Why do they hate both Jews and Germans?

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i hate Polacks more than anyone else

I have some 13-14 Polacks on my normiebook.

Most of them are ranting about Jews and calling for Iran to nuke Israel.

WTF is happening?

both are evil

Israel doesn't like the new Polish Death Camp law

they are part of the butthurt triangle of Europe, together with France and Greece

I found a BASED POLISH MAN on Reddit. He must like Finland a lot hence the name. Very nice! Keep up the good MAGA Poles!

Friendship with Israel is over. Now Iran is our greatest ally in the middle east.


lmao no different than musslims



who ist the pole and who is the finn?

>Polish PM points out a historical fact that Jewish collaborators did exist
>European, American and Israeli Jews are collectively "outraged", "horrified" and the whole shebang
>Western media that normally allow comments on their articles suddenly aren't allowing comments on this specific overblown event
>I find an Israeli site which allows comments
>there's about a 100 comments from Jews saying how Poles are scum, how they hate Poland, how Poles who died at the hands of Jews and/or communists deserved it, how Poles were best buddies with Nazis, etc.
I'm starting to sympathise with anti-Jews and Palestinian Arabs.

Guys come check our /r/The_Donald and you'll learn how to use Reddit in no time. It's great fun!

>>there's about a 100 comments from Jews saying how Poles are scum, how they hate Poland, how Poles who died at the hands of Jews and/or communists deserved it, how Poles were best buddies with Nazis, etc.
based jews

because Poles are based

They don't actually hate either. They just have a nationalist government that treats foreign policy as instrument for fueling domestic propaganda machine.

Oh and if you're referring to the most recent gaffe, that was just Israelis blowing shit out of proportion.

>Croatia, Albania, Croatian/Muslim Bosnia having any opinion on Russia
>Montenegro and Bosnian Serbs not being Russophiles

The "Jewish collaborators" had no choice, it was either cooperate or get killed.
Meanwhile, many Poles sold out Jews for personal benefit, or actively killed Jews themselves.

Don't fall into the trap of thinking that if one side is being retarded and/or scummy, the other one must automatically be the opposite.

croats and shqips are butthurt about russia

>I'm starting to sympathise with anti-Jews and Palestinian Arabs.

Welcome to White Nationalism my friend.

We have Russian flags, Hezbollah flags and 14/88 stickers on our walls.

>white nationalism
>siding with arabs rather than white people

Jews are not white. In fact they're anti-white.

Sounds like something Hitler would do desu.

he sided with asians, italians, turks and ayrapes
what are you smoking????

You saying something doesn't make it true. Russia did not directly influence Croatia in any meaningful positive or negative way.

I doubt that all Polish collaborators weren't forced and that all Jewish collaborators were forced.

Hitler wasn't a white nationalist

Jews are literally European colonists who settle in Palestine after removing the local population.
Same shit as Manifest Destiny and Generalplan Ost

Why would Jews willingly cooperate with somebody who wants to genocide them?

all poles I've seen on Cred Forums are extremely edgy cunts

considering how shit their country is I'm honestly surprised they havn't pissed off one of the bigger guys yet and get nuked or annexed



Why would the Poles? Why would the Serbs? There's always greedy people and history is never all black or white. There were people with Jewish ancestry connected to the SS who were named "Honorary Aryans".

Individually? Could be many circumstances.

Maybe someone didn't honestly believe they would get killed, either because they underestimate vileness of the Nazis or because they thought they could win into their good graces, perhaps through corruption.
Maybe they didn't knew they were Jews.
Maybe they hated communists even more.

Germany because ww2, jews because they're jews.

do czech neo nazis exist like in russia? or are czech people not that retarded?

Of course they do, but what does that have to do with anything?

Life's more complex than you imagine, friend.

Even if you are greedy, it makes no sense to cooperate with people who want to genocide you

>There were people with Jewish ancestry connected to the SS who were named "Honorary Aryans".
They weren't considered Jews

i am curious. i just read czech history 101

So you think that Polish and Serbian collaborators were all forced too? And it does make sense, you just seem to not understand that people can be complicated.

Good luck arguing with Germscum.

Edgy Cred Forums shit aside they're the easiest scapegoats to blame for the state of their country

> Why do they hate Jews
Jews are hated worldwide for no real reason. There is no above-average hatred against Jews in Poland (compared to other countries where Jews were present for a longer time).

Recent historical reasons why Jews were hated: in the end of 1960's people were angry with the government. The government propaganda blamed "zionists" (together with masonry and, according to a joke, a cyclist) for all evil. In hope to redirect hate.

Fun fact: between world wars Poland supported the plans to send Jews to Madagascar.

(Together with Jews we also hate hate gypsies, just because.)

> Why do they hate Germans?
Throughout XIX century germans tried to wipe out Polish culture.
Despite this, after WWI Polish people were was still rather fine with germans.
Throughout WWII:
1) Germans, upon entering Poland, killed all people that fought in Wielkopolska Uprising in 1918 and were germans soldiers at that time, stating that they broke their oath.
2) Germans had the idea for creating "Lebensraum" (place for living) in the east - that is, in Poland. Place for germans obviously. So most Polish people were thrown out of their homes to make place for germans.
3) Germans forced those Polish people to work in low standards (low for that time, unacceptable for today), typically for little pay. An example work was digging out trenches. If you had no other work, that's how you ended. (After WWII germans were forced to pay for that work).
4) Germans burned lots of Polish people in camps during the war, and shot some an streets as well.
That does not leave lots of place for love, does it?

Bonus information: one in six people with Polish citizenship died in WWII – highest rate of all countries. (Keep in mind that this includes Jews, who were just wiped out). So the memory of WWII plays an important role for people, even 70 years after the war has ended...

Holy shit this is why my great grandma's aunt told her not to eat matza (she was married to a jewish man).

user, I don't know how to say this, but...you might have autism..

Germans - becose of reasons.

Jews - well if you want redpill - Jews NKVD JFG

I personally don't give fuck i just like to watch nationalist shitstorm and butthurt

>well if you want redpill - Jews NKVD JFG

>Polish culture

>leftarded pepik
why am i not surprised? get the hell outta here

Because they're less intelligent than the Germans, more racist than the Germans, hate Jews more than the Germans, and got their shit kicked in by the Germans. Also, they're the disgraced bastard children of Russians.

That's a lie groups like Zagiew or Group 13 were voulantary and got a pension from germans. Also helping jews in Poland was punished by execution a law wich germans had only here becouse they couldn't find people to create a puppet gov like in France.

Stop denying Polish war crimes!

Problem is no one in the gov denied there were poles killing jews and the real shitstorm started when the PM said there were also polish jews that did the same. And since jewish orgasnised(something that is absent in polish collaboration) collaboration is a documented fact Israel can go fuck itself.


Germs for nazism, Jews for communism. Simple.

Iran isn't a friend, Iran is a cousin and an ex-neighbour