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had a willy in my bum not but 8 hours ago

Drinking a coffee at 22:30 was a bit silly hahaha


You arrive in Birmingham.


that's gay

Regularly lurk for hours at a time without contributing a single letter

How will you*nkoids EVER recover?

HATE pakis

I listen to true crime podcasts on the train to and from work.

haha keep squeaking you vinegar-soaked runt "nuuuuuu salt is not water soluble reeeeeeeEEEE" hahaha, ahahahahaha

my dad drinks espressos and pepsi before bed and sleeps like a baby

love weird songs with 10,000 views on youtube where you dont even know what genre it is and just sounds amazing

Houses are markedly cheaper in the westcountry than London too. Well I mean, houses are markedly cheaper anywhere in the UK than London, I suppose that goes without saying. Don't understand why anyone British would live there. All the smart ones moved away already.

ngl these sweet potato fries(chips) are pretty fuckin dank

love how the casting is always so right-on

the child's not allowed to hold that, i think

Can you recommend some good ones lad?

the bottom text really helped me there

Real Nigger

>no americans ITT yet

time to change that

Don't drink coffee that often so that might be it

Deliberating whether or not to have a few tins.

love my music

honestly dont know about you but just absolutely love my music taste and how it makes you feel so good

Who killed Jo Cox?

and non-whites get given million pound houses for free by the government

They can be pretty decent

Erm yes which way to the Bull Ring


Some anti-Brexit nutter

vladimir putin

listening to that Ed Miliband playlist on Spotify
hes so funny, charismatic, relateable and intelligent-sounding

where the FUCK was all this charm when he was on the campaign trail?!?!?!?!

The alt-right

was about to make a silly post haha

Mair poster

>no trigger discipline
should have her license revoked

rorke terrorist


hmm...i'm noticing...

david cameron

You should inform him that it is incredibly bad for his heart to consume stimulants so late. While he obviously has a tolerance to coffee, it still increases heart rate significantly. If he's drinking it throughout the day as well, it's really not good. Ask any cardiologist. Also given that he is your dad I am assuming he is not exactly young. Much worse to do when you're older.


He was told not to have it

did a facial recognition test and apparently im 70% white, 20% hispanic and 10% asian

great podcast that
bit soyboy but I don't care - very comfy

death to traitors I think his name was then his surname was something about freedom to britain or something

>joe cock's husband getting done for sexual harassment

kek. KEK

bald cunt

The fucking right wing media had a smear campaign against him from day one
They couldn't risk letting him look good which is why they ran the photo of him eating a bacon sandwich in a weird way for months but let the fact that David Cameron porked a literal pig die within a week

I'm fairly sure guns aren't actually allowed in schools in America

...a certain trend in these posters

>Moderate coffee consumption was inversely significantly associated with CVD risk, with the lowest CVD risk at 3 to 5 cups/d, and heavy coffee consumption was not associated with elevated CVD risk.


Lorde's looking a bit rough

anyone in 0161 want to be mates? got none really

It's my understanding that these things are the same - banned in schools and not banned elsewhere

Not like schools have fuck off assault rifles in a box next to the other toys

bruh.... look at this dude...

yeah that's it mate, walk off because you know you're wrong


i love her

I am Jacks wasted life

these posters were born of israeli semen

I'm not sure about this. Maybe they have their rent paid in accommodation with that market value. But they are certainly not given them.

absolute choon

Yeah because those are accurate

Who is going to succeed the Queen? Will it be Charles or William?

Case File, Court Junkie, They Walk Among Us, Serial (only listened to first season of this)

Also I would recommend listening to one of the more recent episodes for episodic podcasts, only because a lot of podcasts have shit-quality audio at the start when the creator is just dipping their toe in the water. Listen to a well-produced later episode to decide whether you like it, then go back to the start and listen to the shitty-audio ones.

tbf dodgeball is violent

I reckon assault weapons are banned in most schools in america

kate looks grim

pretty sure guns are banned in american schools


>There's a Chinese proxy poster ITT
>Some poor Chinaman is going to have his IP falsely traced and get thrown in jail


if anyone's walking away from you it's because of the vinegar stench lol

Why don't white people know how to dance?


Now THATS what I call a choon.


Not even a proxy haha

>i listen to songs without lyrics

>In August 2017 the girls' families announced plans to construct a $1 million sports complex in Delphi in their memory

incredibly yanky that

Is it still a song without lyrics?

