Do not like anglos edition

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t. Anglo

alright ya perverts. im gonan go to bed now.
anyone who wants to join is welcome, but dont push eachother out okay?

I managed to get over my disability (being anglo)
Why can't you?

can I lick your tummy liechty

*pushes you out of your bed*
This is mine now, I claim it in the name of mars

Oh yeah, and goodnight, sleep well

Missed an opportunity to have an anti-yank thread

t. former Anglo


bit gay

Why the Anglo hate...

That would just encourage them

I'm afraid none of their original genes remains in the species muttimus maximus

not really


I just wanted to be comfy.

>be at international student seminar
>tell us not to have an anti-american sentiment and not to shit on the america even though it's hard for us not to.
>mfw I'm gonna shit on dumb yanks anyway

im gonna sleep now for real.
very rude.

goodnight liechty

Anglos are the lowest quality posters
Don't we all
I can't hear you from my comfy bed when you're on the floor

Really? You seem awfully inferior.

>when I see a M*tt

You wound me deep

it's because Dunedin is a hive of scum and villainy

I bet you love being cut you masochistic slut
I'm tempted to have a little walk with my knife up to port chalmers

is it possible to get a cute Australian gf with pet koalas?

have fun with syphilis

Every irrelevant nation is rife with scum and villainy.

Night cutie

Soon Prydain will be purged of the Anglo scum...

hihi are you a little jelly that you don't have koalas?
it's ok kiwis are cool too

God bless desu

>im gonna sleep now for real.

I bet you don't even have a knife
Yeah nah
Oh boy am I laffin

So relevant that people forget to put you on maps.

koalas literally have syphilis
not even joking, don't ask me why
Anyway we have lots of cool birds and Australia just has dumb snakes and mammals

I have a big ol dive knife and a large cooking knife.
I could cut you up real good so you best watch your mouth and give me the respect I deserve.

>An Amsterdam-bound flight was forced to make an emergency landing in Vienna after a man refused to stop farting, causing a fight to break out between him and other passengers mid-air.

>implying making the world forget we exists isn't the best damn security measure in the world.
We can't be invaded or nuked because nobody even thinks we are here.


juicy thighs

hey New Zealand is cool too but Australia has wombats and platypuses

take your fucking meds bud

t. Failed French colony
Whatever, I could beat you up if you tried anything

Those are mediocre.

we have baby dinosaurs

No they're exquisite, loli thighs are best


neat flag

goblino maya

No your mother

>dad is now not coming down for midterm because of work
>it's just going to be me and mum
I don't know how I feel about this

that's really cool
but not cute :/ cute animals are cooler

I know one good Japanese musical band.

I have a dog does that count

>baby dinosaurs aren't cute
You need glasses

Livestock != pet.

rude mutt

dumb Yank

what type of dog desu

>implying there are nice mutts

yes dogs can be cute
but we have dogs too in Germany :)

it's interesting
but chicks are baby dinosaurs too

stray doggo
She has greyhound genes



doggos >>> kotoids desu

>doggos >>> kotoids desu
Fuck you!

Kots are alright but doggie are better desu.

>doggie are better

>has a mutt that will be used for dinner later
>calls humans mutts

la atrocidad viene... nos va a comer

>tfw maintenance man says he's gonna try fix my water pressure
thank fuck

la luz extinguido...

Can I get some goddamn (You)'s!


It's funny that your country is so developed
It's so small and irrelevant
I want to know more about this great place



>It's so small and irrelevant
n-no we aren't!

It's hard to fathom how such a little babby of a country can function

I'll have you know that we are a larger country than the British Isles

It must be hard to understand, coming from a country of 30+ million

Time for coffee number 3

gp (good post)

You have less people than us though, it's weird

>babby of a country
>has less than half the population of the nearest city to me which isn't even big enough to be on a map

are the big cities in your country like in Australia?
Many different immigrants?
Can I get a qt Asian or kiwi gf there?



Yet there is no room to build houses.
Save me from this hell.

>are the big cities in your country like in Australia?
We have two places that can be called "Cities"
And they are quite similar to Australia.
>Many different immigrants?
In Auckland and Wellington sure, not really elsewhere.

>Asian/kiwi gf
Pick one

thread theme

i mean with a nice personality
i met an Australian girl once and she was soo nice and friendly, she made me feel very comfortable

can i post feels nobody cares about here?

I care.

Sure, can't be any worse than mutt posting.
I know living in Lithuania can have quite a toll on your mental health.

