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hello izem
how are you?
it's been a while my old friend

wtf is this? is this berber?

>stumble upon an archived mena thread from over a year ago
>grit my teeth real hard at how ignominiously awful my older posts were


it's alright la7oood
i hope pic related provides you with some comfort


what is this pic?

hunger novel cover
it won Nobel price early 21 century (i think) it's intense psychological unique of its kind
good post

I'm a piece of shit

no you are not

izem add me on discord please

I'm a piece of shit

So yeah, this should totally happen because of reasons.

izem stop ignoring me
please add me on discord

>niggering your population

w-why Libya?
it's a book?

yes you are


We lead,they give land.

that's okay
take any part of north africa except ain drahem because thats where my friend izem lives
izem please add me on discord

I'll take just ain drahem then!

yeah take the mountain niggers they are useless

no you aren't
yeh nordic literature

please dont do this
im trying to repair our relationship and here you are shitting all over my parade
izem please add me on discord

most of my drugs are bought and paid for by my dad

Oh you read? cute desu

why ?are you a fucking neet ?

don't tell anyone but i had to repeat CM2

look izem i know we have had a troubled history but for old times sake let bygones be bygones
add me on discord and lets recoup our lost time

i can't look at the hardened dealer with 50 bounties on his ass in the eyes and buy directly from him without bursting into tears

if you're not from ain drahem you're a literal subhuman


You're smaller than cyprus.

It snows in Sicily, it snows in Tunisia, but not in Malta.

Mine are paid by my insurance. Man I love my antidepressants.

my dick is 12 cm
it has been that size since age 16 and hasn't grown since

im going to move your desolate little island and take a big steamy dump all over it


Not any more, we empire now.

I've been thinking about doing the same in Turkey.

y-yes i just finished no longer human today (re read) what about you friend
i don't use it anymore

t. wont buy weed cuz it's 5 euro per bag
it's fucking 20 here you little bitch


why ? are you a fucking soyboy ?

much better now

cause you are browns only light skinned people get snow

the tought alone scares me

i keep telling people that some dumb bitch scraped my rear bumper when in reality i crashed it myself while attempting to park

This is why you're a piece of shit.

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hey hey slow down kid, this is my moment of melodramatic insecure walling you wait for your bitch

Morocco is the true heir of Rome

you fucking diaspora are always weak, you fell to the phychological illness shit made by the wh*tes and the jews

my mother never breastfed me because she just "didn't feel like it."
i grew up obese on full fat cow milk without the proper nourishment that comes in human milk

ازيكم يا كسمكم

i used to read but lost the habit during my teenage years. tell me more about "no longer human", the title is interesting. what i like in a book is that it makes you imagine the whole universe of the story in your mind.

thats not one word you dumb nigger

ti bara nik rabek

lol women who do that actually inflict a life of torture to their offspring, breastfeeding prevents acne along with other benefits. just kys already



Wish you could take the happy pills I‘m taking, shit is goat
Not as good as weed though desu

My plans go beyond that.

when I was 8 years old I was in a wheel chair and my dad molested me and stole my school lunch

the leb-user is much better at this
you blithering homosexual

Don't abuse them.
Shit can make you addicted and feel shit without them.

your whole population can be concentrated in sousse only. your army could be concentrated in one district

your body will give up soon

on my fourteenth birthday Israel launched its offensive operation and I was drafter in the joy division, I lost four teeth sucking hezbolah cocks


stfu you berber ape

>make you addicted and feel shit without them.
yeah thats why dude w33d is superior
low chance of addiction and no withdrawals

When there's a will, there's a way my friend.

download the pdf version and take a look at the prologue (2 pages) you will get a general idea
here is a quote from the novel:
“People talk of “social outcasts.” The words apparently denote the miserable losers of the world, the vicious ones, but I feel as though I have been a “social outcast” from the moment I was born. If ever I meet someone society has designated as an outcast, I invariably feel affection for him, an emotion which carries me away in melting tenderness.”
“Now I have neither happiness nor unhappiness.

Everything passes.

That is the one and only thing that I have thought resembled a truth in the society of human beings where I have dwelled up to now as in a burning hell.

Everything passes.”
“The weak fear happiness itself. They can harm themselves on cotton wool. Sometimes they are wounded even by happiness”

don't post in this thread under the same flag as me you bent tooth twat

you should already be dead if you stayed in iraq you fucking rapefugee


it's not me bro
i love tunisia
i am a maghreboo

all these years i grew up believing not being breastfed was not that much of a big deal when it actually played a hefty role in my pathetic upbringing
i used to think not eing breastfed would grant me some kind of additional perk like romulus and remus when in reality i grew up on industrial dehydrated full fat cow udder residue
when i think about it it's amazing i survived this long

pretty nice. will read some of it and tell you about it next week, thanks 7abibi


let me adopt you.

