His language is not a """pure""" language

>His language is not a """pure""" language

>He cares about language

> his language is only spoken in his country

I know, Norwegian isn't spoken anywhere, but we all speak English, God's language.

wish we were special snowflakes with our own alphabet too

Korean is spoken in North Korea too and Norwegian is basically retarded danish

Germanic languages are actually only 60% indo-european and 40% proto-european. We were here first.

>tfw barely any exotic letters in my language

Only an amerimutt would say such a thing, not knowing how amazing it is to know more than one language. Enjoy only knowing the mutt language other countries use as a utility to be intelligible worldwide

your mom

Feels good, man. :)

Semitic Romance love baby calling in.

>his language doesn't have its own language familly

We could piss off anglos even more with that, would be cool.

>he is a slave

>Still uses hanja for anything important or professional

I like how you can use Korean alphabet for Spanish tho and pretty much have every sound. Does hangul fit well with with any other languages?

The Chad Nilo-Saharan strikes again

So are you wagie

frog doesn't count

>God's language
Sorry m8 but LATIN is God's language

*types in english*

why are the KARA BOGAs slaves?

Danish is fucked up beyond all reason, and you know it.

>working more than 12 hours a day

>what is Aramaic

>Nigger congo

So you've never heard of the country Niger before? Do you also hover your cursor over flags to know what they are? :(

I know the name of every country in the world and their capitals and flags but the name nigger congo us hilarious
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Its actually pronounced "ni-zer" or ni-sher" or "ni-jer" do you understand?

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If someone tells me anything I'd just tell them that I didn't know any better.

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I never understood why the language of the people who killed jesus would be god's language, instead of the language jesus spoke (Aramaic)