The Chinese genuinely consider Taiwan to be one of their provinces


non-whites can't handle rights, simple as

fuck off yanks

fuck off this instant

She say, "Do you love me?" I tell her, "Only partly"

I only love my bed and my momma, I'm sorry

how is he so happy?

>Dan Hodges reported that while watching Miliband unveil the tablet on television, a Labour press officer "started screaming. He stood in the office, just screaming over and over again at the screen. It was so bad they thought he was having a breakdown".[15]
>A party adviser said after the election that "The only reason it got through 10 planning meetings was because we were all distracted, looking for a way to punch through on the SNP".[11] By the evening it had also been called the "heaviest suicide note in history", a reference to a famous description of Labour's unpopular 1983 manifesto, dubbed "the longest suicide note in history".[16]

I love grapes.

ip grabber

Okay. Why is it always the white kid with the gun and a minority kid with the normal item?

nah 0121 do one but i could use mates as well haha

dancing is boring & for women

jumpman jumpman jumpman them boys up to suttin (WOO)

he doesn't know he's a nigger

Erm... anime?

The Socialist Commonwealth of Great Britain, led by President Jeremy Corbyn

>tfw Labour press officer


I'm phoneposting and I delete the m and add the www and I fucked it up, it still embedded so embed my dick in your ass, cunt

what even do with ip?

Younger ones who are better educated are more likely to think otherwise, but they're still in the minority

how can UBI actually be implemented? the arguments all centre around essentially redirection of tax spending as opposed to increased spending

but that seems incredibly short-sighted and optimistic iyam

Women's rights are Human Rights
I'm with Her
Nevertheless, She Persisted
The Future is Female
Like a Girl

just another bbc nonce. wait for it

hate niggers

Adam I know you can see this message


>>Dan Hodges reported
very trustworthy

yeezy yeezy yeezy just jumped over jumpman

>perfect world, ban all guns
>"finally! safe of the mass sho-"
ah yes

i would have gone with gabby logan

because the outrage from a small amount of white people regarding who holds the weapon will be far less than if minority kids held the weapon

I don't know what you mean by this tbqh lad.

coiner status: off pooicide watch

alright calm down

Is this study saying that low coffee consumption increases risk of cardiovascular disease, but heavy consumption does not? So, drinking 10 cups a coffee a day does not increase risk of cardiovascular disease, but drinking 3 or 4 does? That does not seem right, have I misunderstood it?

*you make this post*
*wake up in 5 hours, head feeling woozy*

>So user, you don't think Taiwan is part of China? Care to explain why?

Your response?


toil tomorrow good lucky wagies hahahah

>Why aren't they called Lone Wolves when they're coordinating with international terrorist organizations?

i just watched this episode of the Ed Miliband podcast

from what i understand, a key point is that UBIs would be taxed, so the money doesnt just disappear
they would be funded partly by just raw money and partly by tax increases in various key sectors

What was so bad about the stone can someone explain.

my mum loves supergrass

why do non americans care so much about america's gun laws

Literally would only happen once every few years, unlike once every day like currently

you ask every citizen to put their details into a database and then every week/2 weeks/month they receive the money regardless

funding for it isn't really an issue since most of it'll get cycled back
it's like how in sci fi shows they're all technically eating poo

108–164AD – Legio IX Hispana (Ninth Spanish Legion), Roman legion stationed in Roman Britain following the Roman conquest of Britain in AD 43. The legion disappears from surviving records without explanation in the second century. There are multiple conjectures regarding what happened to it and why no record of its fate has been found

if you're going to care about politics, america's are the most relevant and interesting

hello I'm here for the job interview

I'm famous on twitter lads haha


post choons without lyrics lads

So does mine.

just watched blowup

i will never function without benzos

put some clothes on love

did anyone get a screengrab of poley from that football game?

moreover, why post it in /brit/?


>"why waste my breath on a dead man?"
*teleports behind them all simultaneously, including the 9 hidden guards*
>"look forward to meeting your successor Xi-san"
*moonwalks out the door and back to England*

fuck yanks

>once every day
[citation needed]

It was just banter lads haha-ha


Dan Hodges seems to have a massive hate boner for anything left of centre.

was it good?
i watched seven seal last night so i was gonna watch that tonight

chuck us a new DBZS


shit thanks for the reminder. It's at midnight, right?

