Gone but not forgotten

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extremist, i.e., poor

What is this look called?

deano: class
tarquin: claahs


Isn't it strange how every animal except us is retarded?

bumpkin: clarse


oblivion character

Thank fuck toilberg doesn't care if I come in late, woul've been sacked ages ago if he did

Your Future


the beauty is in the mix
-nancy pelosi

what was wrong with ian? he always look like he's dying

fuckin class that mate

Hate when southerners use slang whilst pretending to be cockney or being tarquin
Hate when northerners sound like thick dinner ladies 'cuppa teh luv'

The radical midlander truly doth suffer

The Left is the establishment now.

>david cameron is the embodiment of the establishment. cut public spending while legalising gay marriage
While also being anti-gun, pro-war on drugs, being in favour of a surveillance state and introducing several interventionist measures? That's not particularly liberal

getting my daily dose of urbex

la creatura

*cruises around the hood (Godalming) listening to fiddy (50 cent) in the whip (my mum's a-class)*


cycled there once

my father was born in 1949 and his house had no central heating until the early 70s. the living room was the only heated room with the fireplace.


can't wait for my great grandchildren to look like this

>anti-gun, pro-war on drugs
fringe issues
>being in favour of a surveillance state
a standard part of modern government.
>and introducing several interventionist measures?

fuck off grandad

T.rural Norfolk boy.

Need a shave but the beards covering a red spot that will be really obvious after a shave

central heating is overrated


lol at those crappy resuscitation skills

Why wait, why not your children?


>fringe issues
still liberal cornerstones
>standard part of modern government
and not a liberal one at that
help to buy, the tuition fee changes which were basically a massive taxpayer-funded bung to universities

meanwhile in russia


watch him go x

>he always look like he's dying
Because he is

spectacular game

Theres NOTHING cooler than staying hydrated!

remember when the prime minister coughed
then kept coughing
and coughing
and coughing

have fucking unkle adams songs stuck in my head

fuck off you pedophile shithead

reported for nsfw

Any BAFTA man in?
9pm bbc1

redpill: there are two establishments in the US, effectively a Blue Government (the state department, academia, most media) and the Red Government (the pentagon). These two factions make up the permanent government, or the deep state, whereas any Presidential administration is the temporary government. The Blue Government wanted a Hillary Presidency but because Trump won there has been a brewing civil war between the establishment forces.

bottom right is literally maisie

got some 12 hour shifts coming up

Going to be fucking horrible lads

>trump drinks water is now news

I unironically use "How do you do" with upper and upper middle class people, "pleased to meet you" with middle and lower middle class people and "alright?" with working class and neet people.


any of you wach Lady Bird

worth a watch/?

time for a water sammy x

*actually teleports behind him*
>actually says "NANI?!"

Based DB Super


looks baltic

doesnt sound very american


>the democrats are left wing

I'm so desperately afraid of being late that I get to work at least 40 minutes before my shift every day

I plan it so that if my normal train is cancelled or late then I could technically still get the next train and arrive in time

have nightmares about being late

shall most certainly NOT be watching Nigger Cat

There are adults who watch dragonball. Let that sink in.

who here isn't ashamed to be a WHITE man?

Starting a me too party

Classic New Zealand cuisine there mate.

Best PS2 game was Simpsons Hit and Run

did i say the word left at all in my post? numbskull

>still liberal cornerstones
and ones that can be put aside as a practical necessity.
>help to buy, the tuition fee changes which were basically a massive taxpayer-funded bung to universities
both are standard neoliberalism, using government intervention to help (a) make the market function, or (b) marketise things that were previously run as non-market services.

the continuity between major, blair and cameron ("liberal") is significantly greater than the continuity between attlee, wilson and blair. ("left")

They want more gibs so economically they are

don't mind the junkie's shagging and shooting up, this is a nice area

that's a big folder

not "true left wing"?

I'm late literally every single day. Sometimes by over an hour. The only reason I haven't been fired is that I'm underpaid for what I do and my employer really needs me.

two litres of cider and a litre of Guinness, going to need more I think.

i read peter hook's joy division book recently
really good stuff

Just injected some krokodil up my arse. It's gonna be a wild ride

they're to the right of European conservative parties

his it's me, a pedo

the sheer arrogance of that man

*blocks your path*
macs are better than PCs

closer is the best joy division album

Really want this

What does European conservativism even mean

yes i started it in december 2016

meow haha

Me before toil


>"perfect Europe doesn't exi-"

Is there owt good on the telly, lads? I'm bored and toil on the morrow.

el goblina

European conservatism

better Tbh

Watching the Daytona 500.

you little coward. you didn't respond to my post because i called you out for being wrong so you're instead choosing to reply to someone entirely different just to fight an argument you think you can win

utter cretin



Macs are PCs.