I only realized having one testicle was a deformity the day we had swimming lessons at school, it still didn't deter the teacher from raping me

>all non drahimis should die
yeah fuck you too anyway

fucking nigel go fix your teeth. pic for you

how arent you dead of the cold there ?

if you don't want your nipples to be chewed on by a drooling bald diaper enthusiast then abort the fetus you dumb whore

my dad fucked his sister and I survived being tossed on a brick wall after an abortion performed with a pitchfork

and they wander why they are fucking fat af

What did you guys do in your past lives to deserve to be born here?

Reminder that the Poo A E LITERALLY sold out to Hindoos and is letting them build a Hindoo temple on Muslim land (Abu Dhabi). Embarrassment.

>no longer human
Either good taste or edgy as fuck.
Which one are you?

Wait I just realized your Izem so it's the second.

most likely a serial killer who chased and cut down toddlers, this is the only proportionate sin for my existence

i masturbated so much as a child i now only shoot tiny puffs of air when i cum

yeah sure,and im the most devout of them all.
i watched a video today and they had a fucking dr*g k*ng sing there.
fucking disgusting

not only kind but with green eyes 0:)

gotta keep the slaves happy

green eyes ? what are you ? a fucking faggot ?


don't mind my rude countryman

>green eyes

we're gonna have a problem here.

Rich people usually don't give a shit about religion, and that's the situation of the gulf. Islam is not really a religion there, but a tradition. I think the qatari bro can explain this better. Even the eternal Saud has a pimp life.

The richer/more developed a country gets, the less religious it becomes.


What are you listening to /mena/?

I am listening to this : youtu.be/O2EY6urC4tg

lol that's total bs, gulfies still care about religion and pray and do all the other shit , they just do more ''degenerate'' stuff because they have more means to access it

Myself blaspheming because I'm a stupid fuck.

what colors do your parents have ?
my father has green hazel eyes but I DIDNT FUCKING GET IT

'Tell me about the Hour.' He said, 'The one asked about it knows no more than the one asking.' He said, 'Then tell me about its signs.' He said, 'That the female slave should give birth to her mistress, and you see poor, naked, barefoot shepherds of sheep and goats competing in making tall buildings.'

i feel like an imam

>gulfies still care about religion and pray and do all the other shit

From what I've personally seen, not really. Most of them just adhere to the five pillars of islam and that's it. Most of the retards who keep preaching about "muh islam" and "Muh 7aya2 wa al deen" are just retarded.

90% of saudis don't give a shit anymore. This is because of the greater exposure to westernization than other countries.

father is green like me and my mother has brown eyes, guess I'm lucky. shame, green hazel eyes are pretty nice and seems to constantly change colours


me and my classmates

تصبحوا على خير يا كسمكم
ثريد بضان زيكم

Lmfao I swear gulf arabs are some special kind of sorry race. I never saw so many soyboy sheeps sucking the Western cock that hard. From my experience I feel like it depends on the cities, Riyadh is the kind of "ultra moderate muslim" for example.
But holy shit why do you like westernization like that and forget about your deen, you are the arabic version of the USA. Fucking disgusting why on earth did anybody gave gulfies money? Stop being such sheeps for fuck sake and leave this hedonistic atheistic ways of life.

Ejja ħudni sad-deżert.

what do you guys call gods from other religions?
like what do you call the nordic gods?
are they allahs too?

I was jus going to sleep but then I saw American football so I jus wanted to tell ya you have a terrible pretentious taste goodnight

are they as retarded as this guy:

my father has same skin complexion as this man but hazel green eyes that do change colors in light while my mother has very pale skin but brown eyes...

tesba7 3ala 5er

I am gonna sleep too. Good night /mena/.
May Suwa' be with you.

Better prosperous than some nation stuck in the past. Globalization is the future.

Aaleha = "gods" in arabic
Muslims call god "Allah" just like how jews call god "Yahweh".

"إِلَاه" ilah
Allah is specific to the Abrahamic God

>"إِلَاه" ilah
Ilah is singular though. If I wanted to say the nordic gods I would say "Al Aaleha Al Shamaleyya"

dad has the same eyes and skin but he is better looking than this man :3

و تكلم واحد منهم/من أهلهم ولا درا كيفاه يقولوها

Oh please do you have any clue about how economics work? You're poisonous and retarded for sucking the globalization like that.

