What's your favourite NORDIC country?

Finland is the wrong answer

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>Finland is the wrong answer
I challenge that premise.


Why do they look like gay porn twink actors?


Even Finland?

fuck- marry- rape - kill

Unironically love Finland, wish you had a refugee crisis and you came over here

The truth is, Finnish influence ended the pure Scandinavian bloodline ages ago. Except for some cherrypicked individuals they are heavily Mong. Those Norwegian tweenpop brothers whose names I don't care to remember prove my point.

finland looks as movie director


Shit thread that is an obvious russian




Want another shit-flinging fest, sw*Doid scum?

Come at me!

We’ve had a refugee crisis since the early 00’s

Do non-finns notice anything peculiar about this image?

Sweden should invest in modern technology so they can take pictures with colors lol

Swedes have been shitting on us more than they usually do recently. I, for one, advocate raiding sverigetråden *goes to mämmi to prepare raid*

I have not seen our guy KANG in ages. According to rumors he's either recovering in a mental hospital or had a lethal OD.

me on the right

wouldnt surprise me the images some finn posted a while ago are worrisome, he looked like he was dying

I am not interested in Northern Europe.
All, the undeveloped land.

Maybe he's with Rurik now in Finnish heaven, waiting for Putin to join them in the celestial sauna.

All of them look foreign. This is what a real nord looks like (ignore jewish garment).

All of those Nordic men look really effeminate.

He’s prolly unironically dead by now. We need a new leader.


1. hates sw*Doid pigs
2. acknowledges the fact that Roman Empire, Ancient Greece, Sumer and Ancient Egypt were all predominantly Finnic
3. is autistic enough to shitpost on 4chins at least 20 hours a day

do they make your willy feel funny?


wish finns would stop shooting up our schools

Cho was like 11 years ago and from a very eastern part of Mongolian empire

no, finland is the only answer

Sminen boi cool

Finland kun

I feel like this is what Sminem would look like if it wasn’t for his disability or whatever

Thank you to all the cute boys who said Finland

Still looks disabled

How come they look so feminine? Sminem is the only one who looks like a man, so I'm choosing Funland.

bit optimistic

How can any anime not be translated to English, but is translated to bizarre languages like Finnish and Norwegian?

why are finns so ugly but estonians not

Estonians have more German in them

It's almost like the pictures have deliberately been chosen to present scandis as pretty feminine boys and finland as ugly

Blatantly untrue

>posts fenno-swedes

The fuck they do. Maybe the top 0.001% of Estonian society. Most Estonians are just mixed with Balto-Slavs.

Very autistic and homosexual that you have this saved

Those aren't fennoswedes

balts are germans

Does Sminem know that he’s a meme and belowed by virgins on Cred Forums?

There’s even article about him on knowyourmeme

and what do you have
you are basically swedes


not a single one except maybe soem of the soldiers are fennoswedes
miiko salo is from a Swedish area however isn't Swedish

None of them is and even if they were Fennoswedes are Finns who speak Swedish (except for Cuckland)

No we are not we are Finns.


Fennoswedes are literal mutts (about 60% Finnish according to this study)


Anglo (Gordon Ramsay or what the fuck his name is)

>pubmed are publishing genetic studies
but why???

Finnish Gordon Ramsay

Could this explain why fennoswedes are so succesful?


>almost 56%

>now it’s been studied; finnish speakers have higher IQ than swedish speakers



didn't know that someone saved this pic, kek

lot of good it has done you
>Tatu Vanhasen ja Richard Lynnin

>According to a new study, Finland Finns have a higher level of intelligence than the Swedish Swedes. The Swedes in Finland, on the other hand, have a higher average IQ than Swedish Swedes. These are very small differences.

Finns ~ 10% Asian
Finland-Swedes ~ 5% Asian
Swedes ~ 2% Asian

Eesti or Iceland

So Fennoswedes are the Golden Intermediate, thus above both Swedes and Finns

Roughly so, yes

>tatu vanhanen

What the Hell does Atlantic baltic even mean

Have you heard the term wypipo before?