PC means personal computer.

la Luz extinguido

as long as im not more than half an hour late my manger treats it as a joke usually because i treat her like a sexual object and she enjoys it. once she accidentally got a bit of spit in my face while she was talking just above my lip and i licked it off while she was looking at me and she stated shouting about her fiance

get get get get get got got got got

looks like the girl who flies the helicopter in Avatar


this is a lad who went through chemo and grew a beard to celebrate getting the all clear

what does "Blue Government" mean if not democrat?

>>Macs are PCs.

>PC means personal computer.

Is it a chronological account of the band or more Ian focused?

I hate balding twats with curly hair and they keep their hideous noodly mess long to try and hide their baldness


would you shag Joanna Lumley like?

>playing as Ethiopia
End yourself.


it is now literally physically impossible not to think about the impending toil

every neuron firing with anxious dread of the imminent wage servitude, every atom resonating with resistance but ultimately succumbing to the inevitability of a lifetime of misery ahead


yeah defo

some hippie girl who i come across quite often looks like her

groB afrikan REICH :DDD

nah I'm unemployed, every day is the same

more like pooftahs

any blue labour man in



any folkestone man in

European “conservative” parties are cucked ,we haven’t had a good political party in the U.K. since national front.

jauchzet, frohlocket auf, preiset die tage

Every white British male between the ages of 18-30 should be exterminated.


wew lads, he posted cp


Is there a chance my toil will end?

Not on your life, my wageslave friend!

SJWs, poofs and paedos clap each other on the back.

more like Joanna Roofly haha wahey

wow I can understand Finnish

never knew or paid any attention to one direction when they were a run of the mill boyband playing their shitty pop songs

but I actually really like the songs the individual members have put out since they've disbanded

>didn't even know liam whatshisname and that blond paki were even 1D members until their I began hearing catchy fucking songs everywhere

fucking come to wakey and try exterminate me and watch what happens

it does mean democrat. democrats are at war with the republican/military establishment, but that doesn't necessarily mean either is right or left. they don't stand for anything other than maintaining or expanding their own power.

you wear fila, i wear nike
that's the different between you and me, kidda


it focuses on the whole band but he does go pretty in depth on ian
it did highlight just how troubled ian was and it really helps you understand why he ended up topping himself

just tired of living

getting severe dave readings in this thread
getting severe dave readings in this thread

happened to me with Robbie Williams, good egg that one

felleeggiina kekkononna spracklen spardergeeggen kropbidipussakaeen a re tuutargarte BENIS XDDD

japanese war crimes


didnt happen

how is ww2 taught in finnish schools?

dresden was a false flag operation

REALLY like this image

wow I can understand English

1D have some decent songs


remember that website years ago that had all the pictures of cats in jars haha

adulescentulus carnifex

dido notu occuoa frendu


any ratemypoo.com man in


macs are pcs simplified

good for people like me because i dont know what to look for when buying one of those giant pc boxes , monitor, keyboard and mouse separate


forgot that existed desu

*kop kop*
anteeksi aprikoosi kataja

I'm fucking ill and I was literally locked to my bed for about 16 hours friday night/saturday morning, but I still have to go even though I ache all over and have no vitality at all
I'm fucking done lads

Are you going to read the New Order book next?

i cant wait for work thinknig about it i was nasty to an attractive lovely woman who was always super nice to me and mocked her intelligence and upset her. it's been eating me up all weekend i don't even care if i was right or wrong i can't stand to see her lovely face upset

Diana Rigg lads. Would you?

just want it to end already

seriously this has been in my head all day ffs

White people are getting the shit end of it all

fucking hell he's tragic

*sips on some sizzurp*

back then of course, she was peng

>that picture


just finished the hacienda one the other day

what would posses you to shave a cat
bet it was a yank

Any smokers in? Ever use smoker tooth paste? I just bought a tube but I reckon it's just marketing bollocks

Beyonce - Countdown



Is he a gayer?

the usual allied story, i reckon. they devoted a few pages for giving a more nuanced look on how much leeway we actually had in cooperating with the nazis, laying out different historians' views and such

>smoker tooth paste

Just binge watched Blade Runner 2049 and I want a Joi gf


i would honestly prefer looking like the terrone than how i currently look

28 years old now smoking 20 a day since i was 14 but i just do what my dad taught me use normal toothpaste but get your teeth cleaned and whitened every 6 months or so

Think I'll get a Chinkies. Does anyone else want a Chinkies?

