Imagine how easy life would be if you looked like a model

imagine how easy life would be if you looked like a model

instead you're born a paki/indian with no real shot at living

you're supposed to be an engineer with an arranged marriage

That's when you go the money/career route

Madarchod, kitni baar yaheen thread banayega? Pakistanis aren't even seen as disgusting like we are. Why do you worry?

I'll make this thread as many time as I want faggot.

Pakis are no different to indians, we're seen the same here by white girls and asian girls.

massive cope, no girl will ever truly want me

yeah let me get married to a pajeeta who is 4/10 and controls my life

>we're seen the same here by white girls and asian girls
What the fuck? I remember reading somewhere, "How do you spot a Paki?" And the reply was, "The hot ones are Pakistan, the gross ones are Indians."

Life isn't fair, suck it the fuck up.

lmao thats just what pakis post to make themselves feel better

90% of pakistanis look like pic related.
massive cope

Some of them would unironically slay here due to being exotic

fucking cope
there are already azeris and other churkas who don't get shit in russia, pakis would fare even worse

The grass is always greener on the other side. Believe me, there is literally NOTHING worse than being Indian. I'd rather be born in Sudan or Papua New Guinea, it is far more dignified. Indians are literally at the very bottom of the barrel.

Hey dude! They are paki/indian popular with girls like Zayn Malik, don't blame your race for your virginity!

Not really, as a paki you can pretend to be arab and run "rick sheik's son" game

your mom

Indian/ Paki girls look fine to me.

Would you want to be a mutt?

Honestly must suck to be a brown person. At least black people get pity sex and pity gibs because they suck so hard. Brown people get literally nothing, especially pakis/Indians and they are objectively the ugliest of all races.
It’s really no wonder so many of your ilk turn to raping and islamofascism

being born sudani/png in a first world would be nice if you're tall and chad since you can fill a niche

but being born in india is better than being born in those countries

again, I desire for more, I can (and am planning to) pay escorts here to fuck me, I want more than that though, I want a girl to truly desire me

brazilians have insane chad potential and they're all mutts

Who cares, you are Indian, that's it.

see someone blackpillde enough gets it

aren't indians supposed to be relaxed about life?

>I want more than that though, I want a girl to truly desire me

Why don't you go for non-white women then, pajeet?

I'm kind of a indiaboo myself and Iove your culture
At least feel pride on it.

Germ* humour

I'd like asian too but they're even more unaccepting of brown people like me

there is nothing to be proud of, india and pakistan are both subhuman shitholes with little history, our history is getting invaded, conquered and enslaved

Yeah I do feel bad for you guys. I’m white, and I’m a pretty big loser but even I’ve gotten laid and have a gf. I have quite a few brown friends, mostly Indians and I just feel so bad for them. They have shitty, overbearing families and I don’t think anyone of them is not a virgin. Brown Mexicans and Arabs and shit do much better, but even the rich Indians are spurned by women here. Even other Indian women, which is kind of sad.
I hope you guys end up getting your shit together as a civilization because in the West you’re always going to be treated badly

brutal reality pill...

But don’t lose all hope my friend. Blacks were the primo undesirable race for literally all of human history and somehow they’re doing much better now in the West. They are mostly objectively hideous but even they sometimes get non-black pussy. Give it a couple of decades and Indians might not be treated like subhumans here

Did you try brown non-indian women? Like latina or arabs

they want whites only

Tfw attractive Indian
Sux for you OP


t. guy with cuckold fetish