Asians look all the same

>Asians look all the same


t. kun attila

Chinks would kill to have a shot with any of those women.

lol stupid wh*Toids btfo

t. Uyghur UralTürk

How many bottle blondes?

All of them

Fucking staceys

No we wouldn't.

yes you would

How’s life in Denmark Zhangbro?

why do white guys always assume every non-white man likes white women? Seriously they are overrated as hell

I'm from Greenland.

Why do American whites look so weird?

typical american twats

Well. Objectively whites are the most attractive race. I'm not saying blacks/asians/mixed folks can't be attractive. But white skin is truly eye catching.

Also light eyes and hair evolved ~10.000 years ago in Europe precisely because women were so intensely competing for men's attention, since there were so few men available during that time. Thus, blonde, red, light brown hair, blue, green, grey and various light colored eyes only exist to sexually attract mates, making them objectively the most attractive.

Surely you can see why somebody with unique blue eyes and blonde hair could attract more potential mates in a world where everyone had dark brown eyes and hair.In fact, Europeans even today are evolving more and more gene variants for light skin and eyes.

>this is a group of college-age women
>they all look 40

tanning and makeup culture

it's gross

They don't look like asians to me

It's the fake blonde hair and blue contact lenses.

>reading comprehension

cuck. kill yourself.

the memes were true

so attractiveness can be achieved with hair dye and contact lenses, like the women in op's picture

look at their hair roots, none of them are real blonde

Stopped reading there

Everyone desires white women. We even have a famous poster here that has literally spent 12 years of his life collecting pictures of Asian men with white women because he believes it's proof that white women love Asian men.

You should go to an eye hospital if you see white women in this image as Asian people.

white women are boring and bland like water


Why would someone shoop this