we dem chedlads edition

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Shit haircut shit beard glad I'm Danish.

House is an utter shit tip but I just can't bring myself to do anything about it.

not like you're gonna have anyone over lmao

The Kennis twins who sculpted the head are so fucking strange

You're right desu, don't want anyone coming over really.

Kennis twins on Cheddar Man documentary right now on Channel 4 (UK TV)

>go outside
>can feel people staring at me with contempt

( . Y . )

not dignifying the other thread

need a grimes gf

How do you get rid of the flab on your belly and chest lads? I'm a skinny looking with clothes on and only have a 32 inch waist but would like to get rid of my tits and belly


>smiths, joy division and slowdive

Wow literally the most boring shit ever ZZzzzzzzzzzzz

doubt they are, unless you're wearing a gimp suit or sth. like that


eat less

You missed out it was pretty good


had a grand big mac earlier.
it was alright.

best manchester band

by losing weight, can't choose where you lose fat unfortunately

got shoulders with the same circumference and power as the cannon balls that Drake pumped into french sail centuries gone

>you never experienced teenage love

just remembered the prossie gave me a latex glove to finger her with hahaha

Nah, go to a house/techno night in a uni town and look at the clueless nonces drinking vodka lemonades and standing in a corner before leaving at 1:30

it's a grand mac not a grand big mac you illiterate fiend

posted this exact song a couple weeks ago
good lad


so apparently the amerimutt shooter actually wasn't part of a white nationalist organisation but instead some random dumb turbororke discord server trolled each other into talking to the media and made international news


I've been waiting for a guy to come and take me by the hand


wouldnt mind putting a few pint glasses to scottish faces while here

>black mark
>grape e. smith

Stop talking


remembering when i was 16 and i would go out and sit somewhere alone, smoke marlboros, listen to the cure and cry haha

even had the flick in my hair and a black overcoat with a bandana hanging out of the pocket

you arrive in Waitrose car park

leftypol watch and learn

For a brief moment, tens of millions of people in America believed a brown-skinned man named Jesus de Cruz was actually a white supremacist

absolutely not runt boy

don't care

not as good
not bothered about early swans much in general

So basically the Misc Elliott Rogers thing x1000

Going on a date with a girl who has the name of a baby she miscarried tattooed on her

That's probably a bad sign but NEETs can't be picky


the yanks are howling at the moon again lads

will give them a good hosing soon enough

this is the gayest thing that's ever happened

attention i slept with this lads mum twice


Yeah but you're wrong and now you should feel like a twat because you are one

consider myself a bit of a romantic anti-hero

posh twat
i've been on the rollies since 15

don't have a brainlet slobbery enough for this kid, if i'm being completely honest with you

this aus cunt's cerebellum woud meet my cricket bat so quick if he came near me

my two favourite things are commitment and changing myself


I'm a massive fucking moron

choose your fighter


this will be the shape of your head when i give you the bowling ball bag special

Me too lad

Even grow it myself, tastes like shit but it's cheap

ah a man of taste i see

the chameleons are the other best manchester band

say it to me in melbourne not on Cred Forums s ee what happens dick head

slept with my nan on her birthday and not proud of it in the slightest

some lad want to come aram with me? :)

Toilberg! Is it... over?

>At long last. No weekend lasts forever, my runt.

I see... only toiling.. before... me...

so is Super or GT canon

fingered my mum in the cinema again

Used to read Camus, The Rebel was my favourite book in fact, but since I discovered Sargon, Woes and Molyneux I don't bother with shitty reading any more



niece gave me a golden shower

>Jereb has always been somewhat of a publicity seeker. In fact, he wrote us to complain that we had not already listed ROF as a hate group.

fucking hell it's these self-destructive neonazi mongs that will forever doom the right to failure

the toil approacheth

have nothing better to do than namefag on anonymous imageboard

>The "normal" default Spotify streaming quality on your computer is 160 kbps

oh no no no

camus is a bit of a meme as well, m8

tescos in 20 minutes then

id cream you mongoloids so quick you’d want to befriend me

Will e621 be blocked?

