Why are they so ungrateful?

Why are they so ungrateful?
Does the word 'gratitude' not exist in Polish language?

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they happen to be very nice and grateful when you don't want to exterminate them or enslave them

They are also very ungrateful towards British and French

both of them were cunts

ah yes, that infamous british hospitality, be more grateful poles!1!

millions of brave sons of France and Britain died trying to defend Poland from Nazi aggression, yet Poland shows them no respect or gratitude

Poland wouldn't even exist if it wasn't for us

you wouldn't know how to use forks if it wasnt for poles
and they let them be invaded by soviets, how kind of them

It does: "wdzięczność"

that's just some random combination of letters

And after the war they sold us out to Stalin.
Many thanks, allies!

Btw. If France would attack you durring the Invasion of Poland they would btfo Hitler at the very beggining.

Nope, it's beauty of polish language.

>France got literally invaded and occupied for trying to save Poland
>Poland is still not grateful

>Poland : we will invade Germany if you don't stop remilitarizating the Rhine

Invaded so hard the lollipop men regulating the traffic hurried German panzers across their roads to cut down traffic.

>Hello Herr. Führer, you want the Sudetenland? Sure take the whole thing. Why should i care what Czechian People think about this? We didn't even invite them in our meeting here in Munich. LOL

Czechoslovaks annexed it first while Poland was fighting a war with Russia and Ukraine, Poland took it back and nothing more. They (under German pressure) prevented Hungarian reinforcements, which could've driven communism further east sooner.
>pic rel
Wow, Czechs will never be the same!

>WW1 ends
>Wilson begs allies to be nice to poor Germany, American investment rushes in to rebuild Germany in the interwar years
>WW2 ends
>Truman spends millions rebuilding Germany, sends American troops to defend their former enemies and half of Germany's debt was forgiven even though they started the war
>Soviets block western ground and water access to West Berlin, America and Britain risk war with USSR to supply West Berlin entirely by air with four planes landing every minute loaded with food and supplies and airmen even personally buy and drop candy for the children
>Cold War ends
>Thatcher, Mitterrand, and Gorby all are against German reunification, but Bush convinces them to accept it
>Germany has the lowest support of the USA out of all EU nations and all NATO countries save Turkey
>American soldiers are on German soil pledged to give up their LIVES for a country that hates them while Germany's leader calls America an unreliable ally
>meanwhile America nuked Japan and dropped more explosives on Vietnam than were used in all of WW2 but they still like America more than Germans do
>Britain also helped them a ton after having been attacked by Germany in two wars but now 90% of Germans want to hurt Britain in the Brexit negotiations

Why are they so ungrateful?
Does the word 'gratitude' not exist in German language?

And we were grateful to you for 70 years.

Speaking of Polish, pic rel is what Prusak (Prussians) means


why is Poland so ungrateful towards Prussians?

Poland is as gratefull as Britain was when they told the Polish army to pay for using the planes to defend Britain in the Battle of Britain. And yes that actally happened.

wow i had no idea Brits were so greedy

Merkel never said the US is a "unreliable ally" when you actually hear it in German. Thats #FakeNews