Do you have gypsies in your cunt?
Are they Romani or Irish pikies?
Are they terrible?
Who is worst gypsies?
Do you have any gypsy-encounter stories?

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Are you talking about me? :(

Yes, a shit tone. All of them are Romanians/Bulgarians that came here through EU. NOTHING is worse than a gypsy. Rather 10k somalis than 500 gypsies.

They aren't even Indian at this point. Modern gypsies are mutts with a mix of Arabic, Turkish , Indian and east Euro genes.

too many, I don't even blame other eurofags for hating us
the only race of "people" that deserve total, complete extermination, 0 exceptions

I had a gypsy camp in my street when I was younger.

Their girls always rejected our sexual advances, sadly.

>Rather 10k somalis than 500 gypsies.

Unironically all of them went to the UK after we joined the EU.


1. Yes
2. idk
3. yes
4 idk
5. yes, some old gypsie tried to get some money from me by telling me some stupid story about her having every disease possible but she was ok, but she needed money for a new type of insulin. I just looked at her weirdly and left.

we have YOUR gypsies.
after you sent them to Sweden, Swedes made it illegal for them to be alive on Swedish clay.
and they all came here.
So fuck you, Britain.
Now, thanks to EU, we also get the begging types from Eastern Europe.

1. Yes
2. Former
3. There are like the same 15 Bulgarian and Romanian gyppos I see in the city everyday begging for money, the woman either sing with their horrible voices or the men act like they are physically disabled.
5. When I was younger, someone I knew had a small birthday-party in a park. While we looked away for a second, three or four of them stole the birthday-cake and maybe one or two presents for him and made his day miserable.

We've got tons, eastern ones in the north and local ones in the south. Most of them are scum desu

Do any other Euros get Irish pikies?

The fuck are you talking about? We can't deport anybody, even foreign criminals.

No, dont even know what that is.
Aren't they at least of Irish/Celtic origin unlike the "Indian" ones?

They are a tribe of travelling Irish criminals. If a bucnh of them show up in your area then expect a spate of low-level crime and plunging property-values. Several have been convicted of slavery offences, they find mentally-ill drug addicts and make them do manual work for no money and beat them if they resist or try to leave. They are the worst people on the planet.

>Rather 10k somalis than 500 gypsies.

Abdi you have to go back.

>Their girls always rejected our sexual advances, sadly.
That was for your own damn good. You wouldn't want their brothers, cousins and uncles to come after you in case you broke the poor wench's heart.

Obvious we have the eastern/romanian type gypsies as well.
But we also have our own national gypsies. called "campers". I guess they look abit more like pikeys. They live in camps, mostly criminal and are big in fraud, growing weed and xtc production.

>Do you have gypsies in your cunt?
We have tinkers, they aren't really gypsies they just live like them.
>Are they Romani or Irish pikies?
see above
>Are they terrible?
can be nice individually but terrible as a social group
>Who is worst gypsies?
Tinkers are worse than roma by far
>Do you have any gypsy-encounter stories?
Good ones are when they picked me up when I was hitchhiking. Bad include trying to sell me stolen shit, stealing books from the library I was working in and a tonne of shit from when I was in school. I've been lucky though, I know people with much worse stories

That's strange. gypsies are noted for their willingness to sell their children for sexual services.

t. has never met a gypsy in his entire life
You did 500 years ago.

Gypsies are probably 0.0001% of the population but commit 50% of theft here. Gypsies steal, that's all I know of them. Even blacks in dangerous ghettos hate them and send them out.

they are the fucking worst

There are around 10k gypsies in Finland, but they seem to be divided quite equally all over the country. It is said that 99% of the gypsies ruin the reputation of the rest. They steal, make trouble in public and never work. At least they do not rape or kill, so they are better than niggers and sandniggers.

Honestly, say what you will about the holocaust, but at least it got rid of tonnes of Gypsyscum.

>Do you have gypsies in your cunt?
Yes we do, approximately 300k of them
>Are they Romani or Irish pikies?
>Are they terrible?
Most them are, they steal and beat up somebody because they dont have money mostly it's unfair fight 4 gypsies againts 1 person, but some of them dont
>Who is worst gypsies?
probably those living in here
>Do you have any gypsy-encounter stories?
I always lived in cities where they are not present or are small minority, I encountered some of them in villages begging me if I have ciggarete most of them were still children

>In 1637, all Romani groups were declared outlaws who could be hanged without trial; this practice was discontinued in 1748

Fucking hell, that's mental.

Roma or Pikies?

That's fucking awesome

Yeah, they come around from time to time. I don't know why though, the people in place I live are notorious for being skinflints.

We had some of them travelling through the area to work as cobblestone layers. (For driveways etc.) They'd get paid half in advance, do half the work, then fuck off.
One elderly lady had to call the cops because they started digging up her driveway even after she declined their services. No doubt they were hoping to intimidate the money out of her afterwards.

The Pikeys were the better lot. They at least pretended to to honest work. The gypsies only beg and sell drugs.

You usually see Roma in the North in very small number. They are so small a minority that they usually get mixed in a crowd, and you get some of the more successful ones that make it here. But pikies are just what we call "white trash". They aren't pikies at all but just our poor white trash being obnoxious and rowdy like they always are. I'm not joking when I say that blacks have a larger IQ than these people. You will see Jamante or Shaniquia reach college but not Cletus or Early finish their high school diploma. These are scotts-irish people who are somehow mild mentally retarded on average.

Also, there is a large homeless population in some northern cities so I really mean it when gypsies get "mixed in with the crowd". All homeless get treated like shit so people don't know they exist.

>Romani, what the fuck are irish pikies?
>Worst gypsies is the ones in Finland
>Used to be friends with one in elementary school, he always got us in trouble. Slashed bike tires, threw rocks through windows, went on peoples yards and broke their stuff

scots-Irish people are British though not pikies

>Yes, unfortunately
>Romani, but normal people call them gypsies
>Most of them are . Some of them are alright and tend to work and live quite normally. Other gypsies diss them for being like whitey, Czechs are suspicious of them because they are gypsies and most gypsies are scum. I feel terrible for them.
>The more gypsy things a gypsy does (petty stealing, being obnoxious, abusing welfare having 15 kids, extorting weaker gypsies), the worse they are. 20% are normal, 10% are hardcore criminals ruling over weaker gypsies, the rest are loud, annoying parasites.
>Got beaten up once as a kindergarten kid by a pack of kindergarten gyppos from a gypsy house near my shithole little village. Got in an argument with some really niggerly behaving little prick and his pack of goons later in elementary. A big fat dumb fuck bullied me for a while in elementary, by the virtue of being three years older than me, but in the same grade.

Overall they are a nuisance, but I still think that the few normal ones among them deserve a bit of a hand in integrating into normal, working, taxapying society. Gas the rest. Pis related, this is what's called a "gypsy house", mostly found in mid-sized Czech towns. Packed with gyppos to the roof, it will in liberal quantities produce noise, mess, and band of gypsies lounging about being gypsies.

What would happen if you threw a Molotov at the building?

you raise the property value