Most culturally vibrant part of Europe

>most culturally vibrant part of Europe
>beautiful languages and people
>best architecture, cuisine, art, fasion and music

Why North of Europe so much inferior to the meds?

Barbarians are just genetically inferior. Can't wait for the Roman Empire to reunite and end the task.

they're jelly, they literally needed some autistic fuck to spam "muh aryanism" into the world to feel good with themselves

>we wuz aryanz n shiet
>based varg btfo southrons

Nice obsession

Who cares about those snow monkeys?

meds are so pathetic

have you ever seen snow north african?

>vargposts all the time
>some user from a non med country says something nice about med countries

No thankfully.

>Barbarians are just genetically inferior.
Ikr moor

you should be thankful that we raped you

Varg is a god in southern Europe

>you should be thankful that we raped you
Rape us again, pappa

We aren't med.We're atlantean

>Varg is a god in southern Europe

Ancient meds knew handcraft, art and beauty. Today's just have ruins, faded paintings and boring black meme suits with varying cuts. Wow...

Practicality is our strenghth! We developed it meet the harsh weather and short summers, and it's useful in todays mass production. IKEA will live until civilisation falls!

>Ancient meds knew handcraft, art and beauty. Today's just have ruins, faded paintings and boring black meme suits with varying cuts
Hey, as long as they attract tourists

Why are meds so lazy?
Don't they know the value of honest work?

Why would I work if there's a flock of northies willing to do it for me AND somalians

i would stay in this thread if it wasnt for this germ pretending to be northern

This attitude is the reason why southern europe is so poor


Germs are almost as autistic as us. It was the most autistic of them that became the modern successful Nords.

He is quite literally nothing more than a hobo in the woods

Colombia is the most culturally vibrant country in the world

Daily reminder

Muh divide et impera
We don't need them to cover our backs. Their military strength is pathetic. And the only thing you'd expect from them by covering your back is a knife in yours held by a rapefugee hand.

>Basque country.
>Somehow mediterranean.
>Same with all the parts of france that exclusively border the atlantic.

maybe not to cover your back, but to cover your denbs

They do make the worlds coolest cars and best wines. So some of their aesthetic sense and handcraft are still there. It would be cool if 3d printing allowed them to be successful in modelling again.

The money went to the banks by the banks. It's not my fault that our governments are there to facilitate the moving of money from the people to the banks. You're not even a northerner just stfu

wh*Toids must be genocided

My ancestor :)

>Take a loan from the bank
>Unable to pay back due to lack of fiscal discipline
>Your friend pays your loan back for you
>"Waah, you didn't help me, that money went to the bank"



i'm ok with this

Try again.

It was the PASOK government's missuse of money and straight up lying to the EU AND the Greek people. My point was that it isn't even uptown you to decide where your taxes go. Push for a new law instead of getting mad at us.

I am a wageslave just like you.

Isn't Greece a democracy? Don't you elect your government?

separate us from the occishit



tell me Mr Hans , how do i get a job?

It's true, us Scandicucks cannot compete with the Mediterranean bull.

Yes and we were deceived. PASOK is done for now, they will never achieve any kind of majority.

>nords are proud to be wagecucks

I hope you can at least speak your language, and write it in the traditional way (not that Mistralian transvestite made to accommodate porcs parisiens)




hmm...have you tried not being lazy?

t. Lo porc més gros de Paris

I am a Catalan.

Only acceptable map with all Galician rightful clay marked as such and real satellite pictures.

>hmm...have you tried not being lazy?
tried?i have never been a lazy fag,

Galician kingdom on the left ok?

would rather die than be part of germshit subhuman empire

But you are the germshit subhuman


Hello neighbor!

t. Piemontèis

It is "Balears"

Baleares is Sp*nish

most danes hate unironically hate germans, they have done nothing but try to destroy us.

Ok, Join Sweden then

how about fuck you, we are independent.

It's just an autistic map made for fun in lost time

I demand reparations.

My area was gangraped and settled by Suebians, Vandals, Visigoths and even fucking Vikings.

I demand reparation too since i've azure eyes and red hairs.

This. Blonde as a kid, and pale as fuck plus MY FUCKING JAW AND THIS FUCKING NOSE.

The British are the true heirs to the Roman Empire. Disgusting m*Doids are Arab larpers and Northern Europe is full of snow niggers.

I would gladly cooperate with medoids just to kill every anglo on the planet

>it's yet another we wuz romanz n sheeeeeeeeit episode

Begin with yourself

>danes are anglo

Indeed english is the most interesting of the romance languages

You're right, it's too high a compliment for an irrelevant gaggle of literally whos. You've managed to be more useless than the Belgians for fuck's sake.

Danes are wh*Toid colonisers. BLACK ROMAN BRITISH BULLS will purge your kind from this planet inshallah

Not a single anglosaxon settlement in Wales and Cornwall?

>empire is 90% unexplored jungles, lifeless deserts and arctic wasteland
>still manage to hold it together for less than 150 years
>now invaded by Pakis and Jamaicans

>tfw look Northern European but live in Chad Southern Europe where looks alone don't cut it

Not really, the Anglo-Saxons were very respectful of the Celts after they converted to Christianity. It was only after the Norman invasion England started conquering the rest of the British Isles.

Indeed. English is in fact the direct descendant of LATIN, spoken by Romans.

>Be Italian
>Be conquered and raped


English descends from French

>>beautiful languages and people

>Be Brit
>conquer somebody 150 years ago
>let them immigrate in your county so they can rape you

So the extinction of cornish and the current heavy shrinking of welsh were/are more due to cultural assimilation more than replacement

Has Italy ever accomplished anything, at all?

Their cuisine is actually relevant unlike yours.

Pretty much, there are quite a few English people in South Wales and Cornwall now


Your stomach is not the centre of the universe, you fucking fat cunt.

Yeah, let's be real.. Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Sibelius and Grieg were artless, uncultured, Germanic barbarians who left no lasting legacy to Western civilization.

Cornish was never a big thing really, Welsh certainly isn't extinct though we gave it a good go at it.

Grieg is great desu


he says after braking more EU laws than anybody else, while german car makers brake human rights regulations and DB has 47 trillion dollars in broken derivates.
Just lol

You have taken more 2 centruries than us to beat and expell the moors out you arabidretard

>Varg is a god in southern Europe

Pretty good


beethoven had brown eyes

Nigga, we had to fight the most powerful muslim kingdoms (granada, córdoba, sevilla) you just conquered some irrelevant villages here and there and even spaniards started your reconquista because whole portugal was under their control.

Also, nobody stopped you from taking more land.

Granada was a vassal state dude.

Yeah, and 90% of the world's population with him. By all other standards he was as Germanic as they get.

No. No Germanic has brown eyes.

>isolationist failed state
>evil overlord who wants to federalize us
so much better than the lazy southern niggers right
oh wait no they aren't

here the REAL map of france and its friends

Europeans are the worst desu.

but France, you are a lazy southern nigger

we are your friends