No? What about the Paki shop?

>just finished the hacienda one the other day

top middle look is so on point

nah hes just effay af

No it's just how every upper class man dresses

>28 years old now smoking 20 a day since i was 14
Utterly grim existence

cancer wanker loves his fags

Never heard of The Hacienda until right now when I was checking for Unknown Pleasures on Amazon, sounds like a cool place

don't laugh at him he's been through enough

I don't like it in there, they've always got that wog box on

i don't think he is, just confident

A doctor, an engineer, a scientist...

He used to be one in Uni then decided to stop being a puff when he went into politics.

it was mad
new order made virtually no money in their prime because of it

i tried this wanking technique, but i pissed myself? what the heck?


it's actually quite astonishing how much american nonwhites loathe american whites

used to think "race war" was a meme but i unironically could see it happening in the streets of some big american cities.

he just as astounding taste in fashion
don't need to be gay to have that

are you dumb lads? are you actually fucking morons? do you live under a rock?

he's not only quite clearly bent, but he's famously bent for outing himself whilst in parliament when he had sex with Peter Lilley

with those fits l bet he has a face full of gash every night

skip to 21:20

I know you think those words are racist but in the context you used them they're really not. Chink and Paki are races but they're also types of food and shops/restaurants.

Her arse is fantastic in the music video

amazing comments

No, from what I've heard Portillo has possibly the biggest cock in the UK, certainly the biggest of any MP ever. It's been described as "like an evian bottle".

Over 17 inches in lengtth and 7 in girth. Apparantly he slept with Diane Abbott when they were at uni togeather and he streched her out so much that Corbyn felt like a pencil when he was with her after.

When he was in parliament it was estimated that he slept with over 2000 women in the Palace of Westminster, including many female MPs etc. In fact his penis was nicknamed "Westmonster" for a time.

So no he's no

*scuttles through the thread*


Any white man in?

If water has air atoms why can't we breathe in it?

there's loads
the entire website is a fucking gold mine

hmmm yes yank identity politics, riveting stuff!

>Utterly grim existence

shut up you fucking child, in the 70s about 60 or 70 percent of men smoked like this and you could smoke anywhere but it became less acceptable culturally and now it's utterly grim haha


this place is not for you cumskin

She was preggo in that video

About to take Dr Jordan Petersen's advice and clean my room, lads.

I've never heard a fact that is actually fun.


if sex is anythink like this i need to get myself a girlfrend!
just did it and i almost passed out!
i can usualy bash one out in about 3 minnits (i know not perticualy good) but this must have taken me a good 30 minits

some advice:
go to the tolet first or you will piss yourself.
dont let your head get dry or it will start to sting and you wount be able to carry on.
you need to concentrate hard on somthing that makes you usualy cum.
you will keep felinng like your about to cum, your not. you can tell when your going to cum because it starts to tingle alot and you get contractions your knob will have a few mini orgasums and then a big one.

in this case the build up was the best bit the actualy cumming bit wasent as good because i think i almost passed put so wasent relly paying atention

sorry for any spelling mistakes im still shaking from it


screaming youtube.com/watch?v=HS6R2Q7eRdg

they're bonded

heard the same thing mate, apparently abbott's fanny looked like a Syrian deli when Portillo was finished with her, cant remember where I read it but when she rebounded onto corbyn she was quoted as saying it was like 'throwing a caterpillar through the channel tunnel'

Fun fact: bananas produce antimatter, releasing one positron—the antimatter equivalent of an electron—about every 75 minutes. This occurs because bananas contain a small amount of potassium-40, a naturally occurring isotope of potassium. As potassium-40 decays, it occasionally spits out a positron in the process.

Is 'Madchester' still a thing?

98.2% finnish 1.8% middle-american how you like them apples


what the fuck



Are you brown?

Then I'm bringing it back

>told my gf I'd lose 20 pounds by the time I see her again (two weeks)
>actually gained 2 pounds

Fuck, hope she won't notice I put on a bit of cheeky weight

what the fuck am I reading

Probably why it was particularly nice



manchester is still a cornerstone of UK dance music culture but the clubbing scene nationwide is struggling. We need a new rave scene not run by cokehead roadmen

no i'm a statue of a man


>twitch memes
off you trot

wow delete this



any brown sauce man in

have you ever had a wank so powerful that you actually pissed yourself instead of cumming?