>draft a taper plan
>follow it

boom, done, off benzos, not hard


It's time to ban:

ball bearings
acids greater than 1 molar
pressure cookers


It looked like a giant gravestone and it was a bit naff

kys, mongol rape baby coin eye'd snow nigger

This utter BELTER.


Here's a pic of my ticket

Not sure what job they'll have where that part of their body is revealed

>why yes I am an adult who watch dragonball

the only thing that should be banned on that list are pressure cookers
those things are scary

Caroline Plummer

7h7 hours ago
Replying to @AwayDayFooty

are you a paki?

yanks are thick as pig shite
go get shot you fat cunt and stop interrupting our discussion of british culture

>drinking 10 cups a coffee a day does not increase risk of cardiovascular disease, but drinking 3 or 4 does?
3-5 cups a day was found to be the lowest risk group for CVD. People who drank more than that did not have "elevated" CVD risk, which means that they did not have a significant difference from people who did not drink coffee.

l liked it

twas a very aesthetic era the 60s

literal NIGGER get out of MY white /brit/

I've been totally clean for 13 weeks and feel absolutely awful, heart racing, on edge at all times


post sounds of the summer

And my scarf

Only a fiver

Really? You can't think of a single one?

nah just guns'd do

pretty shells

how many things in the Tory 2017 manifesto has the government started doing yet

fucking yanks, thick as pig shite



86% of the British population is in favour of Grid Girls, how about YOU?

are you denying that acid, truck, and knife attacks are a problem?

>Yanks can't banter
Ummmm sweaty... x

One day I went to lidl

what dosage were you taking
did you taper
asking for a friend

On my way to Rochdale RIGHT NOW to HEEM you

Just bad lighting

libertarians should be killed


the lads



someone with powerful autism could find you in the stand from the match coverage


>say school shootings are bad

what is wrong with yankoids

shut the fuck up amer

Any SSRI man in?

I'm in love with the STATE of you

autismobrit is going at it again about 'the bloody yanks'

OH FUCK forgot literally saw sara today was too scared to shout at her but i know what tesco she works at

Well there's the obvious ones but I don't think you'd turn up to a strip joint and say "hello I'm here for my job interview"
Or maybe I'm quite cynical about strippers and there actually very professional

get out paki

>thumbnail is an overweight nigger

yep, looks about right

fucking dreadful

every single thing on that list has a purpose other than killing except guns you fat brainwashed spastic yanklet

rare glimpse into the shadow realm - the realm of the mutt. *scribes notes in my research book*

lit some candles, getting comfy xx





did you have a good time?

alri Abdul

>people insulting Monica

get a life you fucking sadcases, she works harder than any of you NEET losers, you're just jealous you'll never be a successful female like she is

*boots him in the ribs*

bored lads

I hope one tips over and your house burns down.

they should've used this video for the black hole in Interstellar

Your dad shouldn't be drinking espresso at bed time mate

what a delightful little pupper



>self-defense is murder

fuck off and stop enabling him you utter headcase


northerner here
the poshest person I know is a black guy

>central high school flame session


oh my days this fuckin dog

alri Monica, put your trip back on this is embarrassing.

this is how it all started in reality

I recorded the game to find myself

I'm not that person you cretin. His dad is perfectly fine, perhaps even MORE fine if he falls into the 3-5 cups/day group, with drinking espresso before bed, as long as it presumably doesn't disrupt his sleep.



Reckon I'll just do an all nighter


there's just no telling yanks
the brainwashing is too deep and thorough

don't care/pay attention myself, but have heard people here blame the local gun crime problem (one of the worst in Europe) on the shipments of legal guns from the US to the IRA (and inevitably on to random low-level criminals) during the troubles

cosmo was always an oddball

yanks are subhuman

they should all be locked up and studied in labs so the rest of the world can see what went wrong

too many dirty rat poison bastards in this general

any wage man in?

Yanks can't dunk


tell me, is this a delicacy in China?