For fuck sake even Europeans are starting to hate globalization and realize that it's some shitty way to turn the world and the society into a consumerist materialistic shitstorm. Allah swt will be replaced by money you'll lose your culture, your morals, your deen and your identity. You have money because of oil but when you will stop having this oil you'll just fuck it up again because you are beduins blinded by money and luxury. The Qur'an was right from the beginning you guys will turn into the worst type of fitna filth on earth.

>Globalization is the future.
Such future!

yeah! hazel green eyes tend to change colours easily with lighting variations, i like it

Half of them are pieds-noirs. Not really representative of poonisia's current population.

Jim O Rourke eh.

You need to stop being envious that they are wealthy and you aren't.

ok noob

Well, I asked mama about this. She told me something about Allah giving the tribe of quraysh all the wealth, just because. I think it's in the Quran or Hadith, idk.

I'm not jealous about anything. I'm just sad that people like him are ready to sell their history culture and traditions for a consumerist society where money prevails on anything else.
I'm in France, I'm not living in a poor country.


yes they are pied noir all of them and i'm not implying anything out of this pic
nafris are ugly and swarthy

Interesting. We use alla for everything. Allat in plural.

Seriously try looking at what is happening in Europe and why do europeans are turning back to Christianity and their traditions and conservatism while becoming more and more anti-globalization. They don't care about "modernity" anymore they just want their culture and identity back, ffs even atheists are becoming deus vult fags with this movement going on.

>You're poisonous and retarded for sucking the globalization like that.

I didn't say it was good. I was just saying that it's inveitable.

>but when you will stop having this oil you'll just fuck it up again because you are beduins blinded by money and luxury.
Well, MBS is trying his best to diversify the economy. Also, this whole "2030 Vision" project.

>The Qur'an was right from the beginning you guys will turn into the worst type of fitna filth on earth.
You can believe in what you want and I will go ahead and believe in whatever I want.

Last one should be "I am an ex-muslim **diaspora-shit so I know everything about Islam"

Eitherway french user and everyone here, time moves really quickly. You don't need to argue online with some saudi nobody. You will not gain anything from arguing with me.

Good night for real this time around.

Lol Allat is a name of an old Arab Goddess

oh yeah ? well my father is a BULL that killed 6 gorillon terrorists

how the fuck did the french get to you ? and why did they live there ? and why the hell did you let them ? and you call sa7liis and sfaxis rape babies ?

>kill all Christians
>and lie to them
>but only when they are a threat
>threat is not definied

>kill all Christians

Lel. It is exactly the same for me with my parents

Brother got green eyes though


Only inevitable if we allow it to consume us. like said, people are slowly realising
that globalization with permanently change and hurt their country as it is, and people want to
keep their countries and traditions. And that's a good thing, it's what makes us interesting,
different countries with different cultures and architecture and people. Globalisation destroys that.

No arguing, discussion.

>Arab Goddess
Do tell me more.

what do you drahmi fag and algerian/maghrebi diaspora fag fell about what i found ?

Kek, why do you drop your name when you make your durka durka posts? You think nobody can tell?

those are italians not french
tabarka-ain drahem region have many Italians till today
nice my grandfather killed 6 trillion white dog

Calm down, my man, globalization is inevitable. The exchange of culture/media/money/technology/knowledge between the countries should happen, and that's actually the reason why we improved our quality of life in the XX century.

It's fundamental for a human being to be aware of different countries and cultures. It creates a sense of "respect" between cunts. The thing is, some countries are so powerful their culture dominate others, naturally, just like the US.

Young saudis today are aware of the fact that:

>the world is very, very big
>there are different religions and cultures out there
>some countries are even atheist
>a shitton of things were happening even before the abrahamic religions were a thing
>there are people right know that enjoys freedom and have a better quality of life overall

And so on. We shouldn't avoid globalization, but deal with it in a better way.

i saw this in fb
amazigh tounes al a7rara kek
they've got based posts


how the fuck did the italians get to you ? and why did they live there ? and why the hell did you let them ? and you call sa7liis and sfaxis rape babies ?

dont evade the questions and answer, i need real unbiased history

the romans probably did the same and those places must have roman blood...


Here's a makjetta about tits.

ugly demon

no tunisian had way more Italians than french tabaraka was one of their favorite destinations so we got a large Sicilian diaspora here we didn't mix tho
there is nothing as roman blood tho

But there is a difference between being aware and respecting other countries' culture and trying to override it. Sucks to have a country lose it's identity.

>when borders didn't exist yet maghreb united

Sad, seriously this beduin habit of running after what the west does will destroy you.

>globalization is inevitable
Unless people massively stand up against it but that's pretty unrealistic.
And there won't be exchanges of culture anymore with globalization, its purpose is to create a monoculture where people can consume the same things without making differences. You don't need globalization to respect different cultures.

