong social support network
this literally isn't possible you fucker

how can you lack empathy like this

I'm an autist, obviously. Had too many vaccines as a child.

>tfw only girl to ever compliment you is mommy


not even my mum gives me compliments

Why not?


i'm ugly

just bee yourself and i'm sure the right one will come along :^)))))

I hate women, day of the rope when

I don't hate women, I just hate myself

although I do get annoyed when I see pictures of them posted on Cred Forums or I hear them laughing or being happy irl

I'm so much bee myself, that I can probably shit honey.
That doesn't help at all, if not giving a negative effect.

>tfw forced into relationship
I'm pretty much norbit


Post pic, fellow handsome North American.
(No homo)

Just be yourself, like a T-I-G-E-R.

Wut? How are you forced? Report this rape immediately.

Good edited image, but i hate the OC of that.
Who honestly believes this normie garbage, ''the right one will just magically appear in your life and make this good''

lest be honest here... even if we had an opportunitie to date a girl we wouldnt know what the fuck to do in said date or in a relationship, the girl would get tired of us really fast.
i actually have had some chances of dating even pretty girls but i drop them cause what i just said, i just say in busy or some shit.

i believe we are all afraid of looking like idiots, which is dumb as fuck but its the truth.

she hits me if i leave.
But atleast i didn't die a virgin.

You have an abusive GF that rapes you? Interesting.

you fucking american. I dont pity you at all.
you can literally find a decent job, work on yourself and travel the world, and fuck foreign girls while you do so

>I sleep too much
I havent slept more than 6 hours for years because of my low paid shitty job that I work with my fucking college diploma, because I live in a fucking third world corrupted shithole

I would literally give you my gf for an american citizenship

>you can literally find a decent job, work on yourself and travel the world, and fuck foreign girls while you do so
I look like quasimodo

Uhh not him but what is your degree in and what do you do for a living?

dude haha every american is rich handsome man just like i see i the movies yes haha no one is poor

Lets say I work in a bank for 6200kn/month (1000$), which is a little above national average

no you dont

you cant deny the fact that americans have it much better than other countries in the world. you guys are just too stupid to seize the opportunity, even your poor people live better than us, average third worlders

Why is a gf so important?

I don't want to be lonely

>Post pic, fellow handsome North American.
i don't want to end up like that dude with the call of duty shirt
having someone that's with you because they love you would be cool

it would be nice to feel voluntary affection from another human being, and physical contact releases oxytocin and dopamine and shit. it's unhealthy to be alone. but here we are.

>tfw no forced dutch gf

>tfw no bf

>tfw no 16 years old wife

can't afford?

Being a homo must be so easy these days. C'mon. You can do it.

What dude with a Call of Duty shirt?

yes,i still have to wait for almost 5 years until i finish college and get some money

this so much
are you me?


> tfw had 0 expirience with women

same. never even tried, I already know how it would go lool

perfect answer

one can only hope for state enforced homosexuality and selective forced feminization

sorry ur country hates teh gays tho :/

i never even found one to be attracted to and even if i did see a qt id just said
> who would even want me
to myself

gay is not the answer. homos are way worse than modern women



its ok bro, when hungary becomes enlightened (first world, no orban, etc) you'll be able to actually find out first hand if gays are worse than women

always remember, homophobia in hungary is only because of the soviets :Ddd

stop shitposting la creaturea and start sadposting about no gf

i just wanted attempt brainwashing, i'm happy with my gf (male).

gl w/ your love quest bro

>washing anything
unironically the usa is dirty and scum filled

haha i got a gf and u dont. i inserted my load (semen) into another human being consensually and passionately

1 day u will feel same thing and be more happy

i love hungary nothing bad to say except media brainwashing there is amazing (888, index, etc) szeretlek bro