>nice personality
F*males don't have this.
Don't come here for the thots please

>capable of caring
Wouldn't want to be cared for by a mutt

>Time for coffee
Thank you for reminding me.
Therefore, I'm going to make some coffee.

>tfw no twink G*rman bf
why live?

you'll never have a real bf

Just get a Maori.

some girls do
especially australian women with pet koalas

I'm bi but i'm dom. sorry :(

>We have two places that can be called "Cities"
Not four? Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington, Dunes

>be lurking the Cred Forums archive
>come across an old /balt/+/ausnz/ thread
>read it, recognize my own posts made 1.5 years ago
kind of pathetic i know
you guys kept me somewhat sane back then, i was suicidal as fuck, but didn't shitpost about that

>Y*nks are being insanely rude for no reason
Typical, at least I'm too far away to be shot.

>but i'm dom
But that's what I want desu

Christchurch lost it's city status when it got fucked by the Earthquake and everybody left for Auckland.
Dunners is just a shithole filled with students, it's no city.

You okay now mate?

*hugs* desu

Well enjoy the attention of all these mutts you've never spoken to before

i wish i could have a cute kiwi bf
but i'm a chubby manlet

Another cyclone
this isn't funny anymore.

My power will probably go out so you may not see me posting for a day or two, but you must carry on.
Those were some funny times.
I'm glad you didn't off yourself mate.

>chubby manlet
oh... sorry

Wow you are actually awake
Come over and stay at my place desu, wait out the cyclone and we can watch anime in my sleep bag together

>Wow you are actually awake
I woke up pretty early actually... well then I went back to sleep for an hour but I'm awake now.
>wait out the cyclone and we can watch anime in my sleep bag together
Can I?
Can I really?
That would be so nice.

Don't listen to him. He's going to try to fondle you.

sasuga, russia. I will add this to my collection of Japanese noise artists.

>Over the years, The Gerogerigegege has included many members, the most notable and consistent other than Yamanouchi being Gero 30 (aka Gero 56, real name Tetsuya Endoh), an exhibitionist known to masturbate onstage during live performances. Male masturbation is called Senzuri (千擦り, "a thousand rubs") in Japanese and was Gero 30's trademark. Yamanouchi met Gero 30 at an S&M club in 1986.

If you go back to bed it hardly counts as waking up.
>Can I?
Of course, my door is always open for you.
As long as you a willing to receive lots of cuddles as payment.

Happy to help you, Norway.

I think I'm gonna start a band.

Genre will be noise/harsh noise.

Musical instruments:

The deal is I just make recordings of me and others beating each other to shit, moans, punches, screams, thuds of people falling to the ground or whatever.

Mix that into a noise harsh enough to portray the violence taking place.

Make an album out of it.

The live concerts would be pretty fucking sick desu

>If you go back to bed it hardly counts as waking up.
Yes it does, you're not the sleep police, you don't say how it works.
>As long as you a willing to receive lots of cuddles as payment.
I'm fine with that, you're giving me a place to stay after all.

That sounds fucking awful

It's an artistic portrayal mon ami

stop being such an uncultured pleb

a little late m8
Hijokaidan already did that in the early 80s

I have listened to Tapes before, but it sounds a bit forced to my ears. I want to see actual violence, people being brought to hospitals. Stuff like that.

ur a psycho

It's all voluntary of course.

Something which would be cool would be to dip your arm in something flammable, place a barrel of water or something 60 meters away, and record as you light your arm on fire and run to the bucket. It would be fucking sick m8

Sounds like something chalmers would do whilst masturbating

At least he doesn't try to call it art.

And what will the group be called?


Stuff becomes art the second you call it that

beating meat

>beating meat

I've been thinking about maybe doing a noise album for a while. I got a studio with adequate instruments already set up, I got a decent microphone, and I have the time.

I was thinking dropping a medium-heavy dose of acid and locking myself in the studio. Record the whole thing, where I fuck around with 7 instruments or so, each one getting an hour each. Layer them on top of each other in audacity, and badabing
I just made the first (to my knowledge) acidnoise album

>noise artists
I want to ask you, what do you think about this noise band?

good night everyone

I listened to the first one but I need to go to bed now.

No idea what they're singing about but I hope it's brutal.

Needs to be harsher.

Good night desu

Goodnight mate.