But I'm pretty sure that just like what's happening in Europe right now, those who will accept globalization in the future will be rejecting it too, a kind of cyclical effect.

i knew it,my theory is right. even if araps came and settled, its not the real araps but the levant rape babies. and most of the genes may even be from ancient times

Most left though.

And here's the y-dna of Jews from North Africa. More similar to sephardim and southern europeans. j2, g, j1, t and e-m123 being the dominant.

This. Looking at the state of France now especially the youth, France doesn't really have a culture or proper traditions anymore. For some reason the youth want to be americanized in their way of life, way to dress, way to study...

Berbers do NOT have any ar*p blood

It's happening all over Europe, as you said.
For example, seeing Maltese youth speaking between them in English instead of Maltese
makes my blood boil. We just try to imitate America too in-general. Saddening. And the
influx of foreigners doesn't help either.

Actually there is a lot of j1 in the urbanised parts of tunisia, which suggests that Arabs did settle down the cities. Whereas rural tunisians have hardly any j1.

Can someone explain to me how Islam views the Psalms?
Wikipedia says this:
>Sura An-Nisa 4:163 of the Qur'an states "and to David We gave the Psalms".[2] Therefore, Islam claims the Psalms as being inspired of God. The Qur'an mentions the word Zabur three times.[3]
However, surely Psalm 2, for example, is a direct heresy against Islamic teaching?

damn how many rape orgies did my ancestors take part in this is honestly disgusting to think about

It sure sucks, but that's too extreme. Cultures get influenced by others, but that's it, I don't believe cultures get destroyed with globalization. Hell, not even the Soviet Union was able to do so.

>its purpose is to create a monoculture where people can consume the same things without making differences

This is a matter of belief, I don't think this will happen. People are different and fucking proud of it.
Look at /mena/. After the islamic expansion, everyone suddenly speaks arabic and follows the same religion. Not only that, most of them identify as "arab". From my perspective, that's worse than globalization, for example.

Now, even with that, /mena/ countries are very different from each other and God forbid you tell fulan that Lebanon and Syria is pretty much the same, he'll kick you in the nuts.

Just because people from all over the world are having a similar way of life it doesn't mean we're becoming monocultural.

Money and media are free to go from country to country, there are almost no barriers. But there are barriers to people, you can't just immigrate that easily.

*If, one day, people are free to go wherever they want without needing a visa, then, my friend, the apocalypse begins.*

Sad, why would they leave the Maltese language that is so unique for another language that is literally spoken all over the world and gets so fucking boring since everybody knows it?
Just like when Japanese people include English words in their vocabulary

Islam views all modern text of previous holy Ibrahimic texts as modified by humans.

they will be cleansed by Ammon's will

no araboids allowed here

It's more to do with the eastern mediterranean being a meeting ground of different population movements. Natufians, Iranian Chalcolithic peoples, Steppe peoples.

So the claim is that the original Book of Psalms made no mention of God having a son?

stop following religions you rich fuck


I'm not even religious, but since I started reading into Christianity, I've realised that my understanding of much of our culture has grown immensely.
Plus it helps me deal with *theist scum and Isl*m apologists.

One's way of life is rythmed by its culture. Spanish people eat later than French people, they also tend to arrive later at work and at events like birthdays and take a nap after lunch, why? Because it's their culture.

With globalization the society will want to copy one dominant way of life, probably the Western one as you can see in international companies. Let's take Google for example, those working at google have all different cultural backgrounds yet they all follow one rythm of work, that is the western one. I feel like you're too optimistic on that matter. It's an example among many others but it's a relevant one because globalization's effect on culture is particularly seen on international companies like Google. So yes, one common way of life as a result of globalziation = becoming monocultural.

Are you sure it isn't a clit?? :^)

the same thing that happened here for the berber language,invasions. except its indirectly in this age and its the same thing that still happening here too as you know

Let's just hope you're right. Actually, it's us who are more likely to kill our culture and
identity via cultural and identitarian suicide, something like how I said here. I just don't want that any culture gets ruined via too much Americanism, for example.
I'm just concerned about my islands. Remember how small we are, therefore how easy it
is to lose everything.

It used to be just posh people from the North, seeing Maltese as a second class language
now it's getting more and more common everywhere, people mixing up both languages, fucking disgusting.
I try to avoid using English as much as possible. And it's not like these people are using English words for
word that we have no Maltese word for it, they just decided to speak in English instead. The worst
part is when the butcher an English word in Maltese, when we have a perfect Maltese word available.
Jesus fucking Christ.

