Be Ethiopian Immigrant

>Be Ethiopian Immigrant
>have African American girlfreind
>one day, cousin of ours is having a marriage
>gf says she wants to go since as a person of African descent, she wants to experience the culture of her ancestors
>want to tell her that she is of West African descent and this is East African culture but I don't want to break her feelings

What should I tell her?

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Won't your family disown you for bringing a Negroid there?

Maybe give her a history/geography lesson? Afroamericans really need to learn more about their origins. It's bullshit that they don't seem to know basic shit about Africa.

Tell her that your savage Ethiope rituals are inferior to the noble Egyptian rites of her ancestors and thus not worthy of her presence.

>Afroamericans really need to learn more about their origins

Tried that once, didn't work out.

How did you break it to her?
What the difference between east cosst Africa to the west coast ?

sorry, I'm not the hungry skeletal, didn't mean to appropriate OP's race



African Americans are sad people who don't belong anywhere. Let her experience your people's culture, it's as good as any

Your opportunity passed when you didn't inform her after she said that. Why the fuck do black people in the US (or most of the other people to be fair) treat Africa like a single country with one culture?

do you celebrate kwanzaa?

They aren't very intelligent for starters. But they also have no identity apart from being black or "African American" All they know about their ancestors is that they were Africans. They are desperate for an identity.

because in addition to be blacks they are americans

Tell her she won't be able to understand your culture, because her ancestors are ancient egyptians, while yours were ancient somalis. Different KANGZ.

A Negro? Oh, i'm not on Cred Forums anymore.

How do you know she is west african american?

Just call something south american as your culture and ask her whats the problem