Website of Air Canada holy shit lmaoooo AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

website of Air Canada holy shit lmaoooo AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


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You probably don't even speak mandarin

I'd rather have asian immigrants than black people and hispanics desu

Yes but we're not allowed to say that or else we get t. Chang'd

still its kinda sad that we have to add a non official language to our shits to accomodate them.

It's a privately owned airline, not a government agency. There is no "have to" in any case, they choose.

Why not? Do we want air canada to have less customers? They should’ve added Filipino and Punjabi as well.

>how dare the official website of our biggest tourism service dare have tourist translations

it’s literally the most spoken language in the world, what’s wrong with it lol

Can't as much say I'm surprised. This is Rupert Murdoch's loss leading "respectable Right" "newspaper of record", the kind of thing he wants the new Asian elite to be reading.

not in Québec they don't

inuit btfo

Answer me I saved your thread

>based Loi 101

>Wanting Inuktitut all over everything

ᐃᓄᒃᑎᑐᑦ ᐅᖃᐅᓯᓕᕆᓂᐅᑉ ᒥᑦᓵᓄᑦ

no i dont speak mandarin

How are you proud of your heritage if even you don't it serious enough?

Imply one more time I'm a chink you fucking ape I'll break that ugly jaw of yours you piece of shit.

I'm pure bred QUÉBÉCOIS, descendant of the purest Norman genes from Northwestern France mixed with the warrior genes of based Alguonquiennes nations. My heritage joins that of noble Clovis and the noble MÉROVINGIEN blood, best warriors of their times and perfect combination of Celtoid and Germanoid blood. My ancestors who settled this land were high testosterone adventurers, who survived in the harsh land of this country by themselves. Nothing to see with the silly asi*noid who only recently joined this country.

Whatever.No one likes your gay nigger speak language anyways

That's because chinese tourists are the biggest spender in Canada.

>People laughing about this
>they dont realize in Quebec it is actually ILLEGAL to have a sign in anything other than french

They're actually Malaysian Chinese ostensibly "fleeing persecution" and "seeking political asylum". They can speak English but pretend to be simple bumfuck farmers to get sympathy. God you Canadians are so gullible. Thanks for taking them in though. Good riddance.

>They cry if anyone lefts a French translation on a sign outside Quebec

Really wish the British had just killed them all before they left bh

>I'll break that ugly jaw of yours you piece of shit.
calm down nigger

Do you think Canada has an open border you dumb fuck? We have one of the strictest systems in the west, they're background checked and have to meet requirements, no one can just go "I farmer" and get let in. Your fantasy is not reality.

Malays are horrible people though

I’d flee away from them as well.

better than muslimed...

>go to UBC (University of Billion Chinese) for school
>get flyers in Chinese only
>>Chinese only
>>>not just a Chinese-English bilingual flyer
>>>>but Chinese only

>return from home to pearson airport
>on way through there's mural on the wall welcoming people arriving
>mural is kids holding up signs saying "welcome to canada" in different languages
>White kid holds the english sign
>chinese kid holds mandarin sign
>arab kid holds arab sign
>black kid holds up the french sign

right wingers stop caring about a free market when it hurts their feelings.

>>go to UBC (University of Billion Chinese) for school
For what purpose?

it's the 3rd best university for STEM in canada (not him). The top 3 STEM universities here all have a reputation for being full of chinese (UBC, Waterloo, Toronto).

What's wrong with black people and Hispanics

t. ching chong ding dong