Her Majesty has popped round and wants to watch a film with you. What do you suggest?

this is now a post-punk thread

Recent shooting reeks of conspiracy theory. If I was a theorist, I could see why the conspiracy would make sense. I'm not one though

Jiren who?

any steampunk man in

it's all canon

Only god forgives


hilarious when provincial shitholes think they're the centre of the universe

amusing, but what do you have against Woes? his videos are top comfy and he doesn't consider himself a philosopher like Sargon or Molyneux try to do

anons get on their high horse about their anonymity but really they scream out to be identified

they will scream once more before my fatal stop

Haven't done a poo in 3 or 4 days

Schindler's List

South park has gone so shit, How have they not been cancelled

took my mum up the arse

Super 17, Bebe and Syn Shenron are all better than anything in super


Imagine the inevitable for a moment; the militant wing of the Church of England taking over of our country by force with the queen as the true head of state

*political shite* *Fart noise*
wonder why


are you not at the centre of your own life?

want me to go up there and get it?

The toil bell is set for 0540.
May God have mercy on my soul, for Toilberg has none

Had an extended wank session and now my prostate is playing up

I would like to direct your attention to the registered trade mark symbol next to the Big Mac. I would now like to direct your attention to the lack of a registered trademark symbol next to the Grand Big Mac. Now, finally, take a look at the picture I posted where it is clearly advertised as 'Grand Big Mac' in the picture currently up on their website, and note the registered trademark symbol next to it.

We can safely conclude here that the only reason it is called the Grand Mac in your picture is for the purpose of aesthetic, and since it has been abbreviated, they are unable to mark is as a registered trademark, like they do on the Big Mac right next to it.

I would like it if you fucked off now.

are you constipated ?


For me? It’s James

was getting a fishy when the pakis started talking in their own language

had to leap the counter and chin them both because the cultural divide was upsetting the gf

just fingered a paki around the back of tesco


RIP ;-;

South Park was never good

ah yes

All part of the plan to improve tech education. Computing has got too easy. Kids need to have a challenge. Clever kids will get around the filters.

at least manchester is the only city outside of london that has tall buildings

just walked in on my dad rinsing his foreskin in the kitchen sink

good luck
hate that, good luck also

mad that brian eno produced some of their albums

It is now three weeks since I last wanked, was actually in the mood yesterday and watched some gifs but never actually did it.

Reckon it's anxiety related

imagine the sort of fat cretinous ape that eats this shit



they wanna see my gone cos of my hops
shot in the dome cos of my hops

Ask her kindly, yet firmly, to leave my presence. I respect her position as head of her state, but I do not respect the concept of monarchs and tyrants.


haha yeah

who throbbing gristle here?

wearing a giant yorkshire pudding as a hat

Toil maketh the man


i eat at mcdonalds 3 or 4 times a week and im 5 foot 11 and 10 stone 3 lbs

hong kong has some big ones l think


take a laxative x

we are ALL cheddar men on this blessed day

actual choon

I meant in the uk

>imagine the sort of fat cretinous ape that eats this shit

they call it a northerner

Britain calls out of Luftwaffer bombs

business idea: biggest mac

Another case of abbreviating the name which is a registered trademark for the purpose of aesthetic in the advert. It is the Grand Big Mac, it says it right on the box next to me, and all over their current website.

only to pseudo-intellectual neets on Cred Forums

get tae fuck

for me, its the mc chicken

keep telling yourself that, you poser homo

ummm no sweeetie x

>tall buildings
they're called skyscrapers you dumb twat

for me it's the chicken legend with bacon and bbq sauce


only at 300 metres tall and above

very good

for me, it's the mc fuck off you runts


Toil gang, Toil gang, Toil gang, Toil gang
Toil gang, Toil gang, Toil gang (Toil gang!)
Toil gang, Toil gang, Toil gang, Toil gang
Toil gang, Toil gang, Toil gang (Toil gang!)
Toil gang, Toil gang, Toil gang, Toil gang
Toil gang, Toil gang, Toil gang (Toil gang!)

stop talking about maccies you fat runtbags

as a casual observer i'd like to point out that what you are saying is 100% correct and impossible to dispute with facts but mosty people on /brit/ are like talking to a brick wall

$5: i’ll smack your head about
on camera

$15: i’ll take you and your friends to a field and smack you all about for half an hour

$30: i’ll hang you up by your legs and tenderise your bollocks (Breakfast provided)

Getting coffee with a Swiss bird tomorrow lads, what should I order?



