25% of your country now consists of Russian immigrants, what do?

25% of your country now consists of Russian immigrants, what do?

No, not the Russians!

Settle them in areas where Turks live and watch the ethnic tensions and fights

Well my city feels like 25% Russian. You get used to it and the women are cute pre-babushka stage.

Just wait for the call, Anonymous.
50 blessings to you all.

leave flat, go to the gymnasium, eat well, work on posture, work on banter, work, find gf

>25% of your country now consists of Russian immigrants, what do?

So I'm either in Israel or a Baltic country?

I GTFO as fast as possible.

russian girls are whores so maybe I'd have a chance

if some azeri churkas browner than me get russian girls then maybe me too..

I start my own vodka shop

Open an adidas track suit shop

Increase the mafia and cyber crimes division of the FBI budget by 1000%

When is babushka stage?


I already have a russki qt so nothing changes

get a qt russian gf

Do they replace the blacks or do they further drown us in people?

Or Kazakhstan

Move somewhere else

>hacks our elections
>now hacks our population
How do we stop the Russian menace?

get slav gf

Learn Russian. Praise the Pejestroika.

They would soon form a new elite in the country. Most of our scientists, successful businessmen and maybe even politicians would be of Russian ancestry.

Speaking of learning russian. Who can translate this? I don’t believe google translates result. The first sentence is confusing. It seems or say ”their mistakes” literally but yandex and google translates it as ”their mistakes” OR ”my mistakes”. Which totallt changes the meaning depending on what is right. Perhaps a native russians speaker can solve what this means?

”Cвoи oшибки я знaю и cтapaюcь мeнять, их oчeнь мнoгo! Я нe cвятaя.. пpoшy пpoщeния y вceх.”

I work a government job and our department has a lot of heavy equipment.
We have one russian mechanic responsible for all equipment at all different yards.
The industrial street sweeper I usually Drive doesn't have working water sprayers.
Could be the spray tips, could be the water lines, could be a bad electrical connection or it could be the water pump.

The Russian mechanic sees it and simply says :
>Why? it's fixable.
>"Why you want sprayer?"
>Dust control and an overall better result. It's what they're for.
His final answer is:
>"You want sprayer, fix. You don't want sprayer, don't fix.".

And that's our mechanic.
This man can completely disassemble a fire truck and put it back together but he just doesn't give a shit.


Open a brothel and become rich.

Nothing changes except maybe a bit more suicides and krokodil consumption.

oh shit, crime and aids increase over 9000

>”Cвoи oшибки я знaю и cтapaюcь мeнять (иcпpaвлять?), их oчeнь мнoгo! Я нe cвятaя.. пpoшy пpoщeния y вceх.”
I know my mistakes and try to change (correct?), there are a lot of them. I'm no saint... I apologize to everyone.

Cвoи can means kinda like "own", so it can be "their", "my", "our", whatever.
Я знaю cвoи oшибки (I know my own mistakes)
Oни знaют cвoи oшибки (They know their own mistakes)
Mы знaeм cвoи oшибки (We know our own mistakes)
Швeды знaют cвoи oшибки (The Swedes know their own mistakes)

Reassure them by letting them know we have j-a-g-u-a-r-s and teach them how to put spicy shit on everything