Hey Euros, what is the nicest castle around where you live?

Hey Euros, what is the nicest castle around where you live?

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pic related
although it was nicer before the commies fucked it up during the post-war restoration

we have so fucking many, I haven't even visited most of them


At least they built some kind of roof over it I guess

we don't really have castles, but there is a ring of artillery forts on the hills surrounding the city


neat, like how they're just part of the landscape now

yeah you can go and hike along the perimeter, I think most of them are simply abandoned though

this one


Probably this



It's Marienburg. Slavshits are unable to build something like this

that's a palace not a castle you ape

This one isn't near me but I've been there and it's my favourite. It really feels like you step back in time whereas the other castles are just big tourist attractions. I also got lost in their giant garden lol

Not the nicest but the nearest.
Just a tower.
Nice, there is a set of maybe 6 different fortifications from the 1900s around here. Tunnels, artillery emplacements and a monastery that was once refit as a garrison and switched hands in purpose over and over.

I can see the top of the tower from my window

it's both a palace and a castle

depends on what you consider close, i'd say pic related as it's only 15 minutes away from my village.

Its big bro overlooks him from a hill across the estuary, but the poor keep is wrecked...

Calm down Dieter, he was asking for a nicest castle nearby. Why so much hate?

not a euro but this thing is kind of like a castle

based teutonic order

Dios mío...

that's nice I suppose, but it's not a European Castle

la creatura edificada...

This is 300 m away.
There is another one that is closer, but it is a shopping mall now. The original McCastle

what was this used as, a guard barracks?


It was a normal part of the castle. There were no real castle walls, since it was built within the city.

Picture here is the Castle shopping mall

Disgusting, you're now officially americans.

It actually looks exactly like the old castle from this angle.
There was no way the city could afford to rebuilt it without the investors of the mall. This way, we at least got the facade and some rooms back.
The colums are original, the truck driver remembered where he had dumped them after the war. Some figurines were standing in local gardens, one was in a brothel. It is nice to see it all back together. And the huge quadriga is a great sight from my room

They've been Americans ever since 1989

this one probably

C'mon it's not like Paris doesn't do it as well


Ludlow Castle desu, but it's nothing special

i wouldn't know, i don't live in this cesspool

my grandparents live in ludlow, they can see the castle from their bay window. Nice town.

Only the west

If anything, we were British here. The two horsemen left and right fought under the British against the French.

The guy on the right is the Black Duke, leader of the Black Brunswickers, kind of well known.

Closet one is mannor castle but its ruined and in the middle of a scummy council estate, bit the nicest one that has been restored is Bolsover castle

>his government doesn't have to be approved by the king

He wants castles, not palaces

More of a palace than a castle, but its the closest one.

Sintra is one of the most beautiful places in Europe.

very noice, appreciate the pier like tower

was a close call, there are many nice castles around here. But i chose the 14 gated Hochosterwitz.


Sintra is one of the most beautiful and ugliest places in Europe*

Was going to banter a bit because USA but that's a pretty comfy castle

This isn't the biggest or the best castle around, but it"s the one I passed by everyday before school and the one I bycicled in front every wednesday afternoon in highschool.
This is the one whose owner, a close friend of my grandfather's, threw illegal bals where they could drink, play accordeon and fuck girls.
This is the one where I worked on old floor tiles with my mason father. This is the one where we celebrated a friend's wedding. Not the biggest not the best. Just there no matter what.

in a medieval book of hours

Is this passable?


looks purely palatial, it's quite pretty

Castle in my city

>Canary Islands
This is the best one we have, but really meh tier

if you refer to OPs pic thats obvs not in the states my slow friend, its in greater austria.

I don't think he's under the impression it's in the United States, unless of course you were only looking for an opportunity to refer to its home as "greater austria." :^)

Burg Eltz is pretty close

Is it Marburg? It looks almost like it.

Looks really great.
Too bad I only have visited Hohensalzburg.

Do you control the weather with this thing?

A proper castle for a misunderstood scientific genius.

deary me that's something straight out of Orwell's 1984
pic related castle in my vicinity

Most of the castles/manors that were built in my county are little more than ruins or hills. Bedfordshire was almost entirely destroyed three times. First in 1016 by King Cnut the Great, a second time during the Anarchy (Civil war 1135-53), and a third time during the First Barons' War (Another civil war, 1215–17). It also suffered damage during the Peasants' Revolt (1377-81) and again during the English Civil War (1642–51).

The biggest castle was Bedford castle, which was besieged by Henry III in 1224 because the lord of the castle refused to submit to his demands. After two months the king finally broke through and ordered the castle to be completely destroyed. Pic related is all that's left.

we do have several star forts though, and they're pretty much the descendants of castles

Well, you do have lots of fine castle actually.

laugh all you want but I bet you've never had thirty white castle burgers from a cardboard suitcase with fries, ivan

keep it in the kanker thread

Pic related. Örebro Castle.
And I work in it.

the one in my town, in ruins

We have the largest one in the world to defend against Spaniards.

Built by a dutch, but no water around it.

did it originally have more interesting geometry, or was that more or less the finished product?

It has two small satellite forts around it for extra protection/vigilance. I think the city itself already existed, it had to be built around it.

The shape looks extra weird now because the fields around it have been populated, and it's not just open fields around it.

cool place to work, what is your responsibility?

The heaviest fortress in Sweden at the time.
Built in the 1100's it remained in service to protect the shores of Sweden until 1766.
Rebuilt in the early 1600's by orders of Gustav Vasa him self it had 287 cannons facing out towards the enemy.

But from the beginning during the medieval period to the final years as an active defense castle it came under siege 22 times, facing everything from swords and arrows to cannons and gunfire. It never fell.

Yes why?

>cool place to work, what is your responsibility?
Mostly tourists but also logistics and planning events etc.

Wise choice on their part in not renaming it after him.

Sweden doesn't name castles actually, they are just called after the nearest city or town. Or maybe a river etc.

I presume it's centered, and that makes me think of a church

Suomenlinna > that thing

breathtaking, what wonderful views it must have

looks a tinge french

>tfw not even a tower to post
Just the old police buildings that are shaped like semi forts to resist Indian raids. My town used to be raided even up into the. 1870s

I wonder who built it, hmmmmm

Technically a fortress but w/e. Besieged six times but never taken, probably best known as the place where King Charles XII of Sweden died during the Swedish invasion of 1718


I've never seen a castle in my life.

Do you euros really regularly see castles?

yes, my cousin has a few sitting in the hills around his town, such is the life living where countless kingdoms, empires, and whatnot have risen and fallen in ages past

>Shopping mall
Germany was a mistake

we have many more, but this is one of my faves, been there many times.


>one of my faves
th-thank you, user

cute hat


Cromwell destroyed most of them

I hate Cromwell now.

is this the one close to the swedish border?

You might have seen this on shortbread tins

Small town


Oh God, how I would love for them to build back the old Gothic church...

In the center of the city.

this is near where my mom's family is from

The castle at Predjama isn't the nicest per se but it's my favourite and it's very unique.

Ostrovica's great, I visited it once.

it's small, but it's in a middle of a lake, so whatever

Yup, its ~2km from the modern border

fugg off


a cute


hunting palace/20 tho