I might be biased

thats like asking me which kind of terminal cancer is my favorite

One that doesn't cause excruciating pain?

yeah that wasnt very hard

Fennoswedes are pretty much as Asian as finns as they are mostly finns.

Finland and Iceland



the creator of linux, linustechtips is from Finland, therefore they are the right choice

>Finns and Swedes can't be frien-


Did you know that Fennoswedes have minority quotas in law and medical schools? And indirect quotas in all other fields via Swedish only schools? I.E those things that are in America reserves for nignogs? Isn't that a bit embarrassing? The master race can't get into top tier schools without gibmedats?




They all look like faggots and Sminem could probably fuck them up with his retard strength.

Why do finnish people always become a joke material?
Poor Finnish...

Nice boys. Now have some men.




still mad about yesterday?


lowly dog. Boy your head in the presence of Sminem.

Finlan :-DDDDDD

I just wish that we were an island like iceland



Stop bullying sminem,he saved the crypto market by himself


>el monstro finlandés

I never saw that flag on 4chins before. Now I know at least where Belize lies.

FINNBOOISM is unhealthy and dangerous. FINNBOOISM can cause permanent damage to the nervous system of the individual afflicted with FINNBOOISM. FINNBOOISM is highly contagious, and those with autism are more likely to be affected.

>t. the 12 year old alcoholic with guns

Finland 100% unironically


You guys keep talking shit about finns because you guys are jealous of em.

Suomi will remain as my buddy

Norway 100%


Klart att grabben ska ha ett honorärt medlemskap i nationen


Estonia is my favorite Nordic country.


Estonia is about as Nordic as Poland

Simo Hayha was fucking manlet cuck

presidentti Sminem :-DDDDDD :D

the Netherlands is kind of Nordic aren't they? They had many Nordic immigrants historically.

so sweet

Shut the fuck up you finnshit mongol. Both estonians and poles are more germanic than fingols

Fuck off. I'm haplogroup I1. We Finns have 4 times more I1 than Poles.

Clearly we have superior taste

t. Ivan ivanovitch Pshekov


t. Pole with German surname

>Kiira Korpi and Spede Pasanen as Swedish speakers
Looks like cherry picking wasn't enough, now you have to resort to lying too. SAD!

ICELAN :----))

why wont Cred Forums leave sminem alone


Seems like a happy dude. Where did you get the pics of him anyways? Goybook?

It's not only we anymore, it has spread to Cred Forums Cred Forums and /biz/.
We could have seriously ruined this guy's life.

It was ruined when he was born a retard in Russia

Wow what a hotie

Norway because I see their gay shitposts the least.

why you post boys instead of girls to choose from we are not gay



Avrage Finn having a light exercise with his antique tractor

I love Finland. They should join Russia once again.


Porn directors have big noses not eats silly ivan

but sound is a free too

That pivture is not wrong.

t. Finn living in Sweden


He visited /mämmi/ a couple of weeks ago because he apparently got banned from ylilauta. He is alright

I look a bit like that (the nose and the chin)

requesting the pasta about how Sminem could beat these guys because of his alcoholic father and CIA hunting aliens

You forgot the last member of the gang

It seems like Finland prevails once again


Do NOT meme Sminem you filthy Arab migrant

>I love Finland. They should join Russia once again.
Could you not

>women suffrage

what the fuck did finland contribute in the last decades again?

>metal bands
*tips fedora*

we will wait till swedes outbreed you

I'll sell everything above Oulu to you for 100 rubles, you'll get Swedish neighbours on top of that

Dave mustaine's mum

show me on the doll where the MONGOLIAN BULL touched your wife, sven

Holy shit lmao I was listening to Hangar 18 when I read this.

Swedes(Black) will not survive in this climate

Denmark obviously

exactly, we will claim it as genocide of our people and take the land as reparation

I love Finland and Finnish people. :3


Fuck off. I don't want foreigners moving to the Nordics. Stop trying to promote it, and hopefully everyone will leave us alone.


Törni is such a cute little twink :3