America has no castles!

>America has no castles!
Try again, kiddo. Eurocucks BTFO.

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>euros will NEVER know this simple plesure


>Selling beer at a fucking fast food chain
Is this a southern thing?

It was some Indiana thing, not sure if it took

>100 sliders

wtf i LOVE usa now

White Castle is so gross. Truly shit tier fast food.

It's 3 days lunch lad. Not meant to be eaten all at once

america has C-A-S-T-L-E-S

How the fuck can people eat this shit?

Don't they serve beer in your local McDonalds?


I've only seen it in Europe, never in the states. Here liquor licensing is a bit more restrictive I think.

It's objectively bad but I like it once every year or three.

I live in a state where liquor stores are a state monopoly. Beer and wine can only be sold if you have a license and they're expensive to maintain.

All fast food here usually have some beer laying around in fridges

>eating white castles makes your farts smell exactly like the burgers
How do they do it?

Are eating contests a purely American Phenomenon?


They smell GOOD, it is the only food I have ever encountered that makes my farts smell good

good post friend



dios mio.....

wow that's fucking racist


>tfw you discover the secret ingredient

I prefer in-out

Comi White Castle quando estive nos estados unidos e foi uma ganda merda, os hamburguéres são minúsculos e têm bué cebolas

your mother told me the same thing

Onde visitaste? Quando estive em Portugal comi H3 e foi melhor do que fast food na América.

you dont have that?

I've never seen alcohol with fast food in the states.

Where did you get this? Are you from Berlin?

Fast food sell beer and wine in some european countries.
What's wrong with alcohol in usa ?

>What's wrong with alcohol in usa ?
Strict liquor licensing. It's mostly municipal, and most municipalities have limits on how many liquor license they can give out.

It's pretty bullshit IMO since it gives the local government the power to decide which restaurants do and don't succeed.

Burger King in Prague serves fresh tap beer
try and top that fat boy


Oh I see, it's clearly less strict in france. Restaurants can sell any drinks they want under 40% alcohol (beer, wine, etc...) with no limit. To sell strong liquors, like whisky or vodka, we just need to buy a license.

Não sou o mesmo, nunca tive na america.

Nunca provei H3.

O meu rank de hamburgueres, de favorito para menos favorito:
-A Gália
-Sabores da Ilha
-Hamburgaria 21
-Burger Ranch
-Burger King



small hamburger

That's for catering. KFC does something similar with their chicken here.

Small burgers you slide out of the open box and into your mouth :3

you slide them down your throat, like real americans do

World champ is a Jap, so no

But can you buy a gun at your local mcdonalds? Can't beat that slavboy.

Not anymore

>professional eater
Probably has a McDonald's University degree as well.

it's actually very satisfying to do

Why don't you use these?

14k calories, god bless

cutting it in half with a knife is acceptable if it is large and being eaten fast

This guy is the real deal..he put down 103 of those lil burgers in one sitting

sou o mesmo, fui de san francisco a nova iorque
adoro h3, batia uma punheta a um velho agora mesmo por um prato com um pão

My own city is pretty comfy as well.

We have some states that are pretty lenient what with the drive through liquor stores and all.

>*builds a Medieval Times Dinner Theater behind you*
>nothing personal, euro-kid.

On Cred Forums people often complain the Netherlands is flat and overpopulated.

But that's just a meme desu. Neither of those things bothers us.

Fucking love this cunt

But that's gommunism.

Drove by this on my way to Barrington this week

I'm rather more worried about the size of your beers tbqh desu

Looks boring
Why do people love boring countries

never say never ;)

They just seem like the little country that could, overcoming some hefty obstacles to make such a successful prosperous nation. That and I got to know a few over the years and REALLY took too them, smart, funny, charming....

Oh vey, you can always order seconds.

Ayy more Chicago anons. I always drove past medieval times going up to visit family in Green Bay.

Boring is code for successful. If you want excitement you can live in a third world country.

first world worst world

Depends on what you mean by boring. Switzerland is succesful as fuck and if you're into the outdoors like I am, there's a lifetime of opportunities in the alps.

Plus for most city people Northern Europe is hard to beat. Most of the big cities in Northern Europe seem pretty exciting.

Brielle actually isn't boring. It's a fortress where pirates started the rebellion against the Spanish. It's basically where this nation was founded.

Well, you can always take the train to Amsterdam. And go for XTC, weed and hookers.

There are no big cities in Nothern Europe

True desu. Most of this cunt also consists of overgrown villages.

There's castle-like indian ruins scattered around the Southwest. Nothing like Europe of course, but still pretty cool stuff.