Good night, thanks for answering me

>camp gives me a small laptop to access slides and shit
>internet takes bloody forever

It's a bloody touchscreen, is this where tax money goes

>is this where tax money goes
always and forever

this is the cutest thread on this board

just wait until Dunedin starts sperging out again

who is he?

one of the kiwis

why are there so many kiwis but no aussies here?
are they all on that whirlpool forum?

there are three aussies

There are a handful of aussies that post here but a lot of them would rather post in /brit/
>whirlpool forum?

Looks like it's about to rain

i heard it's the australian Cred Forums

Same here, I'm not complaining.

I'm walking through town and I'm hearing a lot if loud American voices, I do not like this

> I do not like this

more like Australian R*ddit: Boomer Edition

>shut off computer
>walk mindlessly around room for five or ten minutes
>go to bed
>lie there for 20 minutes
>anxiety and depression starts kicking in

Not smoking pot for the first time in what has been about 10 or so days of constant blazing while still being depleted of serotonin and dopamine from MDMA-use was not my brightest idea.

I feel sick sad and angsty. I have some pain medications left I could gobble down for some sweet sweet sleep but I'd prefer to was down the tiny 90 milligrams of codeine with at least two or twenty shots of vodka

and I drank the last of my vodka yesterday


I'm gonna go outside and smoke a cigarette with no shirt on

It's not funny
Be strong, go have a ciggy

> t's not fu

Only a mutt wouldn't understand the grief of someone who has to deal with mutts

Holy fuck same

>dumb yank is still mad at me
I better watch out, he might claim I have WMD's and invade me.

It was surprisingly not cold outside. Might have to try again later, but this time naked. The only problem is if any of my neighbors are up they'll see me naked on the front porch.

Might just strip down to my undies and do it later.

>Be strong, go have a ciggy
Usually going to sleep works but for the past two or three months I've been smoking pot before I go to bed at a growing rate. I'm not sleepy at all, and it kind of bothers me.


maybe you should stop being so fucking repulsive that people reject you the first time they have to meet you irl

I wonder what your """""bf""""" would think of you being a mean asshole to innocent people for no reason.
Maybe his only redeeming factor of being "nice" will end and you won't have to lie to yourself.

Because they are loud, obnoxious and annoying
wtf. Then who was phone?
Damn, maybe try watch something, get your mind off it
concerning, especially considering you live right next to a high school

at least I don't drive away literally everyone I meet

the only person who could be around you for any amount of time was mentally ill

what would your parents think?

Well, I personally never dealt with mutt

>the only person who could be around you for any amount of time was mentally ill

>Calling Chalmers mentally ill
That's pretty rude, what did he do to you.

>concerning, especially considering you live right next to a high school
Hmm... you are giving me ideas
At first I was just going to hunt you down to relief myself

They never have to know

You don't know how lucky you are.
The only good thing about R*ssia

has he not told you?





not surprising

>Hmm... you are giving me ideas
>At first I was just going to hunt you down to relief myself
Yeah, those logan park slags are probably a lot better than me, I'm sure you could snatch one as they walk to school
eh, I guess sex would be nice but I don't really want it

Tell him literally what

Okay you've got me curious, are you gonna tell us or is this going to be the maid outfit all over again?

If you could not lie and make it sound like I'm harboring some awful secret that would be great.

That's what I want to know

>nobody replied to my thread

Go to bed little norsk

I suspect he's just talking about his old gf, she was a bit fucked in the head wasn't she?
I don't remember him saying much about her.

> Because they are loud, obnoxious and annoying
> It's not funny
Oh sorri, I know a similar feeling.
> > You don't know how lucky you are.

Can't sleep head too busy dealing with the aftereffects of MDMA-use in the previous week and the ABSOLUTE LACK of drugs in my system to aid me in my quest for sleep

Oh, is that all, I thought it was something juicy, everyone knows about that

Gonna finish listening to this song and then strip down to my undies and go outside for a smoko


literally never implied that it was supposed to be juicy

I would laugh if it's about that.
yes I had a Russian gf in highschool who was a dumb weeb psycho
everybody knows this

Oh you on the comedown matey?
have fun with that

Where do you buy MDMA?

you can usually just find someone at a college that will sell it to you

Usually cool kids sell it

Really? Okay, thanks for your answer.

I bet you could buy it from your local police station.

I do not need drugs. I just want to know how drugs are bought in other countries.

but yea, it's usually sold by a dodgy guy who lives with his junkie gf in a shithole flat

I went out for a ciggie in my undies. It wasn't as cold as I had hoped.