Again. Abbreviated for the purpose of aesthetic. Note the lack of registered trademark symbol. Please also note the registered trademark symbol in this picture next to it's full and proper name.

>it says it right on the box next to me
No it does not.



scraping the sky with my knob

Toil in 5 minutes

i've been on Cred Forums so long i have no idea how to communicate with real people
i have to remind myself that real people don't know who swans or death grips are, don't know who lynch or tarkovsky are, don't know who marx or mao are etc
Cred Forums is just an autism echo chamber

Damn shame that eyesore has gone up next to those beautiful buildings.

100 meters actually you silly swede

Would say she’s got egg on her face now but vegans don’t eat them

>All these fatties arguing over a burger

Reckon these twats are part of a marketing campaign cos now I'm wanting to buy a grand big mac to see what the fucking box says

if you'd refuse to read something because you're afraid of someone on /lit/ calling you a poser you should just hang yourself desu

why are you arguing about pointless shit like the name of a burger

Funny thing is I've actually seen jags and mercs in the local Lidl car park whilst all the cars in waitrose are just normal hatchbacks.

Guess I gotta shop more at lidls and save up for my goal car lmao


>have to remind myself that real people don't know who swans or death grips are, don't know who lynch or tarkovsky are, don't know who marx or mao are etc

umm no

oh just fuck off

think you forgot sunderland sweetie x


No danger of falling coconuts here, just the occasional conker

biggest choon of 2019

yeah that's just what i said. i hope you get this insecure only during nighttime


you could have at least chosen actual esoteric people lmao

be brave space cowboy

yanks are foul beasts

well i just googled it so you're wrong

showed my mum pictures of all your posts she just shook her head and went on about how retarded you all are

Thanks for your support. It's always great to hear from the audience.

i really wish i could drape a towel over your face and hold it beneath a faucet and scream in your ear

Nuh uh bournemouth has one as well

PJW is the kind of lad that claims to prefer burger king over mcdonald's



Switzerland is one big retirement village

I think we'd all rather forget sunderland

prefer unkle

i would stamp on your head if you insulted camus in my presence


When I'm anxious I shit more not less

Leeds is the financial capital of the world

but you didnt, did you, you dumb arsed little turd, never actually spoken to a finnish poster before and now i know why

is the guy next to Samual L Jackson white?

mega chune

heat all my spent condoms with a lighter so she can't dig it out of the trash

if i'm not mistaken, didn't he kill a guy irl by running him over? or was that in a different time line?

tallest building in blackburn

Picked up a 6er lads

Just trying to delay the inevitable haha

>wake up
>go to work

thoughts on this way of life?


thats wigan

is there any video game live streamer on youtube who isnt obnoxious and american and superficial? Just watched Sargon's Deliverance livestream and it was pretty good. Modest use of jokes, focused on the game, no superchat read-outs, and no childish shit

>forgetting preston

the jarl of swindon

native british people


What kind of brainlet likes death grips post 2012

get a shiver down my spine when i remember the north east exists and people live there

Guns don't kill people bullets do

PJW is the kind of lad who prefers bodyweight exercises because they're more "natural"

You guys want to hear a joke?

>grand big mac

>you arrive in cork

have to say this aus lad is the funniest poster i’ve seen in quite a while

pjw the kind of lad who cum on his hand and give ya a high five

That's the yank packaging. And you will also note the lack of a registered trademark symbol. You have been irrevocably proven wrong. I'll retire from this discussion now. Cheers.


Hello and welcome to Mastermind tonight user will be answering questions on his favourite anime.


okay autismo enjoy having no friends


haha thanks lad looking good!

looks a bit dark for cork if you catch my drift

liverpool or new york? l'll let you work it out

might have a Grand Big Mac™ for lunch tomorrow

hey dudes
it's me
ya boi

PJW is the kind of lad who listens to stale classic rock on vinyl only because it has a "warmer" sound and isn't affected by something he calls "the loudness wars"

nor have i watched rick and morty. again, i have never witnessed anyone get so defensive over a b-rate philosopher getting slightly ribbed

what is the relationship between eating hamburgers and having friends?

Think I might buy a burger this week, shall schedule it in for the Thursday toil.