Attaching propane gas cylinders to rockets seems a bit silly
They'll be VERY nose heavy making them rather unstable in flight

I have a higher level degree than all of you runts

this girl comes up to you and tells you shes about to play the most profound, sickening, deep hip hop song that will change your life and then 'dance with the devil' by immortal technique comes on

what do?

anyone remember the cuckio meme


misgender her again and I'll knock your teeth in you fucking nazi cunt

marry her

>(one of the worst in Europe)
few gangs shooting each other, hardly a big deal. people in this country just moan about everything

>I have a higher level degree than all of you runts
hahahahaha fucking state of this low iq mong thinking his piece of paper means anything

no uni on the morrow
no toil on the morrow
everyday is part of my eternal weekend
the neet life is good

Loved it

I felt more varied and powerful emotions in a single day than I have in months

I got confident enough to express myself and join in with others
Real experience



>February 2018
>still no bf

found one of your girlfriends on youtube

you'll all work for me one day

finna cop these, only £59.00

will be swapping the silly blue laces for normal brown ones obviously and probably cutting off the heel loop because I don't like them either

you're fucking joking right?

where? manchester? if you let me know which one i'll come into tesco during her hours wearing a massive

*slaps her on the shoulder*
sounds fantastic luv, hip hop? wow, fascinating
sing it to me when I'm back from the bog yeah? thanks
*picks up my jacket and pint and walks off*

hate shoes

>had normal facial development as a child
>chronic sinus issues
>mid face protrudes so much that it looks like i have a roman nose
please teach your children to fucking mew

*Kills you in one punch*

what the FUCK

shows us ur cock


which branch

>He has a god given right to carry a gun

I have a god given right to have a partner.


>formal shoes that aren't black

*crawls up your shoulder, onto your neck and then the side of your head*
*sets up camp on your ear*
*sets off the next day for the final climb*
*gets into your ear canal*
*pulls out a megaphone*
*yells "BENDER!" into it*
*scuttles away*

Just installed TempleOS lads


Camilla Cabello on ITV lads

never seen anyone reply to the finnmong
such an awful boring poster

those aren't formal shoes lol

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

Good lad

>formal shoes

they're a pair of leather chukka boots mate

Just had a Jew pretending to me that he was white and explained his nose away as 'sinus issues'

fuck off then u poofter I won't be your boyfriend

I hear she's 150cm tall

well they're not casual shoes
regardless, my point still stands

i probably have the best taste in music in the whole of /brit/

*Throws up from the godawful scent of this wretch*

>formal shoes

the absolute fucking state

just heard a nigger outside my door

ashkenazi jews are white


just saw pinocchio in the flesh

please be in bristol

>well they're not casual shoes
yes they are

first off those shoes are fucking disgusting with fake patina leather
£60 are you joking? may as well wear kleenex boxes on your feet
the laces aren't blue you fucking spastic and brown laces will look dreadful (though, given the state of those clogs whats another ugly feature?)
the heel tabs are to help you get them on you FUCKING RETARD

bounce your head off the wall and get some Clark's Desert Boots rather than these New Look knock-off shites

what is wrong with yanks?

what's she doing

please be in chester

I've seen Sara in Manchester before
she was with her bf though so I left her be

werewolves of london


was listening to that earlier

>formal shoes
absolutely clueless
they're casual as fuck you absolute moron

This lad knows what's up

he deserves it the kinkshaming little bigot

Mueller Clears Trump! Investigation Finds No Russian Collusion...

*punches you in the gut and you explode like a pufferfish*

let your mother back in. its HER house, not your's

why are you posting this in /brit/?


doing a listen



casual shoes are trainers and moccasins

shut up

Wish I was tbqh, seemed like a comfy place the one time I was there.

haha next you'll be telling me the Irish are white

How tall is he

dont know why you wouldnt just buy Loakes desu

>200 ish quid
>full repairs available for life
>actually made in england

you stupid boy

Make me

Who is Monica I am new?

and the winner of central high school flame war is...

going for dinner

Yanks truly cannot handle banter..

Why are you posting in /brit/ y*nk scum

move in with me haha

This creature


nigger just knocked on my door. actually might call the police

you're a fucking muppet
bet you wear Gola and Lonsdale

eating the leg of a lamb


thought you started looking for a gf instead


learn about british culture

Is Monica a black woman?


someone's eating my FOCKEN LEG

Switch it off and play the music video for 'Drake - God's Plan' instead.

this Tbh, got a pair of oxfords and some chelsea boots from there

very very peng shoes


Why not hahaha what's your address ahahahaha.

meet me at friendship in 15 mins i'll be in the green shitheap of a whip

janman's in a foul mood tonight