Want to buy something off amazon

>Want to buy something off amazon

>99% of the time item doesn't ship to my country so I have to pay like 70 dollars to a third party just to get it shipped to my country because some stupid revolting obese retard doesn't feel like putting my address as the shipping destination because they have never ever in their entire life heard of this disgusting country.

>Have to buy shitty cheap products off ebay from chinese since they almost always ship to every country

Why do Americans always skip this country?
Why are they not allowed to send it here they tell me that their shipping policies don't allow them to ship here and that the most they can do is a request to open shipping to niggertina.
I wanted to buy a pair of corcoran boots and now I have to pay to a third party because both their website and amazon lists do not ship to niggertine and all the combat boots here have the disgusting niggertinian flag and I already own the only pair which I could find that was made here and doesn't have the flag.

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i know this all too well, 90% of anything i want to order online has to go to Germany first.
So i need to pay Toll from whatever country it came from, then pay toll to Germany in, then pay toll from Germany out, and finally pay toll for it to get to Sweden
Most items cost +200$ just in toll fees for shipping through so many fucking countries

>tfw we have our own local Amazon store
>tfw shipping costs if you buy from the American store aren't that high
>tfw tons of shit from the American store can be shipped to Mexico

Only shithole countries don't have amazon.

tfw german amazon ships everything here for free
best ally
bought kindle paperwhite last year

Are your orders Chinese products mostly?

>mfw this
>mfw Mexico City near air port
>all deliveries are always sooner than expected

I don't know these feels apart from wanting an official MAGA cap

Seems pretty retarded. I can get free delivery for some products I order from the US amazon.

probably weaboo shit like waifu pillows or plastic figurines he bought on some japanese website

Central planning it seems.
Amazon would like to have everything everywhere but a lot of governments don;t want that.


This thread is unpatriotic 2bh

It's not a surprise that they dot that argentinian products are mostly shit they export all the good stuf overseas its literally imposible to find a 1000+ dollars leather jacket made of full grain lkeather here it's all faux and genuine leather crap.

I buy Chinese things though, they're cheaper.

ALIEXPRESS usually has everything Amazon sells for less

it's all chinese shit quality stuff

welp the free market isn't so free after all i guess

I order all kinds of stuff, mostly electronic hardware, cables, components, sometimes pure metals or plastics

Amazon is already full of cheap chinese shit now.

but aliexpress is literally 100% chinese shit.

Well, calling me a stupid revolting obese retard isnt going to get you a pair of our superior airborne paratrooper jump boots.