Used to hate middle easterners

>used to hate middle easterners
>realise i hate women and gays as well
really made me think

what has middle eastern lesbians done to you?

The real question is
Do you want to fuck 12 year olds or are you not a pedo?

no i think sven here agrees with muhammad now

don't blame you, quite frankly we could use a little ISIS over here

So, is the Islamophilic Alt-Right or Conservative Christian actually a thing?

did you really think the "white Sharia now" chants were ironic?

No, i am not pedophilic, i just hate a lot of groups of people

so what, now? you want your sister to get fucked by a syrian or something?

No, i have no interest in what any of my family members choose to do

After reading so many retarded news and other stuff (mostly from my own cunt ofc), I nowadays have some trouble seperating reality from memes desu.

Conservative Christians absolutely do not like Muslims.

>i am a cuck
okay, sven

How would not caring what my sister chooses to or not to do make me a cuck? Wouldn't that take active involvement?

>12 year olds

Cred Forums agrees that Islam is the final redpill since long ago.

Well my question was about how moderate and conservative Christians look at conservative Muslims respectively, rather than how each of the different branches look at them, so maybe the PRC has to do the same research again with separating moderates from conservatives desu.


Swap the colours and it represents me pretty well

Actually, the age of consent in Muslim countries is rather higher than East Asian or some European countries. In Philippines its 12, in Japan or SK its 13. The Muslim state with the lowest age of consent is Bangladesh with 14.

Even though the obvious problem being, that in some Islamic states the legal age to marry is below the age of consent. (And ofc the obvious thing about women needing 4 witnesses to confirm that she was raped)

good post

>some chart with no source i pulled out of my arse
come on boris

>age of consent in germany is 14
wtf germoney explain.




Time to move to Germany.



hating women makes you gay though

>14/88!!! *explodes*

Age of consent means nothing if they're already married at 10

no it just means you have mommy issues

I never had a mother figure in my life so that may be it tbqhwy

>did you really think the "white Sharia now" chants were ironic?

Well thats what I implied with the second part of my comment. The Pink countries in pic are the ones which don't allow premartial sex, but the age of marriage is rather low.