People from rich countries...

People from rich countries, do you really have music (with musical instruments) and chemistry (in the lab) classes in high school or the movies and series are showing an idealized version of reality?
I'm asking about normal schools where a normal kid would go, not the rich school with expensive tuition.

Yes we do have this here

In the majority of the schools?

I went to a low performing high school for grades 9+10 and we had both.

music is an optional elective outside of elementary school


Was your school different or most schools had these too? I want to know if these things are common.

It's a honest question.

Yes, except chemistry for the most part is exaggerated in terms of what you do in labs.

In mine we did have band rooms. We had chemistry labs but it was kind of half and half. Half the class towards the front had desks/tables but in the back half there was counters made for experiments (you know with the fancy sinks and stuff).

So basically yeah, i went to a Public (catholic) High School

I had music from 0-3th grade, swimming 4-6th grade and chemistry, biology, crafting and sewing 7-9th grade. I went to a normal public school

>you know with the fancy sinks and stuff
I don't know. How it is?

yes for both. but music lessons only make sense for people who already learned how to play an instrument outside of school, for everyone else (like me) it's just pointless and boring

like this

Do people in Brazil not have this stuff? Normal even in shit schools here.

I thought you learned how to play and read the sheets in school.

Thank you.


everyone learns how to "read" music sheets (i.e. what is a C# and whatever the fuck), but it's utterly pointless if you don't know how to play an instrument, which isn't taught at school. i hate this aspect of german education, it was the same with swimming lessons: you could only participate if you already knew how to swim, if you didn't you had to sit around during the "lesson" and do nothing. fuck these cunts honestly

in Finland there is some rudimentary chemistry in all school levels but I dont think there is actually decent laboratories in anywhere except for the schools meant to teach chemistry or closely related subject

desu its a shitty thing to not teach your kid to swim, at least basically

most people don't study music in high school in Sweden

I'm not op but I never seen a school in Brazil teach music but most schools have chemistry labs

You don't have chemistry classes in Brazil? Really?

I went to public school in a town that's 50% maori and we had all that shit

Never did music since it was an elective but did have chemistry where you had to wear safety glasses/ lab coats and all the desks had gas taps to connect bunsen burners to etc


i learned it eventually when i was 10, but that was already after said "swimming lessons" at school

we also didnt have that when I was in school. Not sure how it is now.
During the 7th grade we had music class, but we only played the recorder. During 7th-9th grade we also had chemistry class but science experiments was a twice a year thing, it was really rare, our "lab" was a single metal counter and a sink in the chemistry classroom

Which state? In Minas Gerais I never meet anyone who studied in a school with a chemistry lab.
Are the classes like this? The chemistry classes I had were just in the book or the blackboard.

Even we have it, but we have to buy our own instruments which was expensive.

My school had chemistry """"lab"""" but it was pretty simple and we rarely used it, we just planted some seeds in pots and left them growing there in some lockers, that's as far as our """science""" went, which is expected from Brazil anyway since this country is backwards as fuck.

Interesting. I went to highschool in a small poor rural town, and we had both. I'd assume it's the same in most cities here. The Brazilian government should invest more money in the arts/sciences. I didn't do either, but it's a good outlet for kids who are interested in that stuff, might get them a career in the end as well if they focus on it.

Final exam includes a practical component for all three sciences (phys, bio, chem). All labs must be well-equipped.

Playing in the band was part of extracurricular activities you could join when you wanted if you were already playing an instrument. It's not meant to teach you the instruments.

Yes we had chemistry classes but we didn't do experiments ourselves every lesson, like the teacher would perform the experiments in front of the class, like burning Magnesium stripes for example or demonstrating colored flames of metals. We would do some minor stuff like measuring PH-values with indicators for example.

My school had windows suites for ICT, mac suites for music and art, music instruments, labs including Bunsen burners, extractors and those in-desk sinks.

Also had metal shop which included lathes, drills. Wood shop including saws etc. Sewing machines and a cooking area with ovens etc.

School is a better school in a fairly wealthy part of the south-east.

Music is mandatory up to 14 years old in here, chemistry in the lab becomes a thing at 15 or so, but you don't always go to the lab

Mine was a regular school. Regular as in nothing special but most schools in Ottawa must have it since that school wasn't that exceptional and it was as I said before low performing.

It depends on the state and how the schools are funded. They've been cutting back that kind of stuff in my state massively over the last 30 years, and a lot of school funding is from property tax, so, if you live in a wealthy area they'll have all that and a lot of art classes. Poor areas probably still have the labs, but no materials, and you probably wouldn't want the students going near any volatile substances, anyway.

I should mention that my state is one of the cheapest when it comes to public school funding.


Part of the exam is distilling pure alcohol kek

Yes, although the "labs" we had for chemistry class were just normal classrooms with sinks and bottles.

Every school I went to had at least one chemistry class with a well-stocked lab, a few different bands, occasionally specialized music classes, and a few different choirs (some of which were very competitive). The final one I went to even had an anatomy and physiology class. bretty cool. That said, I've only lived in wealthy areas.

Yes we had music and chemistry, I was forced to read and write music and learn to play a piano until year 10 even though I was shit at it and hated it.

I had it and went to a somewhat shitty public school.

I also had plastic arts for some reason.

i had a full orchestra in middle school and a science lab

yeah its quite normal. in HS we have full biology labs, auditoriums with stages, macintosh computer labs, autobody shops, green screens and video editing centers, etc.

feels good to be first world my man

We don't have even water in schools here. >science lab
Kkkkkkkkkk kek

i went to a normal school, it had chemistry lab but very poorly equiped. We also had music class, we were taught to read music, and to play flute ( each student had to buy his own).

In all schools.

Yes? You don't?

Both subjects are mandatory here if you aren't part of the bottom 60% of society. Then you go to dumb peoples school and get to fix cars and stuff.


I mean recorder. So, basically the same as

Just looked it up. It's actually mandatory for everyone.

You don’t?