1. Your cunt

1. Your cunt
2. Can you find the solution to this chess puzzle?


That's c1 not a6

There's nothing but on a pawn on square A6.

If you meant Queen takes Rook on square C1, then you're right.

Yes, I meant c1

Ok, ok. Very impressive.

But how about this one?

Start drinking with him. By the time we finish, he won't remember a thing and I'll just tell him that I won when he wakes up.

What if you get drunk first?

Rf5 Ke4 Rxf6 gxf6 Bd5?

I still win because I've had fun drinking with my new friend.

Yea, how did you know?

i looked at it for three minutes or so

are you the player from Belgium that play'd Spainbro in the last thread?




how did a noob like you solve a tactical puzzle meant exclusively for experts

Get over yourself.


Autistic setup again. The board is upside down, white on top, and has no labels so you'd have to invert it in your mind to write down the moves . Also what is the puzzle? How many moves?


There was a Cred Forums tournament quite some time ago, did it work out?

some burger cakewalked all over the competition

>meant exclusively for experts
it's not that hard

you must be a very small minority then

I'll suppose that was meant for me, probably the same guy who ravaged my ass

there was a guy with a 1600+ rating in the last thread, it's probably him.

Is that a lot? I don't usually play online except on these threads

That's quite high, yes. Not pro-tier but very good for an amateur

Speaking of rating, does anybody know any rule of thumb for converting a online rating (say for chess.com) to an approximate value for what an equivalent USCF or FIDE rating might be?

On the internet (lichess.com) is probably about 100 or 200 more than IRL

Carlsen on Chess.com has about 300 more