Come take our women, European men

Come take our women, European men.

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Alright, but I'll need her to take a DNA test to make sure that she's at least 50% white and has no Negro or Jewish heritage.

I highly doubt going to another continent would improve my attractiveness

Will Brazil become First World after three more rounds of BLEACHING?


Pretty much every Brazilian has Negro and Jewish heritage.

Mira lo que estan esas nalgas papaaa

Then I shan't be claiming any of your women today, good sir.

or Native and Jewish

This is by far, THE most cuck post I've read. good job.


Good post

due to the physical dimensions of my pepee i would be unable to satisfy a woman with a bunda

feels bad mon

>Jewish heritage

I'm sorry what? How is that even possible?

>gayfag detected

Unlike you mutt, I do not wish to spoil my blood line
>Brazil has the ninth largest Jewish community in the world
And even more crypto Jews.

it's possible by having Jewish ancestors, retard.

I doubt there are more than 100,000 thousand Jews here.

>pretty much EVERY Brazilian has negro and JEWISH DNA.

check IBGE and see how your jaw drops, we have at least 100000 jews.

there are more arabs in your country than there are jews

>arabs and jews are identical to each other


Both of you stop

literally what's the point of this post, jewish are a "race" too, faggot.
>arabs and jews are identical to each other
I never said that, but yes we do have plenty of arabs.
But both arabs and jews still only qualify as a small part of the total population, together they surely don't even reach 3 million.

There are 12 million arabs in your country. And this is only counting people who identify as full arabs, not counting mixed arabs (which are probably an even larger number), The point I'm trying to make is that you have more arab ancestors than jewish ancestors, this is wrong

It's the mathematics of genetics. With a country like Brazil, even a small amount of pure Jews likely means that there's a lot of half Jews or quarter Jews. And that means that there's many people with a Jewish ancestor. And considering that migration to Brazil began during the Inquisition, it means that most Jews were crypto-Jews, so most people wouldn't even know if they had a Jewish ancestor.

got wiki-fooled, my bad then.

If it's to the point where you need a DNA test to see it then I don't think it's significant.

Nope, just look at gypsies. They have barely any Indian in them left, and they look white, but they still act like niggers.

The "Arabs" in Brazil are christian immigrants from Syria and Lebanon. That's the important point you need to take before thinking why they don't cause problems here.

I'm not in a position to talk to you about what gypsies look like, but I thought most gypsies looked brown, even more overtly non-white than jews.

because their behaviour stems from their shitty culture.

Yeh, I'm aware of their religion. Muslim arabs prefer to stay here because sharia law and islamic customs are more popular here. Christian arabs immigrate to brazil and USA because christianity has more influence there. We're very similar genetically, only major difference is our religion and customs. Arabs aren't one kind of people.

Jesus Christ, you have some serious problem. Why is there being "Arabs" (which as I explained here they don't actually have anything to do with you) in Brazil prevent Brazilians from having Jewish ancestor?

The reason there might be many Brazilian with Jewish ancestors is that some of the original settlers from Portugal were "new christians", which mostly meant they were Sephardic Jews converted to Christianity. Not even anything to do with the descendants of recent Ashkenazi Jewish immigrants.

Pretty sure they're racially distinct too.

Nope, they look much whiter than jews, see pic. There's tonnes around here that steal all the fucking garbage you leave on the side walk.
And shitty culture stems from an inferior race

I'm not saying you don't have any jewish ancestors lol, that's not my point. I'm just saying the likelihood of you having an arab ancestor is greater than having a jewish ancestor. It may well be that you do have a jewish ancestor, but that doesn't mean every other brazilian does too.

Don't you guys have irish gypsies or something, i.e. not real gypsies?

but culture is more bleaching-resisting

>I'm just saying the likelihood of you having an arab ancestor is greater than having a jewish ancestor

Except that's bullshit and I tried to explain why that is bullshit.

That's true
Nope we got proper gypsies in Southern England. Lots of words actually come from their language. Like chav and shiv are actually there's.

I'm talking about actual jews, people who identify as jews in your country. And that number doesn't even cross 1 million.

Why though?

So we can watch

So you're just changing the subject, you idiotic Arab.

Also, the Lebanese/Syrian folks in Brazil are more similar to the Jews than you anyway. Proof of that is that they're thriving in the economic and political scenario as opposed to building ghettos and being a problem for the country.

But why?