>Oh you on the comedown matey?
>have fun with that
No, did MDMA last/earlier this week. MDMA depletes a lot of your serotonin, which takes time to build up again, as well as your dopamine but it doesn't take as long to build up again I think. It's somewhat common for some people to experience bouts of depression for a week or two after taking MDMA. I get periods of depression from time to time anyways, been diagnosed with generalized depression before and been on SSRIs when it was at its worst, so I can handle it but it can still be a bit of a pain in the rear sometimes.

Also no pot which has probably helped me sleep in the past weeks with all the pot I've been smoking.

Don't listen to the mutt, get your stuff online my Russian friend. Remember to always test your MDMA, and remember: Rock is always better than pills.

you are an anglo you spack

Well whatever, i'm not a big party person.
Just don't kill yourself.


>stuff online
Ok, you buy MDMA in Tor(online), and how do you get the stuff? (Where do you take MDMA from?)

It gets shipped to you
what do you mean

It comes in the mail.

It's beautiful, really.

MDMA should not be a party drug, it's a bonding drug, or if you're into that kind of stuff, it's a spiritual one.

If it isn't meant to be a party drug it wouldn't make you want to dance so damn hard.

>If it isn't meant to be a party drug it wouldn't make you want to dance so damn hard.
Dancing is not something just for parties dumbo

Mail?! And how have the police not arrested you yet?
Just in Russia when you buy drugs with a shipment of mail, and when you go to receive a drug parcel you are arrested on the spot

I guess
But you want to dance to hype as fuck music, so it's perfect for partying
Surely you would want acid for anything personal and spiritual.

>Mail?! And how have the police not arrested you yet?
Because I have an IQ over 60.
>Just in Russia when you buy drugs with a shipment of mail, and when you go to receive a drug parcel you are arrested on the spot
A story about a friend of mine:
>orders LSD for thousands of dollars because he was a man of means by all means
>doesn't show up
>merchant offers to send him another one like what he just ordered for free
>gladly accepts
>a week or so passes by
>cops call him in for questioning due to weird package in the mail
>he denies all knowledge of any such package
>claims vandals had it shipped to him to tarnish his good reputation
>cops let him go
>second package also does not show up
>cops call him in once again
>same bullshit goes down, he just claims complete ignorance
>his address is listed online, and as such, anyone can send him drugs, and the crypto behind it is breddy bulledbroof/10

It's the best way to buy drugs of them all.

I find MDMA to be a great drug for better understanding your feelings, and when combined with LSD weird shit happens (especially on the molly comedown).

Honestly MDMA is such an amazing drug but it's not healthy for you at all.

>I have an IQ over 60.
>does w*ed
umm, no sweetie

Um drugs are cool, only losers don't do them every now and then

I'm going to bed now. Sleep tight, my fellow white brethren.

Also, I hope you get some sleep too America.

Goodnight, sleep well

nighty night qt

Goodnight matey.
Sleep tight.

I think the police in Russia are bastards, they just will not believe you, and they will send you to prison. And so, in Russia the system of "treasures" is arranged, you pay the seller, he tells you the geolocation where the drugs lie and you go pick them up

Good night, and thanks for the dialogue.

Oh so they do dead drops, I had a dealer in high school who really wanted to try that, instead we ended up doing the trade under two toilet cubicles

>try to sleep again
>going just fine
>bout to black out
>*bop bop*
>*bop bop bop*
>forgot to turn the volume down to 0 on my headphones
>IM notifications still making noise


>instead we ended up doing the trade under two toilet cubicles
Seems like a bit much for highschool what were you buying?

you wouldn't believe the stuff he's done
I was surprised, I never knew he was such a massive normie druggo until he started telling me

>you wouldn't believe the stuff he's done
I want to know.

nothing in particular
just stories of him hanging out with his friends like a bunch of normies and doing drugs
what a disgusting creature, I thought he was a cute innocent little boy up until then.

Just weed, but this guy liked to be overly dramatic
Good luck
Nothing too extreme, just funny and fucked times I've had with mates while drunk or high

Seems the yank has stopped spamming his insults and lies
finally some peace and quiet

Aw we all did that in high school didn't we?


I'd never done any drugs until last year.
I went to a prestigious high school.
I don't associate with you west-coast druggie getting all doped up in the toilets at school.

Don't you know how it's done here silly? You order what you want an courier drops it in the forest/park/garden or whatever, you go there and pick it up usually with no problems.

Oh lah de dah.
Sorry Mr. Bigshot.

And for your info you don't smoke dope in the toilets, the teachers walk past and could sniff you out in no time.
You go off grounds to get high.