Nah it's a Grand Big Mac

thanks lad

London, luxury


You don't win friends with sal-ad!
You don't win friends with sal-ad!



think my favorite kind of blumpf supporters are those who listen to his incoherent dementia ramblings week after week and instead of offering excuses they always confidently profess to know exactly what he meant

aus is undoubtedly the best poster i’ve ever seen and i’m an old

gym monkeys are autistic and always bring up health in situations like being out with the lads, as if anybody cares.

>are Jezza laid some flowers for a dead Portuguese nonce

ddwi'n casau yr saeson


i odnt eat hamburgers and have no friends hmm doin a think

lads did u guys know buying a bottle of this means you can blind and horribly disfigure anybody you want? destroying mike tyson in his prime would be as easy as just throwing water on him

looks like a giant glass dildo

getting the daily dose of sargon, molly, dave rubin, jordan peterson, lauren southern, steven crowder, ben shapiro, milo, shoe0nhead, armoured skeptic, kraut and tea, h3h3, dennis prager and gavin mcinnes

i unironically still like yung lean

PJW is the kind of land who would always bottom.

probably the most beautiful thing swans ever did

thanks lad you too!

i dont eat steamed hams


rather be just autistic than autistic and a skeleton

PJW is the kind of lad who says he likes "classical" art because it's not "this modern rubbish" but can't actually name any artists beyond maybe picasso

Burp morty the English were originally black

he's a russian spy

and which one one of them am i?



>going to the gym
ever heard of smoking? increases your metabolism and stops hunger, basically a wonder drug for losing weight

Fills me with existential dread but I do it anyway, slowly crushing my soul with every beep of the alarm


>”hi yeall getta burger cheers”

- born runt

Going to grab some food soon

Don't let the anime fags take over while I'm gone

you don't win friends with salad xD

People who don't eat hamburgers don't have friends.

you're getting oddly specific, moshe

Fat cunt

PJW is the kind of guy who doesn't eat hamburgers and has no friends

kraut and tea

you dont win friends with salad


uk is rubbish

Love the 'me

A qt girl has just delivered my pizza, lads. Not used to this happening tbqh.

pjw the kind of nigga who bottoms without clearing his bowels

I bonded with a stranger over a hamburger and now we are best friends




grand mac and monster for dindins tomorrow

>dave rubin
>jordan peterson
>lauren southern
>steven crowder
bit extreme
>ben shapiro
gay jew coalburner
>armoured skeptic
>kraut and tea
>dennis prager
>gavin mcinnes

reminds me of time i had a qt uber driver while drunk and i proper freaked

PJW is the kind of guy who's really insecure about how droopy his foreskin appears when his dick is flaccid

hopefully you're not a fat messy disgusting cunt

so i am tea?

showed my mate this in secondary school
remember him being visibly scared

Looks pretty good and less expensive than I would expect from Australia. Noice.

>pizza this late on a Sunday

I double dog dare you to take a fucking guess as to what I am.

>you're gonna need two hands
that's what I told the gf too

Australia is one big menagerie

calling you a dumb arse isnt defensive, nor is stating the fact that outside of Cred Forums, no philosopher is a meme. try leaving your house and you'll get me

Are you perchance employed within the building trades

shithole m8
t. prestoner

>>steven crowder
>bit extreme

>jordan bederson : DDD

fuck off

Humans should have their noses removed at birth.

how did it feel to be given a quick glimpse of something you will never obtain and she is handing you the reason you will never obtain it?

Milo goes to space and destroys entire galaxy of stupid feminists

uploaded by Milo

>no philosopher is a meme

All my life
Watching America
All my life
There's panic in America
Oh, there's trouble in America, oh

clean your room

i mean i respect the guy to a degree but fucking hell he really is too far-right for me
how many blacks did he say he tortured again? was it 15?

*one big menagerie where the humans kick the koalas out of the trees and give the tasmanian devils noogies

what is love!? baby dont hurt me no more

fucked it a bit

>he thinks me being fat cunt is the problem

Nah, there is much more that it quite disgusting than the way I look.

the thinking man's slag

Carl’s Jr. is the shittiest
Do get why everyone talks it up.

but I have to dissect the post modernists marxists taking over society



post a fucking gabber

>unfunny picture reply

would take extreme pleasure in turning your recessed jaw into sand

ate 4 bounty bars again