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Previous Edition: Welcome to /extraflags/, a lovely spin-off of /flag/ except its a general for users with extra flags to discuss flags, extra flags, and autistic activities while funposting. dont have extra flags? get extra flags :^)

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>Collecting Flags?
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i want more basque flags

Damn that's coming along well. Do all of the districts have flags?

when makign the flags i think there were a few municipalities that didnt have a CoA, or maybe they did but i couldnt find them

Good night flog

shit that sucks, just keep looking i guess.

:^) not actually there


Benin :DD


then why do that

what if i want to make a mexican municipalities map for a timelapse but it turns into a black cluster at some places?

can't explain here


god that looks like fun

that bitch ass map dont eevn have the +500 municipalities of oaxaca, which im sure most dont have CoA or even a sad logo

holy shit now that pisses me off

bump for new thread

holy fug that's messed up

I laughed irl thanks

Read this if you want to get pissed en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Municipalities_of_Mexico

>2,448 municipalities
i can do that

dk btw, make it bigger or paint also the borders.
For my timelapse i'm using a 3000x3000 and no shame :^)
Or you can do one for smaller portions.
I'm looking forward to seeing your timelapse though, it would be cool


I meant how Oaxaca isn't even a populous or large state, yet it still has that many municipalities. Absolutely ridiculous. Also, I had an interesting idea on how to market extra-flags and potentially increase awareness or interest in regional flags

lets hear it

Go on...

at least therell be one real "flag" in sinaloa

Goodnight /flag/
Keep it alive!


woah bump


A number of popular forums and sites show flags to denote user locations, and I thought it'd be cool if they could somehow use our flag repository as a base for people to select their locations. It gets pretty lame seeing the same USA/UK flags on xda for example. Idk how we'd get them to use it, but it was a quick thought I had.

went on a pretty long road trip a while back. Should I post the flags?

how is that even a question?
start the dump

just sent the flags for the sinaloa municipalities

i think that would crash the flag markets. Geographical locations keep rare flags rare.

i think hes talking about ppl using the flags in other forums, besides Cred Forums
i dont see how that would crash the market

ohhhhh and it would still be on the same plugin? That might actually work, but we'll have to see what src thinks about it.

Yeah, like this. We could somehow market our repository for open-sourced use by other groups and potentially get new contributions and interest in flags. I guess we'd just have to contact forum admins and see if they're interested in adding it or something, because these flags could be pretty handy and they do look nice on maps and templates.

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bumping for RIP Turkey on Cred Forums

rip ayvacik user

rip k*** b***, you shall never be missed



Got a date this Friday with a real cute girl lads
Maybe things are looking up
>tfw maybe gf

nice job mate knew you could do it

Finally just said fuck it with my old monitor, gonna use the TV as my new monitor hahaha... tomorrow i shall learn how to make the flags! And i can make maps, cannot wait.

do u use a discord?
if u have problems with flags u can ask me, ive made some
autismo himself thaught me how to

yeah but these fuckers banned me from the /flag/ discord weeks ago. I think i got the idea, just need step by step directions

Hitler senpai#4839
send me a message

Omfg roflmao

whats so funny?

anyways, I'm sleeping now, gnite

Funny name just that
Gnite m9


bumb x-DD

check out DEM DUBS

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not up to me kek. I am not the overseer. We already had a finland user fork the repo for /bant/flags (which I am not enthusiastic about but oh well). As long as r/vex doesn't use them :^)

Actually, I bet the vex subreddit already uses some of the 16x11 flags from here.

the license is completely open so other sites would like that

>Actually, I bet the vex subreddit already uses some of the 16x11 flags from here.

well Idk specifically about vex, but there are plenty of 16x11 flags there. I know I have seen our provincial/state flags in other parts of reddit though. I don't go to reddit much and my mind has conflated it all.

wtf extraflags was not enough?

evidently not enough for them

kek I've just seen their flags, jeez it's quite cringey

Btw any news about Finland's regionals?


Dunno, It was apparently going to be redone by autismo but he has given up making flags.

Actually, nevermind. bantflags did NOT fork the repo. They copied the code without any credence given to us :/

I guess you're right and dubs confirm

Alkmaar took the feat a couple of weeks ago iirc, he had to post a road trip all the way across the country, but never heard about since

he is in the discord and is making portugese flags

I may be wrong then

I made the finnish flags with the wrong proportions so Autismo offered to remake them and then I hear nothing more
I can make them semi-easily but MoCo had some plans about making them idk

the mess :D
thanks for the response m9


i am finally comblete xd


no problem my nigga

nice lad now post your municipalities map


counties ofc

*tips fedora*


bumping for Canada 53% white

if thats truth, it doesnt feel right, at least i hope they give credit

I hope they dont

why not?

it's reddit, of course they don't

Also, what are these flag designs? Are they just the "flag of bant" contenders?

im angery now

Because reddit would want to know where it came from and i dont want them here

Dk probably just meme flags like Cred Forums

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WEW checked

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suck on digits rather

basically any bant user can upload their own custom flag to make themselves feel special



dubs, perchance?






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goddamn regionals pls work


With his up stretched
get together
hold on here hold on


*commence hurricane in head*

the fug

house bump


Isn't this missing a certain yellow pixel?


Delaware... come to me...

Goodnight /flag/



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lmao I dont actually remember how i got Delaware.... seems like a hard one to get tho. I think it might have been a road trip


car cleaning bump

Don't trigger me like that, lad

it's official boys, greatest film of all time according to rotten tomatoes

is it wrong though

If you think it's wrong then you're a racist, plain and simple

i say its wrong, and that isnt racist cus im a minority too