I hate Cucknada and this numale jew Trudeau

i hate Cucknada and this numale jew Trudeau
just look at his face
he is the worst kind of social justice warrior, feminist, chink and nigger lover
Canada is even worse than Sweden

but he is just so handsome

I agree fuck Trudeau
Canadians can be cool though

yeah look at those eyes, no wonder Canada can't let go of him

The peoplekind thing was in jest, right.



what happened to Barry and Honey Sherman?
who could you kill a billionaire?

I heard that he is actually centre-right for Canada but anything left to Hitler is "Leftist numale" for poltards.

Was this?

More like center-left, but yes he's not as Liberal as people paint him.

The NDP on the other hand, might as well just be the Communist Party of Canada.

Yes, but it was a terrible joke and I'll forever hold it against him.
You've heard right. He's your typical center-right politician whose safe progressivism starts and ends at the podium. He's the kind of person who'll do a conference on native rights in the morning and sign off reservation lands for pipeline construction in the evening.
Are you American or just from the prairies?

Is Canada a federation like the US, with lots of regional laws and that? I hear the different areas of Canada have their own parliaments?

We're a federation, but far more centralized. Our provinces are less independent than American states, but they still have their own rights and duties. For instance, health and education are under provincial purview but criminal law is a federal prerogative.

So are there any states that are strongly leftist, on average? Like considerably more socialistic or anti-capitalist than what is mainstream in Canada?


>post-national state
so destroying the core values of your nation in favor of third world immigrant trash is not just possible, but probable?

He's a another Neoliberal corporatist who adopted a surface layer of identity politics for political gain and all you political children are hating him for this irrelevant political bullshit. A bunch of stupid proles that are swayed by political theater. You are imbeciles.

>Canada is even worse than Sweden

not sure if such a thing is possible.

Shut up nigger


I wouldn't say any province strays too far from others, but Quebec qualifies as the most left-leaning with its strong public sector and its history of flirting with social democracy. Still, a center-right party is in power there and has been undertaking liberalization efforts as of late and the local anti-Muslim contingent is strong enough to not only push a vigorous burqa ban debate into the mainstream but also ultimately get their way.

Hm, I see. Disappointing. What about the Yukon, whats that place like, politically?