Looks like your fancy education didn't teach you everything huh

Haha dumb richboy

You are just jealous

Just in my region do not sell anything. Maximum, what can I do to order spores(psilocybe cubensis ) or cannabis seeds

Jealous we couldn't kiss you in a cute school uniform

I wish it was cute
It was dull and grey, and because it was a boys only school there weren't even any cute dresses.

>a boys only school
Explains a lot.

a-about what!

I bet you can still find anything you want on tor, just it's much more dangerous in small city like yours, because police there won't let you off the hook, since they their schedule on "solved crimes" needs to be done

about you not being able to talk to anyone

I was just playing, making a gay joke.
I'd be worried if it was a boarding school though...

>boarding school
I would have killed myself pretty fast

> "solved crimes" needs to be done
Plz tell more about this

I'm pretty sure you'd learn to love all the homo rape that goes on at boarding schools

I'd be the one doing the raping

The big boys would make you their little housewife
I bet they'd even smuggle in dresses and forced you to wear them

>The big boys would make you their little housewife
>I bet they'd even smuggle in dresses and forced you to wear them
I-It's not that I would love that or anything...


I bet you'd cook them all kinds of nice things, and maybe you'd even keep them warm at night

I wish there was somebody here to cook for...

You have flatmates don't you?

I want to cook for someone I like, not some dumb yanks.

Are you sure, maybe you could cook and they do the dishes afterwards

>and they do the dishes afterwards
They don't even do their own damn dishes

have you tried asking them to do it or do you just sit in your room and bitch about it online

You could be a good housemate and clean up for them, I mean they're everyone's dishes

They'll figure it out

if I clean up after they'll think I'm their slave


You should be their slave, it'd be kinky

just go and bitch at them, it'll be over in five minutes

I don't think you understand, other people are scary and you should talk to them as little as possible

I'm not supposed to

what are they going to do, report you to the uni for telling them to pick up their shit

I'm not going to bitch at them
I clean my dishes immediately so it doesn't matter if they leave their shit out.
if we do flat cooking I will bitch at them however

>so it doesn't matter if they leave their shit out.
enjoy the bugs

They are clean
they just aren't put away
well most of them are clean anyway

you said do the dishes

Do them, put them away.
Both parts of the same dishes process.

why no use paper plates + plastic cutlery

0 mess

doing the dishes almost always means cleaning them off after a meal


also you should actually tell them to cover up the chicken that they left out

that's actually true tho
I might

have you spoken to them much

Nah, just let them catch salmonella

I have
I actually spoke to one of their parents on the phone which was weird

ye but it will get on his food too

weird desu

my tray in the fridge is above the tray with the chicken so it's fine

That's weird

and i don't want him getting sick

She was doing a skype call with them in the living room as I walked in and her parents wanted to say hi and ask some questions.
They actually were pretty nice and normal, obviously quite rich and white living in Maine.

Ok ok
I'll go down stairs and check and tell him ok?
For you.

Why not?
It'd be funny

>one yank has cheese and eggs right next to uncovered raw chicken
>another yank has stolen some of my fridge space
This is fucking hell, that's my fucking fridge space.
I'm just gonna move it somewhere else so they know not to fuck with my tray.

>living with others
lmao what a cuck

>living with others

Thinking about doing a Cairns/Melbourne/Sydney trip with the wife in April. Is it going to be too cold, or still okay?

can't you leave those out? you could just tell them that

because that's not good

Westport was just on the news, hope westy won't get flooded

Good is relative, good might be him getting sick


I like to keep my eggs in the fridge, it looks like they do to.
It's just eggs have a permeable membrane so they are gonna be fucked by that chicken.
Stupid bitch thinks she can use my tray to store her yogurt, you arrived last so you can use the fucking vegetable draw.

>visiting Australian cities
for what possible reason
Why do yanks just love to throw away money for no discernible reason

Dunno, the Aussies are all sleeping right now

>living with others
>yank has stolen some of my fridge space
That is, you live in a commune?

I live in a flat.
A 3 story building with a single kitchen, normal living conditions for non rich people in New Zealand.

I wish this fucking cyclone would hit Auckland
It'll be fine, actually the better time to visit desu
Just be careful in Sydney and Melbourne around niggers and don't shop at Indian run convenience stores either.

>don't shop at Indian run convenience stores either.
I think the Indian part is a bit redundant at this point.

why are non-yanks too poor to waste money

Probably, I paid $9 for fucking bread in Sydney, costed $1.50 at the supermarket.
Because we don't ignore the giant shithole of Detroit.