No, we'll ban all wh*Tes before it happens

lol that number already includes partial ancestry, pendeja

This is correct, Christian Arabs are either remnants or pre-Islam middle easterners, or mixed with Europeans during the colonial period

>Proof of that is that they're thriving in the economic and political scenario as opposed to building ghettos and being a problem for the country.

Lol ok. Keep telling yourself that if it comforts you, Alberto Muhammad Abdullah.

fucking cucks, get off my country.

that underwear looks really uncomfortable

Now you're just being retarded, mate. Arabs (christian ones at least) have adapted almost perfectly. Their descendents have no problem in ascending in class and proeminence.

Don't mix your 100% pure european aryan genes with brazilians they are all mixed.

wtf, that looks like a jew. btw, how good is he at running the country really?

How would Brazilians react to whitey taken their women?

>using the fodendo temer as an example
you're being ironic, right?
we're all mutts here, argentina, is just that some of us aren't in denial.

What about Argentines? Are they aryan?

not too bad.
whatever, mate.
you take some of our women, we take some of yours,then you take some more and so on and on.

They're BLACK

They are as mutt as Huezil, maybe more, but they see themselves as being "european".

Already did...Fuck I miss her lad ;_;

I actually got a friend who's half Brazilian. His mum came over from Brazil, married his dad to get citizenship, then immediately divorced him and took all his money. Top kek.
Good post
I assume that they've got to be pretty European, their IQ is below European levels but much higher than most Latino states

Brazilian men marry foreigners way more than women do.

They are mostly brown skinned the white meme is because here light brown is considered white.
I took this photo. This is supposed to be one of the whitest part of the country.

how do i get a macaco waifu?

Eh, he could be worse I guess. He's not retarded, but won't take any drastic measures to actually improve the country.
He is a leb, you know that, right?

Amazing, Mexico used to be a at 88 now its at 90. Maybe exporting your underclass to other nations isn't such a bad idea.

Why are braziian men such chads?

Jewish were expelled from portugal at a certain point in time and ended up here

Who do they marry?
El goblinos...
It works perfectly. Until decades later when you need cheap labour.

It's greatly watered down. Wouldn't worry about it. You guys are mostly iberian with some native, and a touch of negro.

I'm not sure, but once they get their foreign wives, they never come back. kek

Other way around, most people are white/black mixed and few having native DNA.

I don't want to learn your language.

Por quê?

>blue eyes
>pearly white smile
>massive ass and tits
>cooked great
Months later I still miss her

I meant in regard to his efficiency and all that, but as you said he's not retarded at least.

>you will never get to eat sopa de macacao with this

: ((((((((((((

She was whiter and hotter than that tho

That's a disgusting favela-product

Don't insult my gf please

>a yuro soyboy being able to handle a favela or turra

I'll take your cholas too fatass

how much would a couple qt novinhas cost me in US of Goblino moneys?

would only fugg middle-class Brazilian girls, especially the ones with mostly yuro heritage
faveladas are subhuman hookers with aids who don't deserve any of my time

I could run over you 4 feet brown midgets like it's nothing. My 6'1 ARYAN EVROPEAN genetics prove that I'm superior to l*tinos in every way.

This, I want to move to one of those little tropical German towns in Brazil and live the rest of my days there.

This guy

What???? She's wife material.

Negras aren't wives. They're whores.

packing my bags rn



But their booty is delicia

But you can find yuros with better asses and tits.

I get it!She looks like a goat that's why

I'll fuck anything really. I just like brown women specfically because I find their colour intoxicating. Yes, I'm a filthy racemixing faggot.

>yuros with better asses and tits

Show me

Shhhh just let him take the ugly ones.

Fair point
See OP

>a euro

she's a mixed mutt.

That must be it!

Hi joao

>Come take our women, European men.

Only the nigger ones to bleach them. I couldn't care less about them

So, how loyal are Brazilian women?

Define nigger ones.


I don't want to be drugged with horse tranquilizers and left to die in a hotel bathtub after my bank account was emptied and kidneys, liver stolen.

anything between "you're my one and only,user" to "oh user I did it again :))) so sorry/ want a open relationship?'

90% of brazil's population

Yeah I agree, women with tattoos are whores but they're also wild in bed.

I'm an abdullah.

>90% of brazil's population

Thank God no. If this was true even the women from this coutry would be shit tier

The divorce rate isn't too bad compared to Europe.

They can take all the nigger ones.