Time will tell, I haven't changed my mind.

those people are cancer,just like the fucks who speak fr*nch here trying to sound "educated".
especially the fucking outrageous idiotic normie ignorant ones in facebook fuuuuu i hate them

Islamization and Arabization are two different process unfortunately North Africa had both instead of just Islamization unlike Persia. This problem makes people think that Islam is inherently tied to Arabic culture while at its beginning/return it was in direct opposition with pre-Islamic beduin culture.

Brazilian flag is honestly too optimistic about this matter desu and I wish I could be like him but I find his opinion too unrealistic.
I'd have never thought that English was that common in Malta. Language is the biggest mark of a culture, if it's lost then it's almost the entire culture that is lost. I still also don't understand why India doesn't put Hindu as their official language instead of English.

Indeed, we'll see, but I think that America is the perfect example at how a society turns when it's globalized. And that's not beautiful (to me).

English is common here because of colonization, it is one of the official languages (they replaced Italian,
fucking cocksuckers), and it is a compulsory subject throughout compulsory school. Many people unfortunately
have this terrible mindset that Maltese = bad, foreign = good, which of course, it is a dump of horse shit. And
many seem to have no problem for us to turn into a mini-murica. We're on that path.

I'd have to empty my fucking country to achieve that.

Don't. We don't need america anymore anywhere, like the Tounsi said because of them you'll lose your culture. Shit I don't really know Malta but it's pretty unique why can't Malteses appreciate it the way it is?

well time to start then

How is my favorite shitposting general doing today?

We turned into people who only care about money. So the rest is trivial.
We destroy old buildings to build concrete tumors, be build on every green
patch we find, uncontrolled immigration, just nuke us. The cosmopolitan
dream of that cunt, the prime minister is happening.

You have no right to post this shit you idiot unless youve lived in an Islamic country

Are you the guy who legit saddened me?

I see what you are talking about, destroying old buildings and replacing it with modern architecture... What's surprising is that you don't even really have a reason to hate your own culture unlike Western Europeans who are into some kind of self-hatred bc of slavery colonization and war.
Don't lose hope though, just like how it's happening in Europe this effect will breed a counter-effect.

trust me, and always keep this in mind:
most people are normies,most people are stupid and only care about living their normie lifes.
the ones you see here are the woke people,the ones who at least smart enough to not follow the mainstream and be conscious of the world and what is happening.
t.عايش في بلاد البهايم

I have never met any Malta anons before this. So no, I didn't.

>We destroy old buildings to build concrete tumors, be build on every green

Honestly it's best not to live in the past. It's healthy to move on. Getting rid of old buildings is a part of that process.

I don't like globalization much, but lingering in the past is also unhealthy.

i mean:
t.هايم في بلاد البهايم*
means: wandering in the country of the idiots

Dumb "logic". You can't know who you are if you don't know where you're from.

>jews are not our guys

I mean, jesus fucking christ how stupid can someone be? Let me go back to that "maltese = bad, foreign = good" comment.
So picture this, given our size, because we're so fucking small, we can get the freshest local products ever. I'm talking vegetables,
milk, and meat mostly. I'm talking about having a pig killed Monday, and have him in the customer's freezers by Wednesday, can't
get fresher than that. Yes some dumb fucks will still but foreign, and god knows how long that meat has been going around. And mind
you, we have good quality products.

Fucking hate them.

My apologies.

yes, let's destroy beautiful old buildings that are a part of what makes a country what it is instead of renovating it,
and instead of it build a concrete monster. That makes sense. Not to mention tourism.


No reason to apologize. How has your day been?

decent, I guess. you?

I have an interview today and I can't sleep. Also I'm having relationship problems with my gf.

I'm sorry to hear that, and good luck for the interview. I can't help with either.
I myself an getting help to be able to be somewhat functioning.

You probably have a long road to go but hopefully you'll make it! I already believe in you, user. You sound like a kind person.

A long road it is. I'm literally at the starting point. We'll see. Thanks for the kind words, though I'm somewhat of a cunt. I can't help it.

ahhh you are the least cuntie person here

How are Berbers/Amazigh treated in Tunisia?

You haven't seen my full potential.

they don't exist to get treated bad or well

"In this exact moment I'm euphoric not because of some phony god but because I'm enlighten by my own intelligence!"
cit. Anonymous writer

The Shamutt is real

assalam alaykum

I've been really depressed. Wish I could die in a car accident. Hope it happens so wish me luck

the memes need you

Take antidepressants and you‘ll be fine
t. Does this too

I have been doing poorly in my classes and because of this shit feeling. I really need to get these anti-depprision pills