That would be a laugh

because they didn't generate it through exploiting the third world and imperialism.

I would have shot the owner for the price.

The Rust Belt is being punished by God for its Hubris, it would be wrong to save them

maybe you should stop complaining about being poor then


Honestly don't blame America for not giving Detroit free gibs like we and Australia do, mainly Australia.

wew lads.
Ended up having another nap.

we try to keep the nigs from starving at least. though they usually end up wasting their food stamps on forties and menthols

how was it westy

I ate 2000kcal ramen today just 30mins after i woke up... (pic from the Internet) now i feel like puking ewwww

ayo just woke up

hey liechty

I've never had real ramen :(

give me some!


How's the weather?
You've been doing that a lot latey

Unironically the best ideology

t jacinda

>because they didn't generate it through exploiting the third world and imperialism.
I agree with you, mutts just
mutts enslave the whole world.

this but unironically


Oh great Hillary is coming here.



Jacinda's no commie
Welcome back

No idea, something to do with her loss and new book, guess she just wants to sell her book and is preying on a country that is more left leaning.

Was alright I guess.
Now I just feel like sleeping though...
Good morning bunny!
Grey, why is that?

Yeah she isn't, I'd call her a socialist but back in like 2009 she kept saying comrade, might've been a commie then who knows.


Hello desu! How was your day?
Ohio desu! How are you?

I hope that boomer cunt isn't here again

Hello desu

How are you?

sad, bf got sick so we couldn't go out to eat

Hello desu!
How is your day going?
>tfw no sick gf/cuddle bf to take care of if they feel unwell.

You're lucky desu.

hay comway
yea dunno why that keeps happening... might be cursed or something
hey westy

Im back from uni :D

>You're lucky
not when I'm in close contact with someone who's throwing up

Everything is fine! Also, I made myself a cup of tea. And how are you?

why are you at uni

Muh free uni

hey toasty roasty

because she wants to learn stuff maybe?
dunno, im not an expert

How are you going desu?
I hope work has been going ok desu.
Hello desu!
How was it?
UwU that sucks. Go tell him I hope he feels better desu.
Sounds great desu. Work was awful since I had a lot to do and now I'm exhausted.

i just woke up..

he says thank you

I need to go to my post grad seminars m80

hi, pls no bulli names today
I started my degree way too long ago to be able to get that
It was good
I really like my new head of department, shes nice
and i saw one of my friends and talked to her for 3 hours :3

wasn't trying to bully desu

brainlet post

Oh do they start before undergrad ones?
or is it different in chch?

O-oh :3
Did you sleep well?
Give him a kiss from me as well :3
When he's not vomiting of course :3
UwU things are going well :3

>Work was awful since I had a lot to do and now I'm exhausted.
I feel sorry for you.
Also, I do not work at all(Maybe I'm making a little effort), and have passive income.
My condolences to you

I think I'll hold off on that desu

*bunnies conway*
yes desu. had a interesting dream



how are you doing bunny

I just want someone to cuddle right now desu :3
O-ok :3
What happened in your dream?

gotta go to work soon and now just listening to the traffic outside desu

>tfw Conway is finally being nice to me

dunno anymore desu
something with a nippon lady or something

what do you do for work desu, I never asked

I only started being rude because you've been mean since you came back

thats ok c:
nah at the same time
I was having a small giggle at all the lil 1st years
precious wee things
ye ye

But I haven't been
All I've done is some light shitposting, I don't know why you had to blow it up.

IT apprentice
and you?
also im gonna have a shower now

>all the lil 1st years
It's O-week starting today so watching them all walk about and get drunk is making me sick.

OwO :3
Eheh that's nice :3


how far are you from graduating desu

I'm not working through uni desu, just using excess scholarship money

Just reading about dunedin's flatmates is making me anxious

anxious how?

What are recommendations on Universities for IT/Science, desu I'm looking at going overseas to study, Norway, Switzerland or America.

one year hopefully
let them have their fun, they need to learn somehow

really like most British accents desu

unless you can get into a private uni here, go to Norway

Private unis aren't that hard to get into if you're not a retard but idk what it's like for foreigners

that's good

i am so fucking fresh rite now where are all the retards i want to murder every last of them

Bergen is good for Science

you've got some explaining to do liechty

If I find out about a mass shooting in Switzerland tonight I'm gonna fly over there and slap you.

no matter what it is it wasnt me, it was someone else
probably the yews

wtf I hate the Jews even more now!

Meant in NZ but thanks I'll look at that.

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