Frasheri edition

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who of you did this




;-)) dont care

I dont know him ;)


whiter than albania for sure

Serbs are Northern wh*Tebois

now I really don t know who is more obsessed on Cred Forums albos or serbs

Orthodoxy is very good

would have been but they got turk'd too much

>Anime ...

still whiter than albania

how long is your ass hair¿

>>this thread again


>shave your butt hole
>it now pokes your gay bf




are you the guy posting retarded p=/=np proofs on sci


cmon guys

didnt look like a reaction image so

im not too familiar with weeb autism

I've got no idea what this is

Do you have an idea what this is?


E-Eh... I-I guess

i stopped getting drunk but now i fap to bbw porn how do i stop being a degenerate



LOL watch this

tried it im too immature, if i force myself i feel like a hypocrite

thicc meme got me

>Come at me white boy

your action?

would shave that ape and fuck his ass

oops wrong picture
rip me

Proof we belong in the shitty climate belt. And it's only going to get worse.

>greater Illyria in the balkans

Where are you greeks
As far as i know tomorrows is anational day there so no school tomorrow
You mommy will let you stay a litle later probably

>got happy that i would get a new phone
>delete all the music
>delete all the pics
>all the fucking 4 chan pics most impprtantly
Phu ropt ja qifsha he npiqk

ta qifsha ne pichke ne nenen

here's one
have fun rebuilding

its okay to kill

Guys I'm gonna cry

it depends ''how white'' you define slavic

bro don't you like women? all of your posts here are about hairy darkskinned men, are you trying to tell us something?

Pikoto pristigna