>Europeans keep shit talking Americans
>America instantly pulls the plug on everything
>total chaos in Europe by next Friday

Do not bite the hand that feeds you.

I almost hope I don't receive things I order from china so I can laugh at their chinglish replies when I complain


best version


ask is the best smiths song

pretty sure it's just piss fetishists roleplaying


Lickdicki sounds like he's having a good time so I'm sure it's not that bad


Imagine being the cretin who posts twitch memes on here, seen some autist post the OMEGALUL image on /aco/

>no bucktooth gf in luxembourg

how old are you?



>>Europeans keep shit talking Americans
>>America instantly pulls the plug on everything
>>total chaos in Europe by next Friday

>Do not bite the hand that feeds you.

>really like girl
>shit happens and I lose interest as things are put in perspective
>user, why are you so distant? is it something I did? Please tell me. It hurts because I really like you
>i actually like you too
>we hug and kiss
>suddenly realise I'm still not that bothered

Have I accidentally become Chad? Have I been manipulated somehow? Might have to kill this.

when i first started wanking instead of cumming i got the urgent urge to piss after orgasming
always wondered why that was. i assume it was just being a younglad.

don't know what omegalul is and don't care
twitch is cancer

no i'm right

>going on /aco/

*likes and shares*


not even close

why don't more people change their names to one suggesting of higher lineage? 100% sure people with decent last names get more pay

She's gonna mug you

i require a high calorie diet in order to smack british heads off the concrete evermore

a foreign desert religion is not europe's last hope, it is europe's doom

do I really have to explain gcse chemistry to you?

he's right you know

very sad that yank children have to do active shooter drills

Same. And the cum was clear and sticky. It took a while for the white stuff to come out.

Get on our level Smithsfags

because it's pathetic

how long are you here for haha

>foreign to Europe

Hmmmmmmmmmmm mm mm.......?

not even the best song on meat is murder

was at the /brit/
meet-up where i flipped out and bounced one lads head off the mahogany

satisfying melon sound when i took the others out and chinned then to great effect


>Orbán pledged his government’s solidarity with “those western European people and leaders who want to save their country and their Christian culture”.

Why would a bird be singing now? little bastard

fun fact: manchester is only renowned musically cause a shitload of micks migrated there back in the day and made it happen

pretty much every band there is comprised of people of some level Irish descent

whereas the London music scene is mostly black/jamaican shite



He'll have had Kendall too, she's quite small, I don't want to imagine her tiny fanny trying to accommodate Westmonster

he's got something to sing about hasn't he

>joy division
>new order
>echo bunnymen

"i wore eyeliner in high school" starter pack

There's only been one proper brit meetup and your skelly arse sure wasn't there, fuccboi

dunno at least a semester

wanna get a beer or trade hands

if you don't rate the smiths, joy division and slowdive, you're basically not even british

bet this aus lad is a weedy little twat IRL

you don't have to tell people, and once you're successful, no one cares

cheeky shit you swear to christ

i like all these bands and i've never worn eyeliner at school

maybe in yankland where you're a bunch of poofs

next lad to speak without my permission will get a go go gadget neck from my titanic uppercut

didnt know we had black vicars
strange i should only find out when one smokes crack


add the cure to that

What about Foals? The greatest band to ever come out of Oxford

me but i wore black nail varnish instead

best manchester band


blacks are the last bastion of the church in this country

i hate blacks and muslims personally but the archbishop of fucking york is black you total fucktard

it's a different culture over here though we actually listen to the music
we don't just pretend to listen to it to fit into a particular "scene" like in yankland where everybody is a narcissistic gimp


I’m in York can do

any kpop lads in? big fan of Seotaiji and Boys desu

fuck off rorke you don't belong here you're not wanted in this country just get out

Come to Wales so I can put you into a coma you specimen.

may aswell hop in this thread whilst it's up

the fall were the best manchester band


best manchester band

Eventually Euromutts will quit posting Amerimutts whenever they realize they're posting pictures of themselves

unsure of this
was just making a funny



i listenened to some of these in school and i was relatively normal. knew quite a few deano types who liked some of the smiths singles.

whatcha think about this cover

How come there aren't shitloads of great bands from Ireland then?

I did that once and got threatened so much I cleaned it off.