Cold War has been over for almost 30 years

>Cold War has been over for almost 30 years
>Russians are still the villains in American films

Or British.

japanese, middle easterners, chinese too

These are only funny when posted with a Russian flag

any movies where americans are the bad guys?
or where theres no clear "bad guys", that would be even better

your mom

This needs to stop

iron man movies

in north korean movies, americans are like nazis in these films

We are the antagonists of history, along with Jews and Muslims

Every Russian movie, obviously.

Russians are cool no need for hostility

>one nation, one destiny
>Russia and USA
>brothers forever

propaganda never ends

love it

It's just typical Anglo Russophobia. Happened for over a century and never changes.

Cringe desu

hello achmed

Real life

It supposed to be cringe, it's a joke about numerous pics like this with "Russians and Serbians" or "Russians and Belarusians".

Gee, I wonder why

Good post

>One nation



some examples? extra points for dub in spanish

La créature des abysses...


because Russians are evil and meddle in other countries elections

this has been debunked already lmao
The real evil country is Israel, not Russia

All US intelligence agencies agree that Russia meddled in US elections

CNN is not a US intelligence agency

Russians are evil remember that time they took over the us government by posting memes on facebook?

Yes brother. We have so many problems like Russians do.

>LGBT shit taking over
>equally ignorant citizens
>sense of civic nationalism IE all ethnicities in Russia are considered Russian same in in America
>Heroin problem in America, Krokadil/Alcohol problem in Russia
>a lot of our women are untrustworthy (but not all)
>corrupt police are so bad we put cameras near/on them to watch them
>both major world powers still involved
>both of it's citizens hate the NATO/Warsaw divide that's still happening
>both hate the EU
>same amount of time zones
>we both have crazy idiots with cameras

Really the world would be better if we allied and removed the stupid trade restrictions on Russia (which Trump has not done yet or end the NATO drills near the Russian border).

More importantly Russia and America are the worst about pissing off other countries. No one likes Russia or America.

On a side note both English and Russian have a lot of common French loan words.