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>tfw grew up as a nice kid but now have a very hot temper that gets you in trouble

where did it all go so wrong?

i've always had anger problems but they have gotten worse in recent years


Another day down

Where do you Chi live

theres nothing worse than being indian/paki so cheer up

how's your day going?

east coast
aren't you very accepted in canada?

by who
white girls and asian girls would rather get fucked by dogs than to look at us


i thought everyone seems like a very welcoming country
do anything exciting?

Damn never thought about how hard it is for you guys, a Paki friend of mine tried to go for an Asian girl and she wanted nothing to do with him

Claiming this thread for Queen Isabella

Nah, it will probably take me weeks to get out of this rut. You?

Counter claiming this thread for GRAPO

had a week off from classes but they start again tomorrow i hate having time off since i just lie in bed all day but i hate classes even more just kill me already i'm tired of living


Republicucks will always fail

same as usual i did exercise today so theres that
thats what i do everyday that and sit on my computer what a life

I feel the same way. On the one hand, I'm sick of school, but on the other hand, life is probably gonna be even shittier after graduation.
Bow down before the immortal science of Marxism-Leninism, CHI.


That's good.


it's not doing anything really but i think it's because i'm not taking it to serious

Hello /chi/

how's it going?


I'm doing good. Cleaned up my house somewhat and my gf spend the weekend here and gave her my old computerparts. Also some people requested I streamed, so I was less lazy with the streaming. So overall pretty good.

And you?

whats so funny?
same old just sitting around

>tfw no house and no gf and no empire

are you still a NEET?

i mean i do part time stuff, so technically no

how often do you think about houses?

Very often.
Nothing against living with my parents, but what's the point of working if it does not lead to independence?

just rent a place

>no gf
Do I remember completely wrong or didn't you have one not too long ago?

I thought of renting a nice upscale suite in my city's core, but it's just a waste.
Might as well buy a house and get a mortgage for those prices.

i have not had one in a while

Who /bullies Latinos who can't speak Spanish/ here?

thats the nazi CHIlean
get a rent to own house

Must have been another user

>get a rent to own house

never heard of em

That's the user. I just got the canadanons mixed up.

i some times get them mixed up as well

I always thought that other Canadanon was Romanian?

That's the downside of being anons. We all look the same.

Same :(

which one ?

The nazi one

oh no he's chilean

Why is he obsessed with Hitler and the Iron Guard then?
Both of my parents are from Spain and both sides of my family sided with the nationalists, so I can at least justify my political autism.

My family members sided against the local commies too during the civil war.

i have no clue

don't let your family's sacrifices be in vain





>wh*te Finns
>on my /CHI/

you must be new here

i can feel another cold coming on
i hate my life so fucking much i don't even want to live why do i keep bothering

Just went to a bar and it slowly dawned on me that it was gay midway through. There wasn't a woman in sight and a couple of old guys were super nice to me. I dropped my spaghetti and made a run for it. Shit was surreal. Also the bathroom had men's faces photoshopped on swimsuit models.

>my gf

curious what is your stream link?


next time dedicate a small part of the stream on making some european tacos

Is it even possible to fuck up a taco? Even the bad ones look good.

because you don't live in a third world shithole and have the opportunities to accomplish whatever you want.

how did you find out about the place in the first place?

>european tacos
This is what I would get if I got the ingredients from my local supermarktet. But I'm not a food streamer, I just play videogames.

You need better vidyas to stream.

I was planning to do Subnautica next.

Was thirsty and randomly went in there. It was supposed to be an Irish pub.

You like slow pace games?

I play the games that seem fun. Games with challenge. Games with good stories or just nice gameplay. Requests from people. Gifts from people. The games that I have in my steam collection from my worship to Lord Gaben. And the stuff I still have because of nostalgia. In other words; whatever I feel like. But suggestions are more than welcome.


I already have Subnautica. Are you buying me EDF?

>Are you buying me

No, ask your government for that.

Then I'm not streaming it.

theres nothing i want

Embrace it. I'm still as timid as ever just more cynical.

sup goys
I have been on night shift these last few weeks