>Portugal and Spain
Jesus fucking Christ what is happening in there?

Feminism darling.

marry the Portuguese female
the marriage will fail


Didn't know Portugal was a feminist hellhole

I want to sniff her anus


Im going soon actually

It has been since the 70s, when the old regime fell and the commies took over.

I used to text a Brazilian girls with nipples that were bright pink and very creamy white skin, she was so hot.

But she was completely insane.

>bright pink nipples and very creamy white skin

Was yours very depressed to the point of going out of her way to get raped as a way to punish her while she would cry during the whole thing?

...No mine was incredibly sweet and cooked some nice food for me. Yours sounds like a keeper though.

What in the holy fuck?

I dunno man, she said she hated herself so much she felt like she needed to be punished. So she'd go out and pick random dudes and ask them to fuck her while she'd cry the whole time.

I eventually blocked her.

Maybe you were just a huge asshole and drove her insane, and now you're venting about it on Cred Forums.

>I eventually blocked her.
That was a good idea

All iberians have jewish ancestry, don't you know about history?

Siempre supe que uruguay era la raza maestra.

It also happens to be the whitest one...

>fascism in iberia was good
>the democratic transitions in the 70s were bad

Shall I post my big long nose?


>Latin American cuckposting
Carry on

Franco was the last real leader of Spain.

>Unlike you mutt, I do not wish to spoil my blood line
Too late you Celtic Briton/ Saxon mutt.

Vale david.

Mixing great races create greater races. Mixing with lesser races create even lesser races.
This is why Spain has been shit for the last 50 years

Then I guess I am a greater race. English and Ulster-Scots created the ultimate race, the Appalachian peoples.

That's true, I want to live in Kentucky desu. Shame about all the spics and niggers elsewhere in Appalachia tho

What a gorgeous woman

My family settled in Eastern Kentucky around 1805. I live close to the land they were granted. They came from North Carolina and the parents ages and our surname would make them English colonists. Unfortunately that seems to be all I will find about my paternal line, some documents I need were destroyed by the British during the War of 1812.

>I want to live in Kentucky desu
The opioid problem is very real here. This is a beautiful part of the country and I'm quite happy here but if we can't solve the heroin epidemic I don't know that I want to stay. Not that anywhere else in the region is much better of course.

>Come and racemix white goy

what did you do to her, why did she leave

You Finnish posters are always the ones starting the jungle fever threads

you don't have to worry about that since you're asian.

>It's greatly watered down. Wouldn't worry about it.
t. la creatura

statistical artifact due to sudden change of population behaviour (divorce was not legal during th eboth countries' dictatorships), the values ought to normalize when the data from 1980 and before is no longer relevant.

that's mostly in spain. Here it only took roots in lisbon and rather restrict/elitist circles elsewhere.
portuguese women, much like their spanish counterpart, are absolutely drain the life out of their partners, though.
The worse part is that newer generations seem to have lost some of the positives (like being independent or excelling cooking) while also worsening the princess complex they already had (something similar could be said of males, too)


>supposed to be one of the whitest part of the country.

el provinciano señores.

It'll be your own men Binland

got any that are browner?

Sounds like a rape/molestation victim repeating her past trauma. Wew.

you fucking muppet, irish gypsies aren't related to romani gypsies

our army is already "bleaching" this country

favela monkeys and monkey breeders are with their days counted

just clarifying some things:

1. Christian lebs and Sunni lebs look the fucking same and are genetically the same, with a difference of 1 or 2 % of european DNA or whatever.

2. The few muslims from Syria/Lebanon that live in Brazil are good people that adapt pretty well.

3. 10 million lebs living in Brazil is a MEME. Most of them are just partially leb.

4. If you want Brazilian pussy then you just have to come here and say "Hey, I'm from *developed country*"

beware of the 7.62s, favelito

>4. If you want Brazilian pussy then you just have to come here and say "Hey, I'm from *developed country*"
Even if I'm a fucking leaf with dirty blonde hair and green eyes?

Can I get taken too?
I want a cute twink with glasses to hug me

>Cred Forums people have gone into unicenter
>I have shared a building with someone who browses Cred Forums


it won't, but you'll get away from swedish girls
it's nice when girls aren't american

Time to kill yourself.


Anythings better than the favelas


are you sure they're going to be after your women after arrival?

Im not able to take brazilian women but I would be very happy if one of them decided to take me.