Why are Americans such sore losers?

Why are Americans such sore losers?

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You don't shake hands with cheaters

Why do the Olympic Athletes From Russia cheat so aggressively?

Because they hacked their election.


Why are Germans such bad posters?

Only clean athletes participate in the Olympics. They won fair and square.

because your country is full of cheaters, and you don't run up the score when it is 4:0 already.

he is not german

>Only clean athletes participate in the Olympics.

count this thread as proof that americans are sore losers

>all clean athletes were allowed to participate under a neutral flag
>Amerishits still crying about muh cheaters
Just like you did with the Chinese in Pyongyang. Fucking pathetic.

What happened in Pyongyang?

*Beijing lol

volga germans won the olympics there

What does this have to do with the ice hockey match?

>fucking curling
they just can't help it. they are all born drugged.

It has everything to do with that. You russkie cheaters are scum and we don't shake hands with you.


The overwhelming majority of Russian athletes were clean. The ones who were caught cheating were not allowed to participate. You lost the match fair and square and you're making yourself the laughing stock of the world.
The further you try to justify your dick moves the more you prove how much of a sore loser you are.


big if true

Why do Russkoids have such a strong lack of morals?

Well, the news suggest it was a legal win of the Russians. So why are these amerimutts in the thread complaining about cheating?

Playing in an astute or sly way is not the same thing as cheating, goblinos.

following your standards

we brought a third string team without the nhl players and russians brought their best so the outcome was obvious and nobody is butthurt about that. the only reason the coach was pissed you tried to run up the score for no reason instead of giving some ice time to your less experienced players.

Because they are sore losers, always looking for excuses

We didn't get banned from the olympics for doping

That's because we don't pay bribes

why is kovalchuk so butthurt if he is the winner. he was really mad during the post-game interview that the us media still play the shootout from the sochi olympics where tj oshie fucked the russians in the ass. kovalchuck is a little ungrateful bitch. he got rich playing in the nhl and now he hates all things american. typical russian savages.

*we didn't get caught

And for your information, Russia did not get banned, only some players were banned.


Even if they did cheat I'd shake hands anyway. If you don't it makes you look like a bitch, and leaves room open for people to shitfling about "le butthurt amerimutts".
Of course, if it was obvious the russians cheated then I wouldn't see why you'd have to *go out of your way* to be respectful, but if that isn't the case then it's just poor sportsmanship on behalf of the coach.

At least the athletes weren't bitches. According to the thumbnail, anyway.

dude it's just drugs for asthma lmao

Google "Fancy Bears"

ever heard of lance armstrong? american athletes do get caught as lots of other countries. but russia is special since you have a state sponsored doping program. that's the only way for you cheaters to win.

and thats russia's fault? no nhl and ioc fucked it up

Because their culture developped on a piece of land away from any major threat, so they developed an attitude of never expecting opposition.
When they do encounter opposition and inevitably lose, they don't know how to react to that, so they act in the same way a child would.
t. Leaf

Where are the proofs?

cas cleared russian athletes, so should i believe an autist on a chinese cartoon distributor or cas?

fair question

I am very sure that all doping programs are state sponsored - or at least being tolerated. I do not believe that there is a single nation that doesn't to this.

Because burgers are insecure faggpts with an inferiority complex towards Russians.
How is this news?

nahh the thing is, russia as state was successfully accused of orchstrating a state doping programs, the athletes themselves were not sufficently proven to be on gear.

>t-they cheated
Pathetic brainlets

so you are saying every country cheats on a state level, and the head of state/OC approves the swapping out of the urine samples etc which is standard practice in russia?

>t. butthurt ivan

Not him, but do you really believe that Russia is the only country that cheats?

It's the Jamals of the world that are butthurt, judging from the article

Calm down, you haven't actually proved that they cheated.

I believe other countries are just much more professional at this level.
Athletes have never been and never will be role models for children


this cas cleared them

Cannot shake the Germans hands then

that is true. the only reason they won their appeal is there was no sufficient evidence those athletes KNEW that, for example, their urine samples were swapped out etc but there is no doubt that it is a state sponsored program.

i said that already, lots of athletes from different countries got caught in the past but russia is the only country where doping is systematic and sponsored by the state at the highest levels. or you are telling me that most western countries are as corrupt as russia? individual athletes may choose to cheat but unlike russia nobody knows about that except for their coaches and doctors.

Yeah like 18 years after

Well then, I'm sure the poster is likely a bogan or leaf trying to take us for a ride.

What do you mean "professional". How do you swap out urine samples professionally?

>or you are telling me that most western countries are as corrupt as russia?
no, but I think there are a lot of countries that are as corrupt or even more corrupt as russia.
The fact that only Russia gets banned from Olympics seems like a political move to me

because 99% of them are volga """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""germans"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""

but all of those corrupt banana republics don't have any chances or aspirations at the olympics. russia is unique because they are eager to prove the world how great they are. whereas the govts in the corrupt shitholes have no such goals and just steal money and buy golden toilets.

I don't get it, why would you even need to dope for curling?

I think it has more to do with USA wanting to punish Russia for election meddling

i am frisian and you are being a naughty boy

>election meddling
Did they ever follow up on that? All I remember from the news was that time CNN got caught on camera admitting they had no proof but kept pushing the story for shekels.

You were professional when no one would joke about it afterwards.
It took centuries to arrest that American athletics doctor, even tough he might have sexually assaulted and raped hundreds of victims.
These things are tolerated in all countries as long as success and medals are assured