Which do you identify with the most? Your country, region, state/provience/whatever your equivalent is, or city?

Which do you identify with the most? Your country, region, state/provience/whatever your equivalent is, or city?

Since America is so massive, I lean towards state/city. I grew up in the suburbs and now I live in the city of Chicago and I usually say I'm from Chicago instead of saying I'm from Illinois or the Midwest. I used to live in Colorado and I usually said "Colorado" instead of the city or saying I was in the mountain west.

it depends on who i am talking to.
to foreigners, my country. to my countrymen, my city.

Does Denmark really have distinct regions people identify with? I'd think that's not much of a case in a small and heavily urbanized country.

Even though Ireland is small, there are a lot of places I haven't been so I can't say I identify with them. Hence I suppose I mainly associate with my general surrounding area as opposed the whole island. However if someone asks where I'm from then I'd just say Ireland

I don't identify with any of that, I have very littly in common with most of Poles and I feel no connection with the land.
For the most part I feel like an alien, outcast.


I'm a paisa, my country is Antioquia

I don't identify with anyone, honestly. The demographics in my province and in my city are so heavily mixed I don't feel like I have much in common with most people.

I'm an American, however I don't exactly identify with any region. I sort of wish I grew up somewhere more tightly-knit and less competitive and transient with more local pride.

I am Bavarian

Dutch, because I am part of the 75% residents who isn't a foreigner

My region but that is the rule in Spain.


Which is your province?




I do not identify with any of those, or with any geographic region.


I don't identify with anything, I hate this country.

No one seriously identifies as Hanoveranian.
so I guess country

My country, and no that isn't Canada. This is just a place I was born, my home is in Europe. I'm moving back soon and can't wait to leave this cultureless void.

muh heritage

Nah, Andalusian.

Fuck off kraut. You and your people's inability to state the obvious in terms of peoples ethnicity is what is causing your decline. In Poland we consider you Polish based on blood, it doesn't matter where you are.

If you krauts had as much sense your country wouldn't be full of brown " Germans " who are going to make you a minority within a few generations.

If speaking with ameridumbs - europe, otherwise my cunt or city.